Christian Fiction New Releases: November 2023

A Jilted Bride for the Cowboy (Sweet River Ranch 2) by Valerie Comer

A jilted socialite bride. A geeky accountant to the rescue. A Montana ranch neither calls home.

Graham Sullivan is back home in Chicago as the tenth groomsman in his former crush’s wedding. But now Graham’s cousin, the groom, has the nerve to send him to tell Cadence that he’s bailing on the wedding. Has God given Graham a second chance, or what?

Cadence Foster is furious with her fiancé for jilting her when she has no place to live and no job. The man who delivers the news offers her both at his grandfather’s guest ranch, a perfect solution that buys her time for reassessment. Now that they work together every day, she realizes that the guy she thought of as simply the office geek is so much more.

But when her past shows up in Montana to apply fresh pressure, this fledgling relationship might be doomed. She’s on the rebound, and he’s none too sure of himself. How can they know if their feelings are real?

Seaside Cowboy’s Fairy Tale by Alexa Verde

While her childhood might be similar to Cinderella’s, she rescues others instead of waiting for a prince to rescue her. And she’d never fall for the subject of her investigation, a charming and mysterious CEO, right?

Private investigator / bodyguard Rachel Arvidson has to run from the masquerade ball, her suave dance partner, Tex Lawrence, and yes, even leave her sparkly shoe behind to chase a thief. Her client wants Rachel to trail Tex, but once she blows her cover to save Tex’s life and gets to know him better, she questions everything. His guilt. Her no-dating rule. And who’s really behind the jewelry thefts plaguing the coastal small-town community.

The beautiful stranger takes Tex Lawrence’s breath away twice—the second time by knocking him to the ground. Unlike his cowboy brothers who’ve gotten married in quick succession, he chose a different path. But this once-betrayed workaholic might risk his bruised heart again for Rachel. What will he do when he learns her secret?

It’s Your Love by Rachel D. Russell

When Grayson Fox is asked to return home to Deep Haven and run the wrangler activities for the local camp, the last thing he expects is to run into the one woman he never wanted to see again. Worse…she’s his boss. But Grayson has big hopes for a life back in Oregon, and he must keep the promise to the camp in order to keep his dreams alive.

Just because Beth Strauss has stuck around Deep Haven doesn’t mean she doesn’t want a bigger life. And becoming the camp assistant director is the first step to that bigger life. Of course, standing in her way happens to be the one man who has always managed to derail her dreams, way too arrogant Grayson Fox.

But if they want to keep the camp afloat and their dreams alive, these two must learn to work together. But will these enemies become sweethearts, and if they do, will they find something better than the dreams they’re striving for?

Not Until The End (Hope Springs 10) by Valerie M. Bodden

He’s used to jumping out of airplanes. But jumping into love a second time…that may be too scary even for him.

Before Owen lost his wife to cancer, he promised her that he’d find someone new to love someday. It’s a promise he never plans to keep. He’s busy enough trying to get his new skydiving center in Hope Springs up and running, not to mention raising his five kids. He doesn’t have time for love. And even if he did, how would he ever find someone who could measure up to the love he lost?

Though she used to long for a large family, Emma has to admit that it doesn’t look like that’s in the Lord’s plans for her. After all, she’s 42 and has never been in love. Besides, after surviving cancer, she has other priorities now. Like checking things off her Life List. And serving the Lord with each moment he gives her. So when Owen and his children move in next door, it’s only natural that she wants to be a good neighbor to them. A good neighbor—and nothing more.

But when being a good neighbor turns into helping Owen’s family pick up the pieces after another heartbreaking loss, neither can deny that their feelings are becoming more than neighborly. But is Owen ready to open his heart again? And can Emma admit that maybe God has put a family in her future after all?

Puppy Love and Christmas Joy by Merrillee Whren

When Ella Hayden moves to Hallburg, Maryland, with her six-year-old daughter, Joy, Ella hopes to find a new job. She is excited to be in her cousin’s wedding and move into her apartment. But she doesn’t expect an encounter with her cousin’s old two-timing boyfriend, Tony Zanetti, or the job offer in his family’s restaurant.

Tony’s life has taken a turn for the worse with the loss of his finance job and his fiancée. He wants to help his mom make the family restaurant a viable operation, but he doesn’t want this gig long term. When Ella asks him to adopt a cute puppy in hopes that Joy will eventually love it, he agrees—in his efforts to be a better person.

As Tony and Ella interact, he fears falling for another woman too fast, and Ella is leery of his track record with women. Will Joy be able to bring Tony and her mom together with the help of a cute pup?

The One Who Promised Forever by Tara Grace Ericson

Can they find a new spark in the ashes of a broken marriage?

I knew we had our issues–what couple doesn’t? But, I thought we were happy.
I thought he was happy.

I stay at home, caring for our three kids under eight years old while he is a firefighter in town. By the time he gets home, I’m drained physically and emotionally. Not that it matters, we barely talk anymore.

Despite telling myself it was normal for this phase of life, Nathan packed his bag and walked out three weeks ago. Sure, he’s still paying the bills and spending time with the kids. He even lives five minutes away. But our marriage? He says he can’t do it anymore.

When we said our vows nine years ago, I never imagined a future like this.

Do I believe God can redeem our marriage? Honestly, I’m not sure right now. I’m still praying He does. I might be hurting, but I still want my happy ending. Nathan was The One Who Promised Forever, and the man I married always kept his promises.

The One Who Promised Forever is a romance of forgiveness, relationship growth, and the everyday hardship of life together. There is no infidelity in the story.

Visit Second Chance Fire Station and discover the small town stories of faith, friendships, and forever happy endings that Tara Grace Ericson is known for.

The Cowgirl’s Last Rodeo by Tabitha Bouldin

She left home to chase her dreams

Now she’s back seeking a second chance…

When Callie Wade’s horse goes blind, there’s only one man who can save her barrel racing career. Brody Jacobs is the best horse trainer she knows—if he’s willing to help. She broke his heart when she left him behind to go after rodeo stardom. This time, will they put their hearts on the line to reach the championship…and a future together?

More Than Enough by Jaycee Weaver

A control freak must discover her true worth in Christ if she hopes to be a blessing to her three kids—and find love —this holiday season.

