Friday Weekend Escape to the USA: Happy Fourth of July!

Happy Fourth of July to my American friends! I’m looking forward to visiting San Antonio in a few weeks time for the Romance Writers of America conference. It’s winter in Australia and I can see snow on the Brindabella Ranges from the front of my house in Canberra. I can’t wait to visit Texas and […]

USA Trip: Oregon – Multnomah Falls

A few weeks ago I shared my highlights from my visit to Mount Hood, Oregon. Today we’re heading west, down the mountain and back toward Portland. I loved the drive along the Columbia River Highway, looking out over Washington State on the other side of the picturesque  Columbia River. We pulled off the highway at […]

USA trip: Oregon Mountains – Mount Hood

A few weeks ago I shared my highlights from the second part of my trip to the Oregon Coast. Today we’re heading east to the mountains. We drove north-east, via Portland, to Mount Hood. The mountain drive and surrounding scenery was spectacular, and different to the gum (eucalyptus) trees I’m used to seeing back home in […]

USA trip: Oregon Coast Part 1

Last week I shared my highlights from Chicago and my road trip to Indy. I attended the ACFW conference in Indy and flew from Indy to Portland, Oregon, via Chicago. I visited for a few days with my husband’s uncle and aunt in Oregon, not far from Portland. Allan and Norma were generous hosts, and we […]

USA trip: Chicago and road trip to Indy

Last week I shared my highlights from the Great Train Adventure. If our itinerary had run according to plan, Suzie and I would have spent two hours in Chicago before boarding a train to Indy. Instead, we were still in Wisconsin when the train to Indy departed from Chicago. The Amtrak staff were helpful, and […]

USA trip: The Great Train Adventure

Last Friday I shared the highlights from watching my first live American baseball game in Seattle. Suzie is a big fan of train travel and we decided to travel together to the ACFW writing conference in Indianapolis on the train. The Amtrak Empire Builder train travels along the main northern train line from Seattle to Chicago. […]