Christian Fiction New Releases: December 2023

No Mistletoe Kiss for a Cowboy by Alexa Verde

Small-town romance with faith, humor, and more than a dash of danger!

A woman fighting to survive. A cowboy fighting for her. But news about her missing child could tear them apart… Escape to Cowboy Crossing, where people care about each other, romances are sweet and swoony, and six cowboy brothers with hot Irish blood fall in love when they least expect it.

After being brutally beaten up by her ex-husband and left helpless and jobless, Courtney Rogers reluctantly agrees to recover at the only safe haven she knows. A ranch where one of the cowboy brothers could steal her heart if it wasn’t shattered.

Sean McNeill crushed on Courtney since the moment the mysterious woman disappeared without trace. Now that she’s back in his life—sort of—he’s eager to help her heal.

When she decides to go to her ex to find the daughter he’d persuaded her was dead, can Sean and Courtney—and their love—survive?

Escape to Cowboy Crossing
Women scarred by their painful pasts, bonded like sisters by the secrets they share. Cowboys able to see the hurting hearts behind the tough facades. And someone willing to kill to get what they want…

Bidding on a Second Chance by Emily Conrad

His bid for a second chance this Christmas might lead to her most disastrous fall yet.

Police officer Graham Lockhart’s life is dangerous enough without accident-prone Piper Wells tripping around in it—at least that’s what she claimed when she declined his marriage proposal two years ago. But he can’t help but wonder if there is more to her refusal.

Piper always cared for Graham, but she is incapable of giving him the one thing he wants more than anything—family. All her orphaned self knows about that is how much it hurts to lose. She’s better off focusing on caring for her nephew and running her business. Secondhand furniture doesn’t break hearts.

When an injury sidelines Piper leading into the holidays, Graham steps up to help her keep her commitment to a Christmastime auction benefiting a local family. Can they overcome the hurdles between them, or will the past and their warring hopes and fears trip them up for good?

Visit Redemption Ridge, Colorado and enjoy the faith, friendships, and forever-afters of the Christmas in Redemption Ridge series of Christian romance.

This series is a spin-off continuation of the best-selling Heroes of Freedom Ridge Series with all new characters and traditions, but the same magic of community and romance readers love.

The Thing About Mistletoe Kisses by K. Leah

Will she finally get her Christmas kiss?

Year after year, I’ve watched couples fall in love at the town gazebo. After all, it’s smack dab in the middle of town and in direct sight of my family’s Christmas tree stand. I’ve seen my fair share of kisses under the mistletoe, but I’ve never been on the receiving end of one.

When a series of unfortunate events prevents my dad from running the tree farm this season, he hires Rett Edwards to step in. Rett needs a job, and my dad needs help.

For someone who grew up in this town the same as me, you’d think he would appreciate the tourist attraction and smile once in a while. But he’s cold as ice, and I’m making it my mission to melt away his grumpiness.

Welcome to River Ridge, North Carolina. Step into a world of heartwarming stories with the perfect blend of lovable characters and small-town charm. You will be transported to a place where family ties run deep and faith is restored in this new series by K. Leah.

This book is a clean romance with Christian themes.

Falling for a Shy Cowboy by Karen Baney

She’s a single mom with a disabled son. He’s been in love with her since high school. Will this shy cowboy finally win her heart?

Dylan Vargas is too shy for his own good. While he and his best friend Adan work with the horses on his family’s ranch near Wickenburg, Arizona, Adan signs him up for an online dating service. Dylan begrudgingly looks through the profiles. One face stands out above the others—that of his childhood crush. There’s only one impossible problem—she is Adan’s little sister.

Brisa Franco moves home to Wickenburg after a tragic car accident left her four-year-old son disabled. As she starts a new job in her hometown, she never expects to help her brother’s best friend in his quest to overcome a speech impediment.

Will Dylan steal her heart as she helps him learn how to release his anxiety? Will Brisa learn to trust him and let go of her deeply engrained fears from her past relationship?

Lake Shore Splendor by Jennifer Rodewald

Fall brings splendor to Luna, Montana. And some challenges too.

