Book Recommendation – Hope for Freedom by Elizabeth Maddrey

Book Description:

A vegan alpaca farmer, a ranch hand, and an accidental pregnancy.

Indigo Hewitt reluctantly decides a move to Hope Ranch is the best of the few options available. Despite not knowing her grandparents well, she moves in a few days before her baby sister’s wedding. Based on conversations she’s had with ranch hand Joaquin, Indigo figures she’ll manage to fit in just fine.

Joaquin Rivera has been pushing the Hewitts to bring livestock to Hope Ranch. When Indigo relocates with her herds, he’s excited to lend a hand with the sheep and alpacas. Working alongside Indigo isn’t going to be a hardship, either.

After a tipsy evening together, Joaquin is determined to get his relationship with Indigo back to a place that honors God. One mistake isn’t going to ruin either of their lives. Until those two pink lines appear.

Will they find a way to make a family, or will Indigo’s need for freedom be too much for love to overcome?

Narelle’s Thoughts:

I really enjoyed reading Hope for Freedom and journeying with Indigo and Joaquin in the story. Indigo and Joaquin’s romance is unconventional for a number of reasons. At the start of the story Indigo doesn’t share Joaquin’s faith or subscribe to the Christian values held by her grandparents. Indigo’s parents never married, and she moves to Hope Ranch because her boyfriend has taken off and she’s out of options. 

Joaquin is a ranch hand at Hope Ranch who meets Indigo at her sister’s wedding. He’s attracted to Indigo and, in a weak moment, the temptation to resist her charms is too much. Weeks later the consequences of their night together are revealed. The unplanned pregnancy makes Joaquin and Indigo’s relationship even more complicated. 

Their romance is sweet and clean and true-to-life. Joaquin and Indigo wrestle with big issues in the story, including faith issues. The messy start to their relationship creates massive problems that aren’t easy to resolve. Relationships can be hard work, and I loved seeing how Indigo and Joaquin dealt with the complications that kept piling on as the story progressed. 

Faith, forgiveness, and redemption are strong themes in the story. I highly recommend Hope for Freedom to romance readers who appreciate seeing Jesus and God’s grace at work in the lives of the characters.

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