Three years post-divorce, school librarian and mother of three Adaline Danvers still struggles with feelings of inadequacy and perfectionism. The words never enough badger her—never enough money, time, patience, joy—especially during the holidays. With lingering bitterness toward her unfaithful ex and keeping her world perfectly ordered, there’s just not enough left to give more than a passing thought to the handsome new school counselor who’s been stopping by her office.

From his first day in August, Kenton Clark has admired the frazzled but endearing librarian. Forging a new friendship that soon leads to more, he discovers behind Ada’s Type A tendencies is a loving, caring woman who tugs at him and helps him live at peace with his own pain and loss.

When an unexpected snowstorm-of-the-century traps Kent, Ada, and her three kids inside a movie theater for Christmas, conditions are prime for Ada to shine or crumble beneath the pressure. She’ll need to get out of her own way, though, to realize the gifts God has given her and truly understand that if Christ is enough, in Him, she is too.

This novella first appeared in the Crossroads Collection When Snowflakes Never Cease. While it can be read completely standalone, it takes place shortly after What Makes a Home with a cameo from the hero and heroine of Whatever Comes Our Way (Everyday Love Book 1).

Muskoka Holiday Morsels by Carolyn Miller

Muskoka Holiday Morsels is a collection of short romance stories with holiday and Christmas themes, perfect for a cozy read. Meet some new friends and catch up with some Muskoka favorites, and discover romance in the holiday season in this collection of bite-sized stories filled with hope, heart, humor, and all the feels.

Amending the Christmas Contract by Hannah Jo Abbott

She made this contract to avoid breaking his heart, but will keeping it mean breaking hers?

Ruby Hayes is happy as a single lawyer, but if she can count on anything, it’s that her family and friends’ incessant meddling will be center-stage when she shows up single (again) for the holidays. Rather than endure one more blind date or suffocating set-up, Ruby hatches a plan.

Levi Thompson has accepted the bachelor lifestyle since Ruby left him behind years ago, but his friends and family are determined to see him settled down. Levi has no intentions of succumbing to their well-meaning pressure, so it seems like a win-win to agree to Ruby’s proposal, even when she shows up with a crazy formal contract typed and ready for his signature.

As they navigate the Christmas season together, their charade begins to feel increasingly real during horse drawn sleigh rides and cozy fireside conversations.

With the looming deadline of both Christmas and the contract, Ruby and Levi must confront the daunting choice between keeping their ends of the Christmas Contract, or surrendering to the undeniable pull of their hearts.

Visit Redemption Ridge, Colorado and enjoy the faith, friendships, and forever-afters of the Christmas in Redemption Ridge series of Christian romance.

Dreaming About Forever by Mandi Blake

Her handsome bodyguard is doing a great job protecting her from reporters, but she may need to protect her heart.

Former child sitcom star Alicia Carver loves the spotlight, but since launching her pop music career, the dirtier side of the business has been out to tear her apart. When her parents are charged with embezzlement, and her A-list fiancé dumps her on the red carpet, her perfect life crumbles faster than her rise to fame. Retreating to a small town seems like the best choice she has to avoid the press.

Jordan Taylor’s plan to retire from the army when he was old and gray crashed and burned in Kandahar along with his best friend. Protecting entitled celebrities from paparazzi was the last thing he wanted, but no one else would hire an amputee with an attitude problem. If babysitting a pop princess wasn’t bad enough, his next job is sending him home to Redemption Ridge to spend Christmas with the family he hasn’t seen in years.

Alicia’s heartbreak is soothed by the picturesque Christmas town, but her stoic bodyguard will barely loosen up enough to show her around. His past and his body are covered in scars, and she can’t help but wonder if he needs healing in Redemption Ridge just as much as she does.

Between Jordan, his family, and the townspeople who have welcomed her with open arms, Alicia is torn between rekindling her love of music and finding a forever home in Redemption Ridge. When the rumors start flying and wrecking her new happiness, will Alicia be able to set things right before the real world tears her new dream apart?

Visit Redemption Ridge, Colorado and enjoy the faith, friendships, and forever-afters of the Christmas in Redemption Ridge series of Christian romance.

Wooing the Widower by Elle E. Kay

Horses, Heartstrings, and Hope: A Later-in-Life Romance

Margie, a successful Colorado realtor, finds herself looking for a change of scenery and a dash of adventure after her only daughter embarks on a missionary journey, so she heads to Redemption Ranch to fulfill a long-held dream: learning to ride horses.

Meanwhile, Chaz, having swapped his tailored suits and executive boardrooms for the ‘aromatic’ allure of horse manure, relishes his new life at Redemption Ranch. The retired businessman and former CEO of Freedom Mountaineering now assists his brother on the ranch, his days filled with hard work, peaceful solitude, and bittersweet memories.

When Margie arrives at Redemption Ranch, their lives intersect in the most unexpected ways. Amid horse rides and starlit conversations, they discover companionship and the tender buds of love in their twilight years.

As Margie explores this unexpected turn, will she find a love she hadn’t planned for? And can Chaz see Margie as a vibrant woman with shared passions and dreams rather than simply his son’s mother-in-law?

Wooing the Widower invites you on a heartfelt journey of late-life love, faith, second chances, and suspense. Experience the blossoming relationship between Margie and Chaz as they show it’s never too late to find—and embrace—love again despite those determined to interfere with their plans.

Love Like a Country Song by Carolyne Aarsen

Veterinarian Cara Morrison is dreadingwalking down the aisle.

As a bridesmaid at her best friend’s wedding, Cara is about to come face-to-face with the best man. Nicholas Chapman…the man she never stopped loving.

The last thing she wants is to revive their old relationship, so Cara decides to err on the side of distance.

Thankfully she’s only in town long enough to fulfill her bridesmaid duties and assist her uncle until the new veterinarian can take over the practice.

But then Nicholas needs her help to solve a mystery livestock illness that’s sweeping through his purebred cattle. The same herd that he is counting on to fill in the ranch’s financial hole before it sinks into total ruin.

Cara knows she just has to be a professional. But is it possible for her to save the ranch and find harmony with the cowboy she has never forgotten?

Lake Shore Return by Jennifer Rodewald

Changes are coming to Elk Canyon Lake. Will anything survive the upheaval?

As Bennett and Hazel work to find something normal in their unexpected romance, their worlds slip sideways all over again. They know they’ve found love, but can it endure despite their very different personalities and life outlooks? On top of that, there are so many profound changes . . .

