USA trip: Cobb Salad and Weetbix

This is the final post from my USA trip. Last week I shared the highlights from my overnight visit in Hawaii on the way home to Australia. I have two favourite foods when I’m travelling in the USA. The first is Weetbix, and I travel with a small box of Weetbix from Australia. A bowl of Weetbix with milk is my preferred breakfast, whether I’m at home or abroad.


My second favourite food is Cobb Salad. It’s very difficult to find Cobb Salad on a restaurant menu in Australia. There is one pizza chain where I live that offers it, but it doesn’t compare in taste or quality to the Cobb Salads I’ve sampled in the USA.


Above is a photo of a Cobb Salad I enjoyed in a Seattle restaurant. Below is a photo of a Cobb Salad from an Indianapolis restaurant.


The photo below is a Cobb Salad from a restaurant in Portland, Oregon.


I’m heading back to the USA in July for the Romance Writers of America conference, and I’ll be looking for Cobb Salad in San Antonio, Texas. The cinnamon roll I sampled in Oregon was a definite foodie highlight. We don’t have cinnamon rolls in Australia.


The most interesting food I sampled was dirty chips at a baseball game in Seattle. I will always associate baseball with the garlic aroma of dirty chips.


Next Friday I’m starting a new travel series on my blog called Friday Weekend Escapes. I hope you’ll stop by and check out the gorgeous locations we can dream about visiting, or visit through reading a good fiction book set in that location.

USA trip: Oregon Coast Part 1

Last week I shared my highlights from Chicago and my road trip to Indy. I attended the ACFW conference in Indy and flew from Indy to Portland, Oregon, via Chicago. I visited for a few days with my husband’s uncle and aunt in Oregon, not far from Portland. Allan and Norma were generous hosts, and we enjoyed our road trips to different parts of Oregon.


Our first stop on our day trip to the Oregon Coast was Camp 18 Restaurant in Elsie. Camp 18 Logging Museum and Restaurant is located on Highway 26, the main road between Portland and the coast. We don’t have many log cabins in Australia, and I was fascinated by intricate detail in the wood carvings. Below is a photo of a Smokey Bear wood carving.


I’d heard about cinnamon rolls. The restaurant provided an opportunity to taste a real American cinnamon roll. I wasn’t disappointed. I initially thought it was served with ice cream. I soon realised it was a scoop of butter, not ice cream, on top of the bun. A very decadent treat that I’d love to taste again.


We drove along Highway 26 to the Oregon Coast Highway. The scenery was gorgeous. I live on the east coast of Australia, and I’m used to the sun rising over the ocean and setting over the mountains. It was amazing to look out over the Pacific Ocean, knowing Australia is many thousands of miles away to the south-west, far beyond the horizon.


We visited Seaside, a lovely coastal town with an enormous sandy beach. You could sit there for hours and relax by the ocean. It was interesting to see a children’s swing set on the sand rather than in a park beside the beach.


We reluctantly left Seaside and headed south. Next week I’ll share more highlights from my visit to the Oregon Coast.