Book Recommendation – To Bring You Back by Emily Conrad

Book Description:

Can their second-chance romance overcome the challenges of his fame and the tragedy in their past?

Though rock star Gannon Vaughn and his band, Awestruck, have conquered the music industry, he can’t overcome his feelings for the woman he’s loved since high school.

The impacts of mental illness and almost a decade of separation stand between them, but Adeline Green is still one of the few people who cared for him before he made it big. Acting on faith and the persistence that made him famous, he’s determined to win her back.

Following the tragedy that severed her relationship with Gannon, Adeline has found a measure of peace by doing good where she can in her small town home of Lakeshore, Wisconsin.

When Gannon descends on her quiet life, their connection is as powerful as ever. If only getting close to him didn’t mean facing her worst mistakes, both privately and in front of reporters eager to dig up the sordid details of their past.

Can they trust grace and forgiveness enough to overcome shame and embrace another chance at love?

Narelle’s Thoughts:

I enjoyed reading To Bring You Back, the first book in Emily Conrad’s Rhythms of Redemption Romance series set in Wisconsin on the shores of Lake Superior. Adeline is burdened by guilt from decisions she made years ago that had devastating consequences. At the start of the story she can’t forgive herself and she doesn’t truly believe that God can forgive her, either. She’s working in a food truck and the church office, her goals and dreams from long ago a distant memory.

Gannon is a rock star and front man for the famous Awestruck band. He lives in L.A. and has history with Adeline in Wisconsin that has haunted him for years. He plans to spend the summer hiding out in Lakeshore, knowing Adeline lives there, to focus on creating new songs for the next album.

Gannon and Adeline have a truckload of baggage to deal with before they can rebuild their friendship, let alone consider a romantic relationship. I loved how they challenged each other to work through issues and past hurts.

The side characters are interesting and the story touches on issues relating to grief, mental health, and drug dependency. I loved seeing the redemption and forgiveness themes play out in the lives of the characters. I recommend To Bring You Back to contemporary romance readers who like second chance romances with depth that include celebrity musicians and a strong faith element in the story.

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  1. Ah, I can’t believe it. I was just saying I needed to finally read this one, and here I just find your blog and this happens to be one of your most recent posts. Definitely going to have to read it soon now! Thank you for the recommendation and for sharing your thoughts on this one.

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