Book Recommendation – The Mapmaker’s Secret by Jennifer Mistmorgan

Book Description:

He’s there to uncover her secrets. She’s determined to hide them. Can he gain her trust without blowing his cover … or falling in love? If you enjoy gripping wartime romance with a dash of mystery and intrigue, you’ll love The Mapmaker’s Secret!

May 1943, Lincolnshire, England: Grace Deroy’s family estate is requisitioned by the Air Ministry, so she takes a job in the new cartography facility to protect what used to be her home, a small cog in the vast machinery of war. When the new American intelligence officer Jack Marsden arrives, she has no idea he’s been sent to spy on her.

Jack has little experience with espionage, but his real task is simple enough: get close to Grace and find out whether she’s leaking Air Ministry secrets to the enemy. It should be a dream assignment, but Jack finds himself tongue tied and awkward every time he comes in contact with his target––a sure sign he’s falling in love.

Grace isn’t the Nazi sympathizer that MI5 suspects, but that doesn’t mean she’s got nothing to hide. When compromising stories about her appear in the press, Grace fears someone she trusts––someone working in her own home––is trying to expose her. Can she find out who before all the shameful secrets from her past are laid bare? And can she trust this quiet new American to help her work out who the real traitor is?

Book 2 of the On Victory’s Wings series, The Mapmaker’s Secret is easily read as a standalone novel.

Narelle’s Thoughts:

I enjoyed reading The Mapmaker’s Secret and I’m looking forward to reading more books in the series. Grace is a strong and independent woman who signed up for the WAAF when her family’s country estate was procured for the war effort. She’s living in a small cottage on the estate and works in the mapmaking facility that’s operating in her childhood home. Grace is hiding a scandalous secret from her past that took place before she came to faith.

Jack is an American intelligence officer who’s given the job of spying on a beautiful English lady. MI5 have reasons to believe that Grace might be a Nazi sympathizer due to her family’s aristocratic connections. Jack’s a widower who’s totally captivated by his first meeting with Grace and, as a result, he can barely string a coherent sentence together in her company. He wants to believe she’s innocent, and he can’t let romantic feelings cloud his judgment and derail his mission to get close to Grace and collect espionage evidence.

Grace is intrigued by Jack, who’s working with her and seems interested in getting to know her. Their romance is sweet and I loved how their relationship is challenged when the mysteries in the story unravel and reveal secrets that have massive consequences. I recommend The Mapmaker’s Secret to historical romance readers who like WW2 spy novels set in England with mystery, intrigue, and a relevant faith element in the story.

Many thanks to the author for the advanced reader copy.

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