Bennett is working to establish a new life in Montana, and Hazel’s brother Hunter is coming back. To stay.

Hunter Wallace never had an intention to return to Elk Canyon Lake, even if the woman who held his heart had stubbornly remained there. But after a medical discharge sends his life skittering, he has run into a dead-end. The lake might be all he’s got, so he’s bound and determined to make something of it.

Janie Truitt has proven she’s got the grit it takes to be her own boss. Her business is flourishing, as much as possible in tiny Luna, Montana. She’s steady, and if she doesn’t think about Hunter, she’s happy. But the not thinking about Hunter is going to be difficult when he rumbles back into her world.

Come back to the majestic beauty of Elk Canyon Lake, a remote and breathtaking wonder hidden in the stunning Montana Mountains. There you’ll find unexpected romance, the redemption of broken pasts, and hope dawning anew.

Tangles and Tinsel by Jennifer Sienes

Why didn’t her life get the memo regarding Christmas being about peace on Earth and goodwill to men?

For the first Christmas in years, Kimberley Saint John may actually get that peace on Earth she’s been dreaming of. Daddy has been sober for going on two years (a record), and if he stays that way, she might have a chance for a life of her own. Maybe even a family. And between you, her, and the fence post, she’d love it if that family included her childhood friend Jax Jenson and his kids.

Except he’s still mourning the loss of his wife.

Jax doesn’t understand why no one has snatched up sweet, beautiful, and funny Kim. Then again, the way she carries hurt and betrayal around like battle gear might have something to do with it. And he is not knight-in-shining-armor material. His wife could’ve told her that.

Kim’s dreams are shattered when Mama shows up, after a twenty-year absence, sending Kim into a tailspin of worry for her daddy. Desperate, she turns to the one man who gets her—Jax.

What will it take for Kim and Jax to untangle emotions that keep them from trusting in God’s sovereignty and find purpose through the pain?

Cactus for Christmas by Karen Malley

Lucy loves her familiar Christmas traditions. But this year, they’ re all thrown out the window when she drops everything to drive across the country to care for her sister in Phoenix, Arizona. So much for a white Christmas!

Between her anxious dog, her sister’ s thieving kitten, and a way too attractive ice cream truck driver, will she learn that trying something new might just be what God has planned?

12 Days of Mandy Reno by Regina Rudd Merrick

Law student Amanda Reno is stuck in her tiny hometown in Kentucky to complete her studies virtually and work part-time at the Clementville Café. Her parents are stuck in Brazil, leaving Mandy to celebrate Christmas without them.

Young Sheriff Clay Lacey takes matters into his own hands, devising a plan to take Mandy’s mind off her crushed expectations. She is no longer his classmate’s tagalong kid sister, but a young woman he is increasingly attracted to.

How will Mandy react when she finds out Clay is the one working to make sure she has a memorable Christmas? Will she be pleased? Or will she cringe as she thanks the man who may be falling in love with her?

Movie-Made Romance by A. M. Heath

He wants a second chance. She wants him to get lost.

Carleigh St. John is tired of watching everyone else get their happily-ever-after, and her little sister’s engagement is the last straw. Stewing down the overused plot lines from Christmas Romance movies, Carleigh creates a dating playbook. With a marathon of Christmas dates ranging from picking out a tree with her first crush to volunteering with her grumpy co-worker, she’s bound to find her perfect movie-made ending. … If only her ex will stay out of the way.

Joshua Price has spent the last four years trying to outrun his past and the ex-fiancé he had hurt, but now he is back home. As he strives to help his grandfather, he keeps bumping into Carleigh. The pull between them is undeniable, and Joshua longs to convince her to see him as a changed man worthy of a second chance.

Will Carleigh’s movie-inspired dating book bring her the happy ending she desires, or is God ushering in a plot twist of His own? Find out in this heartwarming, laugh-out-loud romance full of all the sweet, cheesy movie moments you can’t get enough of.

The Hope of Christmas by Carol James

Cameron Blake has everything a man could want. Or so it appears. But in the dark of night, the contents of an old manila envelope remind him that the one thing he truly wants is beyond his reach.

Kristin Hansen returns home after a messy break-up. While her parents think she’ s returned to recuperate after surgery on a broken arm, she’ s actually escaping from an abusive relationship.

When the pastor of a local church recruits Kristin and Cameron to supervise the building of the church’ s float for the upcoming Christmas parade, their hidden secrets are exposed. Cam sees in Kristin what he truly desires… but knows he can never have.

As Christmas nears, can Kristin help him find the thing that’ s eluded him all these years? The one thing his heart truly desires? Hope.

Repairing Hearts by Julie Arduini

What happens when a reality show creates a blight on sextuplet Ryan Hart’s life harsher than his dump of a home?

Ryan, the independent, brooding second oldest of the Hart sextuplets, can’t enjoy the solitude he craves when he agrees to star on a reality show. The plan is to discover a project manager to renovate his hole of a property. The show reveals that it’s more about Ryan’s dating life. Can he keep his guard up when everything around him is falling apart faster than the shingles on his roof?

BJ Wallace loves her quiet life in Wisconsin that she’s created far from her traumatic childhood. Everything changes when she learns she’s competing on Repairing Ryan’s Heart. As the show focuses more on Ryan than the house, BJ falls for him. Will she win the show and destroy Ryan with her secret, or sacrifice her heart to protect Ryan?

A small-town, reality show romance with family drama and a Christian thread of surrendering pride and anger.

A Thrill in the Air: A Mosaic Christmas Anthology V

Cocoa and carols set the mood of the season, but what lurks beneath the festivities?

Christmastime ties a pretty bow on relationships as flimsy as wrapping paper while torn hearts call out for reconciliation.

Milla Holt The Prodigal’s Feast
Lorna Seilstad A Merrytime Cruise
Eleanor Bertin Meg and the E-Monster
Sara Davison The Other Way
Brenda S. Anderson The Home for Christmas Challenge
Deb Elkink Scrabbling
Candace West The Angel Voices
Johnnie Alexander Christmas Comes to Springlight

Will the characters in these stories find peace this holiday season, not only with those they love but within their own hearts?

A Thrill in the Air is a collection of eight seasonal stories of family, forgiveness, and reconciliation that you will not want to miss!

A Family for the Orphans by Heidi Main

Three little hearts have been broken.

