Book Recommendation – In Want of a Wife by Meredith Resce

Book Description:

The temptation to match-make is too much to resist. Louise has one success already under her belt. Now this handsome, successful lawyer has just admitted he isn’t married. Single and in possession of a large fortune, Michael Sullivan must be in want of a wife. Louise’s second daughter, Chloe, would be just right for him.

There is no way Chloe will let her mother organize a blind date for her as she did for her sister. Chloe has her principles—and she has a ridiculous, unjust speeding ticket. The person she needs is a lawyer to help argue her case in court. Is it dishonest, when her mother’s lawyer calls and asks her on a date, to agree with ulterior motives? 

Michael Sullivan has ulterior motives of his own. This all expenses paid trip to the sunny Gold Coast is merely a case of one person helping the other out—isn’t it? Everyone else might think they’re a couple, but it’s just about winning a court case—isn’t it? 

Can Regency romance author, Luella Linley (AKA Louise Brooker) hit the target twice in a row? Meddling in her adult children’s lives is almost as much fun as creating fiction characters, except her children have minds of their own and don’t always cooperate.

Narelle’s Thoughts:

I really enjoyed reading In Want of a Wife, book 2 in Meredith Resce’s Luella Linley: License to Meddle series. Luella’s daughter, Chloe, is a feminist with strong views on the role of women in society. She doesn’t need a husband to take care of her, and she’s frustrated by her mother’s blatant and inappropriate matchmaking attempts. When Luella visits her new tax lawyer and discovers he’s single, she can’t resist showing him a photo of Chloe and asking if he’ll date her daughter.

Michael was born on the wrong side of the tracks and has worked hard to attain his current role in a prestigious law firm. The successful lawyer image he projects to the world is a facade, and his boss’ mistaken assumption that he has a fiancée threatens to expose embarrassing truths.

Chloe and Michael have different reasons for agreeing to a temporary fake engagement, and they never expect feelings to develop that will complicate the arrangement. Their faith journeys are an added complication because their relationship is built on a convenient untruth with inconvenient consequences. Chloe’s father, Russell, bonds with Michael, and we get to know Russell more in this fun romance story with many LOL moments.

A wild and hilarious ride ensues as the outspoken Chloe shakes up Michael’s carefully planned world and exposes secrets that can’t be ignored. Highly recommended for romance readers who like contemporary Christian romantic comedies that don’t shy from addressing real life issues.

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