USA trip: Chicago and road trip to Indy

Last week I shared my highlights from the Great Train Adventure. If our itinerary had run according to plan, Suzie and I would have spent two hours in Chicago before boarding a train to Indy. Instead, we were still in Wisconsin when the train to Indy departed from Chicago. 20140326-205804.jpg

The Amtrak staff were helpful, and we decided to accept their offer of a free night’s accommodation in Chicago. We were given a room in the gorgeous Swissotel overlooking the Chicago River. Our dinner ended up being room service at midnight. This was the start of nearly a week where my Aussie body clock decided that 2am was an appropriate time to fall asleep! I never adjusted to the eastern time zone in Indy that is ten hours different to Australia. Needless to say, I wasn’t feeling at my best in the mornings at the conference in Indy.

2013-09 September USA trip Swisshotel Chicago 017

The next morning we decided to hire a car to Indy instead of waiting for the train that departed later in the day. The ACFW conference was starting the following day, and we wanted to arrive in time to get settled the night before. Plus, we had dinner plans with writing friends that we didn’t want to miss. I was disappointed that we didn’t have time to explore Chicago, and I’d love to visit again. I was looking forward to our road trip and seeing the countryside between Chicago and Indy. This was my first visit to the midwest, and we drove past miles of corn fields on the interstate. But, the real challenge was leaving Chicago and ending up on the right road to Indy.

2013-09 September USA trip Road trip Chicago to Indy 001

I had started adjusting to being on the wrong side of the road while we were in Washington (our cars are right hand drive in Australia). The freeway system south of Chicago was an experience. Our car rental company wouldn’t provide us with a GPS because we were travelling interstate from Illinois to Indiana. We were given a map and told which interstate turn off we needed to make. I concluded there was a road to every city in the US out of Chicago! I’ve never seen so many turn offs in such a short distance. Suzie was driving and it was my job to navigate. Well, that was a big fail on my part when we worked out we were on the road to Detroit, Michigan and had somehow missed the Indy turnoff! After turning around and putting the smart phone to work, we ended up on the correct interstate and crossed the Illinios state line into Indiana. We eventually reached Indianapolis and made it to dinner at the hotel with our friends on time. If you’re interested in learning more about my 2013 ACFW Conference experience, I blogged about it here. I farewelled my travelling companion, Suzie, in Indy. Next week I’ll continue my journey from Indy to the beautiful state of Oregon.

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