Now they must find a way to heal them…  

Tragedy turned Walker McCaw from bachelor cowboy to guardian of his late best friend’s three children. Now they’re living on a new horse farm—and it’s a disaster. Trisha Campbell’s arrival couldn’t come at a better time. Together, they’ll need to work to save the struggling farm. But it takes more than hard work to make a family. It takes courage and love…

A Wedding Date for Christmas by Kate Keedwell

A fake Christmas courtship

Might open the door to something more…

Going to a Christmas Eve wedding solo is the last thing old rivals Elizabeth Brennan and Mark Hayes want. Especially when it’s their exes tying the knot. But there is a solution—Elizabeth and Mark could pretend to date. Somehow they’ll need to convince their family and friends that their courtship is real. They’ve got nothing to lose…except maybe their hearts.

Her Christmas Healing by Mindy Obenhaus

Christmas is around the corner…

And love might be right next door.

Hope Crossing, Texas, is just what Jillian McKenna needs. Here, she can recover after a terrible attack…and create a home for her baby-to-be. But she also has a complication next door. She once saw a future with veterinarian Gabriel Vaughn—a future that feels impossible now. But with love, faith, a support dog and some Christmas spirit, maybe it’s not too late after all…

Desperate Search by Lynette Eason & Christy Barritt

A race for survival

Following the Trail by Lynette Eason

Lacey Jefferson’s search for her missing sister quickly turns into a murder investigation—thrusting Lacey and her search-and-rescue K-9, Scarlett, into a killer’s sights. Now teaming up with her ex-boyfriend, Sheriff Creed Payne, is the only way to discover the murderer’s identity. But can they survive long enough to dig up the truth?

Dangerous Mountain Rescue by Christy Barritt

Erin Lansing will search every inch of the mountains to find her missing teen daughter—even with someone dead set on stopping her. Teaming up with search-and-rescue K-9 handler Dillon Walker and his dog, Scout, is her only chance at living long enough to see her daughter again. But to save them all, can Dillon and Scout help Erin confront the dangerous truth about her past?

Christmas in the Crosshairs by Deena Alexander

A baby in need of protection—

and a hitman in pursuit.

After evading an attack, defense attorney Adam Spencer is on the run from a dangerous hitman. The killer’s wife is Adam’s only hope at apprehending the criminal—until she lands in the hospital. Now he must depend on her twin sister, Jaelyn Reed, to find the answers they need…all while protecting the baby niece Jaelyn didn’t know she had. But with threats at every turn, trust may be the deadliest trap…

Christmas Forest Ambush by Kerry Johnson

A young witness targeted—

and danger in the wilderness

When five-year-old Boone Harrington witnesses his father’s murder, he is placed in social worker Lucy Taylor’s care for the holidays. But after someone chases Lucy’s car off the road in Sumter National Forest, she and Boone turn to ranger Noah Holt for protection from a gang of ruthless gun traffickers. Can Noah keep them alive…especially after discovering Boone unknowingly has something these criminals will kill for?

Undercover Christmas Escape by Terri Reed

An undercover mission

has deadly consequences

The assignment was simple: infiltrate an office Christmas party, gather evidence and take down a drug cartel. However, DEA agent Duncan O’Brien and deputy US marshal Sera Morales encounter more than they were expecting when masked thieves crash their undercover operation and abduct Sera, who narrowly escapes. Can Duncan and Sera work together, despite their competitiveness and hidden attraction, to capture a merciless drug lord—before this Christmas becomes their last?

Christmas Witness Survival by Jane M. Choate

Seeking ranch refuge…

in order to survive

Fleeing after discovering her fiancé is a murderer, Hailey Davenport thinks nowhere is safe this Christmas. Trusting another man is the last thing Hailey wants, but she reluctantly finds refuge in the back of Michael “Chap” Chapman’s truck. The security expert won’t let her face hired gunmen alone—even when danger follows them to his ranch. With enemies closing in, keeping Hailey safe might be the last thing Chap does…

Deadly Sabotage by Elizabeth Goddard

A fatal explosion…

hides a lethal conspiracy

After barely escaping a lab explosion that kills her boss, microbiologist Kinsley Langell discovers that the blast was no accident—someone intentionally set off a bomb. With a target on her back and the police compromised, Kinsley must rely on her ex, protection specialist Brett Honor, to help investigate the crime. But someone won’t stop until she’s silenced—this time permanently. Can Kinsley and Brett uncover the culprit before hired killers finish the job?

K-9 National Park Defenders by Katy Lee & Sharee Stover

Peril at Christmas awaits… in these gripping Pacific Northwest K-9 Unit novellas

A Christmas skiing retreat turns treacherous when Pacific Northwest K-9 Unit officer Veronica Eastwood’s sister is kidnapped—and only rival officer Parker Walsh can help her in Katy Lee’s Yuletide Ransom. And in Sharee Stover’s explosive Holiday Rescue Countdown, K-9 officers Dylan Jeong and Brandie Weller must race against the clock when they face a Christmas parade bomb threat…and a killer from Dylan’s past.

A Grave Mistake by Shirley Jump

The only way to clear her grandfather’s name

Is to find a killer’s buried secrets…

Mia Beaumont will do anything for her grandfather—including going home to the Rocky Mountains to clear his name in a decades-old disappearance case. But when she uncovers a dead body, it raises more questions than answers. Now Mia and her ex, assistant district attorney Raylan Jones, are digging for the truth. But can she be sure the killer isn’t someone she knows?

Hidden Evidence by Anne Galbraith

A secret past. An unsolved murder.

One killer assignment…

RCMP officer Caleb Drekker has a simple assignment—watch over veterinarian Alana Travers, using retired K-9 Rex as his cover. When Alana learns she’s been in witness protection since childhood and she’s now a killer’s target, she leans on Caleb for help. But the closer he gets to Alana, the more complicated Caleb’s assignment becomes. Will the truth set them free…or seal both their fates?

Beneath the Surface by Melanie D. Snitker

He’s determined to catch a serial killer.

Detective John Paris investigates a murder, troubled by the possibility it was committed by a serial killer. The case takes a frightening turn when the murderer intentionally draws the beautiful medical examiner, Genevieve “Eve” Marks, right into the middle of it all.

She refuses to hide.

A routine callout to a crime scene leads Eve to work side-by-side with the detective she’s long admired. Resolved to uncovering the connection between the crimes and bringing the truth to light, she refuses to step away, even when danger comes to her door. As she and John work together to unravel a mystery buried in the past, a bond forms between them that gives her hope for the future.

