Book Recommendation – Marry Me for Real, Cowboy by Valerie Comer

Book Description:

A desperate kiss results in a fake marriage proposal from a hunky rodeo cowboy in this Montana Ranches Christian Romance.

Adam Cavanagh’s rodeo championship tastes like dirt after a competitor’s critical injury, but going home to his family’s Montana ranch isn’t much of an improvement. If not even the coveted trophy earns his stepfather’s respect, what will it take?

Riley Dunning’s quick thinking is all that’s keeping her body, soul, and principles together, but demanding a kiss from a hunky cowboy to deter the weirdo following her might be taking things too far… especially when the cowboy comes up with a risky plan that might offer them both stability. If it doesn’t backfire completely.

Will a fake engagement give Adam and Riley the leg up they each need, or will the cost to their hearts be too high? Because neither believes the other will want to marry them… for real.

About the Cavanagh Cowboys Romance series

The Cavanagh brothers might be rivals in many ways, but at their ranch? There they cowboy up, keeping the horses fresh, the cattle in tip-top condition, and their twin teenage sisters (mostly) out of trouble. Romance comes knocking at Rockstead Ranch — not once, but six times — in this Montana Ranches Christian Romance series.

Narelle’s Thoughts:

I really enjoyed reading Marry Me for Real, Cowboy – Book 1 in Valerie Comer’s Cavanagh Cowboy Romance series. The story opens with Riley in the Golden Grill small town diner in Jewel Lake, Montana. She has hitchhiked a ride with a sleazy guy who lives in Jewel Lake, and the creep won’t leave her alone. She’s on her way to Missoula to see her sister, and has left behind in New Mexico an ex-boyfriend and a complicated family situation.

Riley is desperate to get rid of the sleazy guy. She impulsively walks up to Adam in the Golden Grill and says ‘Pretend you love me. Kiss me.’ Adam is a rodeo star who has just arrived back in his home town. He plays the hero by accepting Riley’s invitation. Adam and Riley end up agreeing to a mutually beneficial temporary fake engagement where Riley will work with him on the family ranch. 

Fake fiancé is a fun romance trope. I enjoyed journeying with Adam and Riley as they overcame obstacles in their relationship and discovered they’d fallen in love with each other for real. I also understood why Riley thought that eating liver is gross, and it was fun to experience life on the ranch. 

Both Adam and Riley feel guilty about their fake relationship status and this, combined with other circumstances, challenges their faith. The Cavanagh family is complicated, and it was great to meet the cowboy brothers who’ll be the heroes in future books in the series. Adam’s thirteen year old twin half sisters are hilarious and provided many humourous moments in the story. Highly recommended for contemporary romance readers who like fun and entertaining cowboy stories with characters who are dealing with real-to-life issues.

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