USA Trip: Oregon – Multnomah Falls

A few weeks ago I shared my highlights from my visit to Mount Hood, Oregon. Today we’re heading west, down the mountain and back toward Portland. I loved the drive along the Columbia River Highway, looking out over Washington State on the other side of the picturesque  Columbia River.


We pulled off the highway at the stunning Multnomah Falls.


I hiked up the walking trail, stopping to admire and absorb the breathtaking views from the bridge.

2013-09 September USA trip Mt. Hood, Multnomah Falls, Oregon 070

The picture below was taken from the bridge, looking back over the Columbia River and Washington State.


I enjoyed my visit to Oregon, and I’m looking forward to returning in a couple of years to visit with my family. Next week I’ll share more highlights from my trip, including my overnight visit in Hawaii on the way home to Australia.

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