A killer grows desperate.

John will protect Eve with his life, but time is running out. Is the serial killer a copycat, or is this murder related to a decade-old case that was never solved?

The Dead of Night by Christy Barritt

The team’s next case takes them to southeastern Alaska to investigate a woman who was murdered on a camping trip five years ago. Her killer was never found, but suspicions abound in the small fishing community. Now another woman is dead, and all the clues indicate the same person is responsible. Meanwhile, a new relationship on the team makes everything more complicated.

12 Days by Heidi Glick

Scott Newton retires from the sheriff’ s office after a fellow officer is killed. Wracked by sorrow and the need for justice, Scott grows distant from his girlfriend, aspiring crime writer, Lindsay Billings. But, when Lindsay goes missing, and Scott discovers her research on the missing person cases thought to be the work of a serial murderer known as the Christmas Killer, Scott vows to find her at all costs. Police have never found the bodies of the people who went missing many Christmases ago, and Lindsay won’t become just another statistic.

Then, someone kills again in Blanchardville. Police locate a corpse atop one of seven inflatable swans on a pond, and another body in a pear tree. Scott receives odd texts from Lindsay’ s phone and deduces they’ re from the killer.

In order to save Lindsay, Scott agrees to meet the madman and play his game. As time runs out, Scott must learn to trust in God again, no matter what.

True Blue Christmas by Susan Page Davis

New neighbors, cryptic Christmas cards, and jury duty. What next? Campbell McBride is juggling her new role as a private investigator with her slightly wacky personal life. Can she and her dad figure out who stashed a valuable painting in their client’s attic? And is the murder of an egocentric landlord somehow connected?

The Color of Sky and Stone by Sara Davison

She is the only one who truly sees him.
Which makes her his greatest threat.

Black ops undercover agent Tane Temauri—code name Vapor—has made it his life’s mission to stay out of sight. Given the dangers inherent in his job, the last thing he can afford is to step into the open and become a target. Again.

Then a letter from a mysterious stranger changes everything. Although the letter was not meant for him, somehow, on a greater, cosmic scale, it feels as though it is.

But answering it will make Tane vulnerable.

How can he emerge from the shadows to risk everything for a woman he has never met?

If he does, more than his heart could be on the line. So could his life.
And hers.

Six Days Spent by Luana Ehrlich

When private investigator Mylas Grey gets a call from the wife of a high-profile Pentagon official, he assumes it’s about their appointment to discuss a possible stalker.

It’s not. It’s about her husband—he’s just been murdered.

Mylas agrees to investigate the murder, even though he’s supposed to help Whitney find a place to live in the next six days. Can he do both?

As it turns out, finding a killer and finding a house have a lot in common . . .

Both require connections . . .
Not only does Mylas need access to a neighborhood security video, as well as the password to a secret Pentagon file, he also needs a realtor who understands Whitney’s housing needs.

Both take patience . . .
When Mylas discovers he has two viable suspects, he’s forced to spend several days piecing together the evidence to unmask the real killer, while he and Whitney must work their way through numerous property listings.

Both encounter dead ends . . .
Mylas is frustrated when his efforts to locate a suspicious vehicle are stymied, and he’s equally discouraged when Whitney’s housing search hits a roadblock.

Both involve twists and turns. . .
As Mylas closes in on the killer, he faces an unexpected challenge. Meanwhile, as Whitney chooses a place to live, she’s confronted with a decision she wasn’t anticipating.

In the end, what Mylas discovers is that finding a killer and finding a house are similar, but only one of them is likely to get him killed.

Book VI of the Mylas Grey Mystery Series is a clean, faith-filled mystery, filled with unforeseen decisions, intriguing suspects, heartwarming romance, and complex relationships. If you enjoy an engaging, multilayered mystery with a vulnerable, endearing hero, someone who will make you cry one minute and laugh the next, you’ll love this book!

Hold Your Breath by Kristen Hogrefe Parnell

The end justifies the means—or does it?

Serial dater and travel blogger Jayna Scott lands a dream assignment in Bimini, Bahamas at Mario Delgado’s resort. But after she falls hard and fast for her host, she discovers his terrible secret. Her flight instinct sends her to the mountains of North Carolina on a trip with a Tampa church group, but Mario pursues her, determined to prove his actions were justified.

Private investigator Liam Bracken helps his best friend plan a surprise engagement in Beech Mountain to the woman he once liked. Now, the mysterious Jayna, the new addition to their group, tugs at his heart, but his instincts warn him she’s running from something. When Jayna emerges at the epicenter of his agency’s high-profile drug investigation, Liam prays he can save her—and guard his heart at the same time.

Deadly Betrayal by Roxanne Rustand

He lost everything that mattered. Getting it back could cost him his life.

TJ Coughlan spent five years in prison for a crime he didn’t commit. His reputation has been shattered and his career as a DEA Special Agent is over, but what hurts most is losing those years with his precious little girl.

Finally free, he’s determined to uncover the truth.
TJ goes undercover in Silver Springs, Wyoming, and takes a room at Abby Hilliard’s boardinghouse, determined to find the man who set him up–no matter the cost.

Whether she knows it or not, his beautiful landlady is his key to unraveling the truth and finally clear his name.

He just hopes she’s as innocent as she seems.

Strategic Threat by Laura Scott

Walking the line between danger and love!

Targeted by a killer…

While paying their last respects to her father, widower Shelby Copeland and her daughter Eva are targeted by a gunman during the graveside service. If not for staff sergeant Aiden Finnegan, they’d both be dead. Especially since they are found again at Shelby’s home. Shelby teaches fourth graders, there’s no reason for anyone to harm her. Unless this is related to her deceased husband or father.

A young mother and her daughter should never be in harm’s way, and Aiden is determined to keep them both safe. Yet it soon becomes clear that someone within the army national guard is responsible for these attacks, and will not hesitate to kill anyone who gets in his way. Shelby has no love for the army, even less so now that the truth has been revealed. Is it possible for these opposites to find common ground, and a future, together?

Heaven’s Prey by Janet Sketchley

**Expanded Anniversary Edition**

High octane Christian suspense meets women’s fiction in this battle of wits between the prayer warrior and the fallen hero.

