Friday Weekend Escape to the Wood, Marble and Bronze of Kerimäki and surrounds

by Marion Ueckermann It’s good to be here…again…taking you all on another Finnish weekend escape. We’re not travelling far from where we stopped in Savonlinna last weekend, and although some twenty-three kilometers away, the town of Kerimäki was consolidated with Savonlinna two years ago. But before we leave quaint Savonlinna, there’s somewhere I need to […]

Friday Weekend Escape to Savonlinna and the Opera Festival, Finland

By Marion Ueckermann I hope you’ve been as excited to see the sights of the quaint town of Savonlinna, located in the south-eastern Lakeland district of Finland, as I’ve been to show them to you. Narelle, thank you for hosting me again. With the amount of water surrounding Savonlinna, it was no surprise that one […]