USA trip: Seattle

Last Friday I talked about visiting the Peace Arch in the Pacific North West. My USA trip continues to Seattle. Suzie Johnson and I travelled by train from Mount Vernon to Seattle. A scenic trip south along the picturesque Puget Sound.


We arrived at King Street Station in Seattle. The interior of the main waiting room has been restored and I’ve included a picture below.


We were fortunate to have the opportunity to visit the Seattle Space Needle on a clear day with no rain or fog obscuring the views.


The photo below has lines through the picture because I couldn’t bring myself to take photos with my iphone by holding it over the edge. I was surprised that we could stand outdoors and walk 360 degrees around the viewing platform without getting blown away by the wind. I had originally thought there were clouds on the horizon, to the right of the city skyline, until Suzie informed me I was looking at Mount Rainier.


Seattle is a pretty city and we travelled by monorail to the Space Needle. Many of the streets we passed were tree lined and reminded me of Melbourne, Australia. The photo below was taken from outside the Space Needle.


We enjoyed a lovely sunset from the rooftop of our Seattle hotel. Western sunsets over water always fascinate me because I’ve only ever lived on the eastern coast of Australia. In Canberra, where I live, the sun sets over the Brindabella mountain range.


Our hotel was located across the road from Safeco Stadium.


Next Friday I’m going to share one of the highlights of my stay in Seattle…American baseball.

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