Ruth Warner is broken. Her adult niece’s violent death at the hands of a serial rapist-murderer leaves her bitter. Tempted to reject her faith, Ruth instead finds healing through praying for the victims’ families. But pray for the predator himself? Never. Until she does—and then a botched kidnapping pegs her as his next victim.

He grabbed the wrong woman.

Harry Silver is a champion race car driver gone wrong. His crimes destroyed innocent lives and shattered his career. Stuck with this middle-aged captive instead of the girl who fuelled his passions, Harry vows to make Ruth pay. For being the wrong woman—and for being a Christian.

Her only hope is his salvation.

Harry has no idea he’s stumbled into a battle for his soul—a soul he’s sure is not worth saving.

Ruth has invested too many prayers and tears to give up now. Not when his coming to faith is the only way to save her life.

From the pulse-pounding tension to the grief and human drama, Heaven’s Prey will keep you turning pages.

Heaven’s Prey is the intense first instalment in Janet Sketchley’s Redemption’s Edge Christian suspense series. The 2013 first edition of this novel was a finalist in The Word Awards (suspense category).

Note: This book contains scenes that may be triggering for readers who have experienced or have a strong fear of sexual violence.

Dust and Ashes by Lisa Phillips

Kenna needs a way out.
Captive south of the border with Jax the subject of intense interrogation, there’s no way she’ll risk escape without setting them both free. When their captors put her in the middle of a dangerous turf war, Kenna wants nothing to do with negotiating a truce…

Or being left behind.
Kenna is dragged along for the ride, partnered with a suspicious former colleague, and tasked with a dangerous assignment whether she likes it or not. With rescue just out of reach, Kenna is pushed to the breaking point: keep fighting, or finally surrender.

Her brand of justice is the only way to save her family.

A Million Little Choices by Tamera Alexander

Sometimes secrets just won’t stay hidden . . .
Now from USA Today bestselling author and Christy Award Hall of Fame inductee Tamera Alexander comes the story of two women from different centuries living in the same house who share strikingly similar journeys.

Claire Powell’s life is turned upside down when her beloved husband admits to a “near affair.” But when Stephen accepts a partnership with an Atlanta law firm without consulting her and buys a historic Southern home sight-unseen—it pushes their already-fractured marriage to the breaking point. Claire’s world spirals, and she soon finds herself in a marriage she no longer wants, in a house she never asked for.

In 1863, Charlotte Thursmann, pregnant and trapped in a marriage to an abusive husband, struggles to protect her unborn child and the enslaved members of her household. Desperate, she’s determined to right the evils her husband and others like him commit. But how can one woman put an end to such injustice? Especially if her husband makes good on his threat to kill her?

Both Claire and Charlotte discover truths about themselves they never realized, along with secrets long hidden that hold the power to bring God’s restoration—if only they choose to let it.

Gifts of the Season by Deborah Raney

Two Christmas novellas span almost two centuries, illustrating the timelessness of this season that celebrates the birth of the Savior of the world—then and now.

Inspired by a family Christmas tradition of the author’s family, “Circle of Blessings” is set in Dakota Territory in 1864.

Stella Bradford is determined to win the love of James Collingwood, her English professor at the university where Stella is studying to be an architect. But the object of Stella’s affection hides a dark secret from his past. And even if Stella could capture James’s attention, she is certain her father would not approve of the match. But neither James nor Stella has an inkling that his secret is woven into her own past in a way that will ultimately bring blessing to them both—if only he dares to reveal it.

“Measured with Love” is a contemporary tale set in a Mississippi River town in Southeast Missouri.

Benjie Gabriel believes the chef’s position she’s just taken at an award-winning bed and breakfast is temporary—only a stepping stone to greater things. The B&B’s owner, Trevor Keye, thinks the same and—given the haughty attitude of his new chef—that’s fine with him. Will five months be long enough for them to figure out that what they’ve each been longing for, praying for, is right beneath their noses?

“Circle of Blessings” was first published in the novella collection A Currier & Ives Christmas and later in A Prairie Christmas Collection.
“Measured with Love” was first published as “Making Room at the Inn” in the collection, Love’s Pure Light.

The Peasant King by Tessa Afshar

Jemmah has always thought of herself as perfectly ordinary . . . until she faces extraordinary circumstances.

When her mother, the Persian king’s famous senior scribe, is kidnapped, Jemmah and her sister must sneak undetected into enemy territory to rescue her. But infiltrating their adversary’s lands proves easier than escaping them. Fleeing through dangerous mountain passes, their survival depends on the skills of a stranger they free from prison: a mysterious prince named Asher.

Asher is not who the world believes he is. Despite his royal blood, he has had to climb his way out of poverty to forge success from nothing. A manufacturer of some of the best weaponry in the East, Asher has only one goal: to destroy his father. But following his escape from prison, Asher is irresistibly drawn to Jemmah, unaware that she guards her own secret.

Jemmah must convince Asher to give up everything he has worked for, all for the sake of a higher purpose he’s not sure he believes in. The fate of the Persian empire—and possibly the Judean people—hang in the balance and in the persuasive power of one ordinary woman.

Crushed Hopes and Hopeful Beginnings by Carol Ashby

Crushed Hopes and Hopeful Beginnings: a Roman-era adventure with dangerous choices, unlikely friendships, and world views in conflict.

Can God work all things for good if you don’t even think he’s real?

Lusario was content in Cyrene as part of the Philandros household. After he returns from serving the youngest son, Diokles, while he studies in Alexandria, Lusario expects to become a paid tutor for his master, earning the money to buy his freedom. But when Diokles uses him to pay a gambling debt, he must go to Carthago as the slave of a man who hates him. His once-bright future is gone forever. So why does his Christian friend Timon insist things will turn out so much better than he expects?

But Carthago brings new people, like Caelus Martinus, and new possibilities into Lusario’s hopeless world. Could Timon be right? When Lusario sees a chance to escape his fate, will going for it give him a future again, or only hasten his death?

Crushed Hopes and Hopeful Beginnings is a short novel about the turbulent lives of Lusario and his friends three years before Carol Ashby’s next full-length novel, River of Life, when two of them embark on a journey up the Nile that changes everything.

And Their Numbers Grew by Naomi Craig & Donna E. Lane

Four lives. Four destinies. One gospel.

Fans of Mesu Andrews and Connilyn Cossette will love And Their Numbers Grew.

