Friday Weekend Escape to Pokhara, Nepal with Melissa Gijsbers

Today we’re escaping for the weekend with my Aussie author friend, Melissa Gijsbers, to Nepal. Melissa is sharing her memories of Pokhara, where she lived for a few years when she was younger. Enjoy!


I haven’t been there for nearly 30 years, but join me on an escape to Pokhara in Nepal. I would like to take you on a tour of the places I remember most.

First stop on our tour is the place we used to live. Back then, it was a two-bedroom, single storey, unfinished house. I shared a bedroom with my three siblings. We would play on the roof and have BBQs with buffalo steak that had been marinaded overnight to help it be tender enough to eat!


The house may have been small, but there were spectacular views, especially from the outside toilet!


Down the road in one direction, it will take you to the “Shining School”, the two room primary school where I was a student. It is also the school mentioned in Swallow Me, NOW! as Sam’s favourite primary school.


Going in the other direction from the house, you will end up at the bazaar. You can buy all sorts of things from little shops and carts. I used to go there with my mum. Doing the weekly shopping in Pokhara was different than going to the supermarket here in Melbourne!


It has been a long time since I’ve been to Pokhara. My parents went back earlier this year and told us it has changed a lot. The house we lived in has been finished but the bazaar is still there.


All Sam wants to do is to fit in at her new school.
Feeling alone, and desperately trying to find her place in the world, she concocts an AMAZING story –
BUT it backfires on her, and she becomes known as the ‘Evil Genius’s Daughter!’
Can her life get any worse?


Melissa Gijsbers lives in the South Eastern suburbs of Melbourne, Australia, with her two sons and pet blue tongue lizard. Between 1983 and 1986, her family were missionaries in Nepal. She enjoys catching up on the events of the day over mugs of hot chocolate with her sons after school.


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