Friday Weekend Escape to Adelaide, Australia: The City of Churches

This week I’ve celebrated my wedding anniversary. It only seemed fitting that I continue the wedding theme and we return to Adelaide in South Australia, also known as the city of churches.

2014_April_Adelaide_trip_Koorong 012
River Torrens in Adelaide, South Australia

Our first stop is St. Peters Anglican Cathedral in the heart of Adelaide. I love visiting old churches and cathedrals. There’s something about the quiet and peace in the ornate sanctuaries that brings a reflective smile to my lips.

2014_April_Adelaide_trip_Koorong 039

The architecture is magnificent and the sheer size of the building is hard to capture in a single photo.

2014_April_Adelaide_trip_Koorong 034

2014_April_Adelaide_trip_Koorong 036

Our next stop is The Cathedral Church of St Francis Xavier, also in the Adelaide city precinct.

2014_April_Adelaide_trip_Koorong 063

Another majestic building that’s hard to capture in one photo.

2014_April_Adelaide_trip_Koorong 064

 I hope you’ve enjoyed our visit to the cathedrals. Next Friday we’re going to take a stroll along the River Torrens. Have a great weekend!

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