If you love The Chosen, the story continues in And Their Numbers Grew.

Rumors of the risen Christ spread through Jerusalem like a wildfire—and the Sanhedrin is paying attention.

Their efforts to stifle the name of Jesus only fuel the cause until a young Pharisee gets involved, breathing threats of imprisonment—or worse. Stephen’s brutal stoning accelerates the persecution and sends the faithful fleeing the city for their lives.

They are afflicted in every way, but not crushed. As the fledgling church disperses, their numbers continue to grow. Now, the apostles must train the new believers in the ways and words of Jesus—and what it means to live in God’s Kingdom here on earth.

The Kingdom of God spreads to Damascus, Joppa, Caesarea, Antioch, and Tarsus through the testimonies of Ananias, Tabitha, and Barnabas. While an outraged Saul sets out for Damascus to arrest them all, the followers press on fervently, with the help of the Holy Spirit—though it may cost them their lives.

Four disciples whose lives are intertwined, told in four novellas, chronicling the birth pains of the early church.

The Warsaw Sisters by Amanda Barratt

On a golden August morning in 1939, sisters Antonina and Helena Dąbrowska send their father off to defend Poland against the looming threat of German invasion. The next day, the first bombs fall on Warsaw, decimating their beloved city and shattering the world of their youth.

When Antonina’s beloved Marek is forced behind ghetto walls along with the rest of Warsaw’s Jewish population, Antonina turns her worry into action and becomes a key figure in a daring network of women risking their lives to shelter Jewish children. Helena finds herself drawn into the ranks of Poland’s secret army, joining the fight to free her homeland from occupation. But the secrets both are forced to keep threaten to tear the sisters apart–and the cost of resistance proves greater than either ever imagined.

Shining a light on the oft-forgotten history of Poland during WWII and inspired by true stories of ordinary individuals who fought to preserve freedom and humanity in the darkest of times, The Warsaw Sisters is a richly rendered portrait of courage, sacrifice, and the resilience of our deepest ties.

The Juliet Code by Pepper Basham

Newlyweds Lord and Lady Astley Finally Reach Their Honeymoon Destination Only to Encounter a New Mystery in Need of Solving
Frederick and Grace Percy finally make it to Italy to enjoy a delayed honeymoon and explore the beauties of the historic city of Venice. To their surprise, their friend, Detective Jack Miracle, is also in the city, investigating a series of art heists starting at the house of eccentric millionaire, Laraby Covington. Drawn into a world of boat races, mysterious houses, and parties of the rich and unusual in Venice, Frederick and Grace learn of the existence of the Juliet paintings, (Renaissance paintings feature Shakespeare’s tragic heroine) rumored to hold a secret code to an underground vault of similarly treasured artwork assumed lost over the centuries. As Freddie and Grace are pulled deeper into the mystery and their beloved Detective Jack disappears, can they use their wits and work as a team to find the thieves and Jack before it’s too late. 
The Juliet Code is a Freddie and Grace Mystery, sequel to The Mistletoe Countess and The Cairo Curse.

Rocky Mountain Promise by Misty M. Beller

Lorelei Collins possesses a soft heart for any animal in need, so when she finds a buffalo calf bawling beside its lifeless mother, she can’t help but bring it home to raise on the ranch she and her sisters are building in the Rocky Mountain wilderness. Little does she realize that its white coloring is rare and considered sacred by Native Americans, which makes it highly valuable to them and European trappers alike. Men soon begin to visit their ranch to regard the marvel, with some trying to woo Lorelei into marriage and others trying to steal the calf outright.

When the men’s advances become more sinister, Lorelei approaches Tanner Mason, the quiet and mysterious owner of the new trading post, with an idea: she and the calf will move to his post, along with her family’s trusted Blackfoot friend. This will solve both their problems by bringing customers to his trade room and protecting her family from the trouble brought on by so many strangers. Yet as the danger travels with her, Lorelei and Tanner are faced with a threat greater than anything they’re prepared for–one that will test the limits of their abilities and the love growing between them.

Capturing Hope by Angela K. Couch

One step ahead of the Nazi’s. . .leaves Nadia little room for hope.
Full of intrigue, adventure, and romance, this new series celebrates the unsung heroes—the heroines of WWII.
After her father is murdered by Nazis and her mother flees to her native Germany, hope is something of which Nadia Roenne feels little—even if it is the meaning of her name. It isn’t until an American photographer sacrifices his escape from Poland to save a Jewish family, that she finds a purpose. David Reid is very familiar with failure, but when he is charged with getting Nadia safely out of Poland, he is determined to succeed—even if she works against him at every turn, putting other’s lives ahead of her own. While they race against the daily shower of bombs over Warsaw and the ever-nearing German army, Nadia grows used to risking her life. . .but dare she risk her heart?  

The Lamp by Edwina Kiernan

Will God hear their cries and grant them a future together, or will deadly occurrences tear them apart forever?

England, 1849. Beatrice Beckwith is an orphaned young lady living with her aunt. On the brink of her deepest wish coming true, her plans unexpectedly collapse. Then, a startling discovery and an outbreak of cholera set in motion a series of catastrophic events, plunging her into even bleaker darkness.

Isaac Taylor is forced to leave Miss Beckwith just as he’s arranged a meeting to propose. His deceased great-uncle’s derelict house needs restoration. But dust is not his only enemy, and a web of secrets soon entangles him.

Kept apart against their wills, Beatrice and Isaac must navigate deadly illness, family deception, and scheming neighbours, yearning for the time they’ll be reunited. But as they each face their darkest moments, they’ll endure more devastation than ever before.

Can joy once again be found, or will dangerous circumstances extinguish its light—and their very lives?

Brimming with faith and intrigue, this Christian Victorian romance from award-winning author Edwina Kiernan will encourage and delight you long after you turn the last page.

The Bow Street Runners Trilogy by Michelle Griep

From Award-Winning, Bestselling Author Michelle Griep

Experience the mystery, intrigue, and high adventure of three of England’s finest lawmen—a fledgling police force in the 1800s known as the Bow Street Runners.
Brentwood’s Ward
Place an unpolished lawman named Nicholas Brentwood as guardian over a spoiled, pompous beauty named Emily Payne and what do you get? More trouble than Brentwood bargains for. She is determined to find a husband this season. He just wants the large fee her father will pay him to help his ailing sister.
The Innkeeper’s Daughter
Officer Alexander Moore goes undercover to expose a plot against the king—and he’s a master of disguise, for Johanna Langley believes him to be quite the rogue. . .until she can no longer fight against his unrelenting charm. Amid the threat of war, the two are thrust into a dangerous game of traitors, schemes, and villains.
The Noble Guardian
Lawman Samuel Thatcher arrives just in time to save Abigail Gilbert from highwaymen. Against his better judgment, he agrees to escort her to her fiancé in northern England. Each will be indelibly changed if they don’t kill one another. . .or fall in love.

