Book Recommendation – Taking a Chance on the Heartbreaker by Liwen Y. Ho

Book Description:

She’s a grad student inexperienced in love. He’s a charming negotiator with a colorful past. Insecurities threaten their relationship when she decides to take a chance on the heartbreaker.

Ashlynn Peters is ever the optimist when it comes to love, but even she’s surprised to cross paths with a real-life Prince Charming. Her childhood crush is back in town, and he’s more handsome than she remembers and also more intriguing than any man she’s ever dated.

Ashlynn finds herself falling hard for Jeremy, only to discover he’s not the perfect guy she thought he was. Will she choose to look past Jeremy’s tarnished armor or give up on finding her happily-ever-after?

Inspired by the author’s own love story, this romantic novella will have you laughing, dreaming, and wondering if fairy tales really do come true.

Narelle’s Thoughts:

I enjoyed reading Taking a Chance on the Heartbreaker, a lovely Christmas romance novella set in San Jose, California. Ashlynn is a grad student who’s living with her older brother and sister-in-law while finishing her Masters degree to become a school counsellor. She works at a jewellery store around her college classes.

Jeremy was the older guy at the church youth group who Ashlynn crushed on when she was in middle school. His family moved away to the East Coast, and he has returned to the Bay Area to work as a contract negotiator. Jeremy and Ashlynn’s meet cute at the jewellery store is adorable, and a sweet romance develops as they get to know each other.

Ashlynn has survived the tragedy of losing her parents, and her older brother is very protective of her. She’s an idealist who wants to marry a man who holds her Christian values regarding love and marriage. Although Jeremy shares her faith, his bad boy past is at odds with Ashlynn’s ideals. I appreciated how Jeremy and Ashlynn navigated this issue in the story. I recommend Taking a Chance on the Heartbreaker to contemporary romance readers who like Christmas novellas with a relevant faith element in the story.

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