Book Recommendation – Dancing with Dandelion by Tara Grace Ericson

Book Description:

They can’t agree on anything—except that the job comes first.

Dandelion “Andi” Bloom has sacrificed a lot for her career in the Army. Now that she’s retired, playing security guard at Bloom’s Farm for high-profile events is a welcome change of pace. That is, until hosting a string of political events means working with a Secret Service detail – including a certain special agent she would have rather left behind in Virginia.

Special Agent Ross McClain takes his job seriously. Even if he has to come to Middle of Nowhere, Indiana to work events for the vice presidential candidate. On Bloom’s Farm, Ross runs into a familiar—and unwelcoming—face. Could this assignment get any worse?

Despite their mutual disdain, Andi and Ross must work together to provide security for the farm and the candidate. As the assignment goes on, it becomes impossible not to clash over every decision—and even harder to deny their growing chemistry.

Dancing with Dandelion is Book 6 in the Bloom Sisters Series. This small town, family saga is full of heartwarming themes, swoony-worthy kisses, and sweet happy endings. 

Book 0 – Hoping for Hawthorne
Book 1 – A Date for Daisy
Book 2 – Poppy’s Proposal
Book 3 – Lavender and Lace
Book 4 – Longing for Lily
Book 5 – Resisting Rose
Book 6 – Dancing with Dandelion

Narelle’s Thoughts:

I enjoyed reading Dancing with Dandelion, the final book in the Bloom Sisters series. The story opens with Andi, who hates people knowing her real name is Dandelion, in the process of discharging from the Army. Her sister’s husband is the Governor of Indiana, and now Poppy’s husband is running for Vice President. Andi’s plan is to move home to the Bloom family farm in Indiana and take charge of the security for the various businesses her siblings manage on the farm. Andi prioritises her health, and she is a regular at a martial arts studio near her home in Virginia.

Ross works for the secret service, and I loved the meet cute between Ross and Andi at the martial arts studio in Virginia. Ross is intrigued by the mysterious Andi, and he’s stunned when he’s put on the security detail for a Vice Presidential candidate in Indiana who turns out to be Andi’s brother-in-law. Andi spent years in Afghanistan and she’s a tough cookie for Ross to crack, despite their growing attraction. She’s not happy when she’s forced to spend time with Ross and work with him to keep her family safe. Both Andi and Ross have control issues, and they struggle to let God be in charge of their lives.

Andi is the last of the Bloom offspring to meet a future spouse, and her romance story includes a light suspense thread. I recommend Dancing with Dandelion to contemporary romance readers who like the enemies to love romance trope with suspense and faith elements in the story.

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