Book Recommendation – Falling for the Foe by Milla Holt

Book Recommendation:

She can’t stand him. He blames her for his company’s woes. Now, they have to work together.

Nia has devoted her career to fighting for life-saving medicines for Ugandans with HIV. But when first-line treatments begin to fail, she must find a new source of affordable drugs before patients start to die. Too bad she just publicly bashed the head of a pharma company that owns a powerful new anti-HIV drug.

Magnus is poised to market a game-changing HIV drug, but an avalanche of bad PR threatens to destroy his company’s reputation and kill his bottom line. When he travels to Uganda to boost his social justice credentials, he’s not expecting to feel such a deep attraction to the woman whose viral blog post led to all his troubles.

To get what they want they must work together. He’s out to rescue his company and she’s trying to save lives. Neither dreamed their hearts would be on the line.

Narelle’s Thoughts:

I enjoyed reading Falling for the Foe, book 1 in Milla Holt’s Color-Blind Love series set in Uganda. Nia is a public health activist who works in Kampala. She lives with her grandmother and, when she was younger, her parents contracted HIV and passed away. She gained a scholarship and completed her university studies in the UK, and she wants her people in Uganda to have access to affordable HIV medicine. Nia writes a disparaging blog post that goes viral about how a pharmaceutical company used her people in Uganda as guinea pigs for a clinical trial, but won’t provide affordable access to the medication now the drug is going to market.

Magnus is the multimillionaire owner of a pharmaceutical company in the UK who developed the new HIV treatment. His family is furious when Nia’s blog post threatens the share price and profit margin on the new HIV drug they’re about to list on the stock exchange. Magnus’ father is ruthless, and he has given Magnus a chip on his shoulder about not being good enough.

Nia picks up a new job with the Ugandan Ministry of Health to assist the HIV Outpatient Service gain access to the new HIV drug. Magnus hatches a plan to go to Uganda with his sister and spin the narrative. He wants to negate the bad publicity from the blog post and show how his company is helping an African nation to access affordable healthcare.

When Magnus meets Nia in Kampala, he doesn’t remember that he was briefly in her university study group class in London. Nia and Magnus work closely together while he’s visiting Uganda, and they fall in love despite many obstacles, including living on different continents.

I loved the African setting and the cultural aspects in the story, especially their trip to the country where Magnus discovers how the village people live. I recommend Falling for the Foe to contemporary romance readers who like fish out of water and enemies to love romance stories with an international setting and a strong faith element.

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