Book Recommendation – A Cross-Country Christmas by Courtney Walsh

Book Description:

Lauren Richmond isn’t a fan of Christmas.

Which is why she rarely makes the trip home to the Midwest for the holidays. After all, she has plenty to keep her busy—namely, her duties as a set decorator on a TV sitcom.

But this December, Lauren‘s brother and his wife are expecting a baby, so her brother arranges a ride home for her with his good friend, Will. 

Unfortunately for Lauren, she’s been trying to forget college baseball coach and childhood crush Will Sinclair for more than ten years.

Now, thanks to her fear of flying, she’s stuck in a car with him from California to Illinois. 

She’s circumspect and organized. He’s flirty and spontaneous.

She’s convinced that people don’t change. He’s trying to prove to her (and himself) that he has. 

On this cross-country road trip, they’ll both discover that history doesn’t exactly repeat itself. . . but like any good Christmas carol, it does have a second verse.

Narelle’s Thoughts:

I enjoyed reading A Cross-Country Christmas and journeying with Lauren and Will on their road trip from the Santa Monica Pier to their hometown in Illinois. Lauren is a very independent person and she has a successful career in TV set design. She likes to be in control and plan out every aspect of her life. But she can’t say no to her brother’s request to come home for Christmas and the imminent birth of her niece or nephew.

Will is a baseball coach in L.A. who’s still coming to terms with how he messed up his major league opportunity in college and disappointed his family and friends. He says yes to his best friend’s request to drive Lauren home to Illinois for Christmas. Will has had feelings for Lauren for years, but he knows he’s not good enough for his best friend’s sister.

Lauren’s heart took a beating years ago when she saw Will at his worst, and she’s determined to protect her heart and resist Will’s charms. She can endure a few days on the road with Will and leave the past in the past.

The road trip detours on their journey home for Christmas are super fun to read. The characters in the story are adorable and hilarious. Will and Lauren’s bumpy romance journey has a poignant and satisfying ending. I recommend A Cross-Country Christmas to readers who like Christmas rom com road trip stories that include the ‘I-hate-you’ and ‘brother’s best friend’ romance tropes.

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