Friday Weekend Escape to Adelaide: The River Torrens

We’re returning to Adelaide in South Australia and escaping for the weekend to the River Torrens. The river flows from the Adelaide Hills on the eastern side of Adelaide, through the city to empty into Gulf St Vincent. The Riverside Precinct of the River Torrens is in the heart of the city and close to amenities, […]

Friday Weekend Escape to Adelaide, Australia: The City of Churches

This week I’ve celebrated my wedding anniversary. It only seemed fitting that I continue the wedding theme and we return to Adelaide in South Australia, also known as the city of churches. Our first stop is St. Peters Anglican Cathedral in the heart of Adelaide. I love visiting old churches and cathedrals. There’s something about the […]

Friday Weekend Escape to Adelaide, Australia: The Historic Adelaide Oval

It’s our first Friday Weekend Escape for 2015, and this weekend we’re escaping to the picturesque city of Adelaide in South Australia. Our first stop is the historic Adelaide Oval, located on the River Torrens in the city. My husband and I spent the day with my reader friend, Jenny, and she played tour guide […]

Friday Weekend Escape to Hungary – Beautiful Budapest (Winter)

 by Marion Ueckermann How good it’s been to be in Budapest again these past five days and to show my husband, Noel, the sights of this beautiful city. A city of lights, of statues, of amazing architecture, of incredible interiors, of history, of culture, of tempting aromas, and of fun. Truly a fascinating city offering […]

Friday Weekend Escape to Hungary – Beautiful Budapest (Summer)

By Marion Ueckermann For weeks I’ve been singing the Budapest song by George Ezra. My heart’s in Budapest…na, na, a doobie doo. The first two lines were all I knew for quite some time (and I’ve discovered incorrectly too). The closer today has come, the more I’ve learnt of the song. Heart is actually house, […]

Friday Weekend Escape to Pokhara, Nepal with Melissa Gijsbers

Today we’re escaping for the weekend with my Aussie author friend, Melissa Gijsbers, to Nepal. Melissa is sharing her memories of Pokhara, where she lived for a few years when she was younger. Enjoy! ~~~~~ I haven’t been there for nearly 30 years, but join me on an escape to Pokhara in Nepal. I would […]

Friday Weekend Escape to the Wood, Marble and Bronze of Kerimäki and surrounds

by Marion Ueckermann It’s good to be here…again…taking you all on another Finnish weekend escape. We’re not travelling far from where we stopped in Savonlinna last weekend, and although some twenty-three kilometers away, the town of Kerimäki was consolidated with Savonlinna two years ago. But before we leave quaint Savonlinna, there’s somewhere I need to […]

Friday Weekend Escape to Savonlinna and the Opera Festival, Finland

By Marion Ueckermann I hope you’ve been as excited to see the sights of the quaint town of Savonlinna, located in the south-eastern Lakeland district of Finland, as I’ve been to show them to you. Narelle, thank you for hosting me again. With the amount of water surrounding Savonlinna, it was no surprise that one […]

Friday Weekend Escape to Taronga Zoo in Sydney, Australia

This weekend we’re returning to my beautiful hometown of Sydney, Australia. Last week we caught the Manly Ferry to the pretty seaside suburb of Manly, the setting for my new contemporary inspirational romance. Her Tycoon Hero is the first book in in my Sydney series. Today we’re visiting Taronga Zoo, the perfect location for a fun romantic date. […]

Friday Weekend Escape to Manly in Sydney, Australia

This weekend we’re returning to my hometown of Sydney, Australia. Last week we cruised around the harbour city, including The Rocks, Sydney Harbour Bridge and Sydney Opera House. Today we’re catching the Manly Ferry to the beautiful seaside suburb of Manly, the setting for my brand new November contemporary inspirational romance. Her Tycoon Hero is the […]