Kingdom of Love by Tracie Peterson

Kidnapping. . .Murder. . .Revenge.
If Only the Fortress Walls Could Talk!

From bestselling author Tracie Peterson come 3 unique historical novels, rereleased for old and new fans alike. Liberty and love–even life itself–are fragile commodities those living in medieval England. Will God’s love and power triumph in the lives of these three courageous women? Find out in soul-searing historical novels of romance and suspense!

A Kingdom Divided
Raised in a home filled with violence, Arianne Pemberton experiences love and gentleness only after her arranged marriage to Richard, Duke of Gavenshire. But before she can feel confident both in Richard’s love and in God’s personal care for her, a mysterious enemy from Richard’s Past over-powers the castle and takes Arianne hostage. Who is Tancred, and why is he set on revenge? What fuels the animosity between the two men? Exercising her new faith, Arianne risks her life to restore peace and unite a kingdom divided. 
Alas, My Love
England in the Middle Ages is far from a jolly place for an unprotected young woman. Yet the savagery of her stepbrother and the devious schemes of her stepsister have given golden-haired Helena Talbot little choice. She must find shelter elsewhere. Afforded protection by the magnanimouse Duke of Gavenshire, Helena nonetheless lives under an assumed name, ever fearful her whereabouts will be revealed to her stepbrother. Only one dream transports her above her worries, the desire that one day she will be reunited with brave Tancred. Years have passed since they were together and now an ocean and a king’s decree keep them apart. But are those obstacles stronger than a woman’s prayer for love? 
If Only
The year is 1349, the place, England. As the bubonic shadow spreads across the land, Mary Beckett finds herself alone and desperate. Her father, a physician who has been accused of consorting with the devil, has been murdered. Even her own interest in medicine has brought cries of witchcraft. Mary’s only hope is to journey north to the home of her godly grandmother, a woman her father once rejected. Doctors and pilgrims will cross her path, and, last but not least, Peter Donne, a knight on a mission from the king. Hundreds will beg her to heal them. Will Mary Beckett, a lonely pilgrim herself, find a way to help her people and herself? If only she could reach her grandmother’s home, if only she could find her own way to God. . . .

The Schoolmarm’s Convenient Marriage by Regina Scott

How far would you go to find your true love?

Once the darling of her Boston-area community, Alice Dennison has traveled across the entire country to start life over as a schoolteacher in the tiny settlement of Wallin Landing, north of frontier Seattle. No one there knows the humiliation and hurt hidden in her heart. Perhaps she can finally be herself. Then a storm forces her to seek shelter with a handsome logger for the night, and suddenly she’s facing marriage or scandal! Again!

One look, and shy Jesse Willets knew the pretty, proper schoolmarm wasn’t the woman for him. He saw the love between his mother and father, a love built on common values, shared experiences. He has nothing in common with Alice, except maybe a desire to make the world a little better.

The community comes together to help this unlikely couple find their way in a marriage of convenience, and Jesse and Alice begin to discover that they have more in common than they thought. When Alice’s past intrudes, revealing secrets, they must work together for their chance at happiness. In doing so, they may discover that true love is so distant after all.

If you like warm, witty historical romances, then you’ll love this frontier romance by an award-winning author.

To Spark a Match by Jen Turano

After five unsuccessful Seasons on the marriage mart, Miss Adelaide Duveen has resigned herself to the notion that she’s destined to remain a spinster forever–a rather dismal prospect, but one that will allow her to concentrate on her darling cats and books. However, when she inadvertently stumbles upon Mr. Gideon Abbott engaged in a clandestine activity during a dinner party, Adelaide finds herself thrust into a world of intrigue that resembles the plots in the spy novels she devours.

Former intelligence agent Gideon Abbott feels responsible for Adelaide after society threatens to banish her because of the distraction she caused to save his investigation. Hoping to return the favor, he turns to a good friend–and one of high society’s leaders–to take Adelaide in hand and turn her fashionable. When danger surrounds them and Adelaide finds herself a target of the criminals in Gideon’s case, the spark of love between them threatens to be quenched for good–along with their lives.

A Courageous Betrothal by Denise Weimer

A wounded lieutenant, a woman fierce enough to protect her family, and an American Revolution with everything at stake.

Red-haired, freckle-faced, and almost six feet tall, Jenny White has resigned herself to fame over love. Possessing the courage and wits to guard her younger siblings against nature, natives, and loyalists in Georgia’s “Hornet’s Nest” gives life meaning until she meets scout Caylan McIntosh.

From the time Jenny nurses the young lieutenant back to health after the Battle of Kettle Creek, she can’t deny her attraction to the vexing Highlander, who seems determined to dismantle her emotional armor. But when Georgia falls to the British and Caylan returns to guide Jenny’s family on a harrowing exodus into the North Carolina mountains, will his secrets prove stronger than his devotion? Or will their love be courageous enough to carry them through the battles ahead?

Rise of the Y by Angela D. Shelton

In a world on the brink of revolution, where the iron fist of the Imperium orchestrates every destiny…

Seventeen-year-old Lexi refuses to bow to a future with an assigned spouse and a dictated profession. A fiery spirit of defiance burns within her, ready to ignite a revolt. But destiny has other plans.

When tragedy unveils a hidden diary—a legacy of secrets and rebellion—Lexi is thrust into the perilous shadows of the elusive rebel group Y. In a whirlpool of danger, deceit, and forbidden alliances, every revelation blurs the lines between friend and foe, making trust the ultimate weapon in a battle for truth.

Caught between duty and a yearning for freedom, Lexi navigates a treacherous path where love and loyalty are tested at every turn. Who can she trust in a world where betrayal lurks in the shadows? As the foundations of the Imperium tremble, Lexi battles not only for her world but for the person she is destined to become.

Dive into Rise of the Y by Angela D. Shelton’s young adult dystopian saga.

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