Bennett is moving closer still–right into the heart of Luna–and he’s bringing two teenagers with him. Hazel is determined to prove that she loves him, even though she’s still not willing to get married.

Hunter is building his lodge, and with his sister on board, it will be amazing. But somehow he’s got to figure out how to win Janie back, before she falls in love with the new Park Ranger who just moved to town.

Come back to the majestic beauty of Elk Canyon Lake, a remote and breathtaking wonder hidden in the stunning Montana Mountains. There you’ll find unexpected romance, the redemption of broken pasts, and hope dawning anew.

Dial H for Hallelujah by Joann Durgin

An irresistibly sweet treat for the Christmas season!

Daisy Morton never expected her Grandma Ella’s wildly popular buckeye cake business to fall into her lap. Now, fresh out of college, she faces a life-changing decision: stay in her hometown of Winterberry and put her marketing skills to immediate use with the small but thriving company or move to Columbus as planned.

Jesse Graham only planned on sharing lunch in the little Ohio town with Daniel, his childhood friend. Instead, he finds himself inexplicably delivering decadent chocolate cakes for a girl named Daisy. And why does her name sound so familiar? It’s doubtful he’d forget the most intriguing—and beautiful—woman he’s ever met.

As Jesse puzzles over Daisy’s identity, he agrees to stay in quaint Winterberry during the holiday season to help Daniel’s family remodel their home. With his own parents gone and his siblings scattered across the country, the lure of the town’s Christmas festivities and fun, quirky townspeople tempt Jesse to stay. Not to mention his intriguing chats with the married hosts of the local radio station’s Love Chats (and Occasional Spats) with Stella and Stanley.

When Jesse receives an irresistible job offer, Daisy knows God has bigger things in store for the handsome young entrepreneur. Although she’s come to care deeply for him, she understands she needs to let him go. As for Jesse, if he leaves Winterberry, will he be making the biggest mistake of his life?

Join the joy of the holiday season in this standalone novella overflowing with faith, love, family, and USA Today Bestselling Author JoAnn Durgin’s signature humor!

The Road Home by Carol J. Post

She was just one of the guys…everybody’s friend but nobody’s girlfriend.

When his father has a stroke, bad-boy Kyle Worthington drags himself back to Murphy, North Carolina, where his one-time best friend accused him of starting the fire that left her scarred. Though he sees the accusation in everyone’s eyes, he’ll be there for his mother, but he has no intention of visiting his harsh, demanding father…or renewing the relationship he once had with his former best friend.

In spite of Kyle’s denials, Samantha Atkinson knows what she saw, and nothing will convince her otherwise. As circumstances force them together, they struggle their way back to a tentative friendship. Although Samantha has always been attracted to Kyle, she doesn’t have any delusions. She’s seen the kind of women he dates, and she’s not it.
Soon, Sam finds what she has wholeheartedly believed cast in doubt, and Kyle has to take a hard look at his priorities. Together, they just might learn that home really is where the heart is—a place of healing, forgiveness, reconciliation…and love.

Trust the Stars by Tricia Goyer

Olivia Garza, a woman committed to making a difference in the world, thrives in her unconventional, service-oriented life. By day, she helps troubled teens in inner-city Little Rock. By night, she creates a viral docu-series in an attempt to better understand her mother’s desperate decisions by retracing her steps with a camera. So far, Olivia has always been the anonymous narrator, but she’s promised to reveal herself in the last stop on her documentary: Kenya.

Prince Louis, heir to the throne of the small European kingdom of Alloria, is in Kenya to run away from a broken heart—and the media circus that comes with it. When he meets Olivia, he recognizes her voice right away from the docu-series that has stirred his heart. Though they share a magical day on safari, any dreams of happily ever after come crashing down with the flash of the paparazzi cameras when Olivia realizes that he represents everything she most despises in the world.

In World War II Rome, another royal, however, has her own life-changing choices to make. Princess Alessandra Appiani could have chosen quiet safety within the walls of the Vatican, but instead she risks her life—and her family—to save the Jewish children so in need of someone to show them the love of God.

When Olivia is hired to help create a documentary about Alessandra, learning about the sacrifice of a royal who goes from palace to prison forces her to face the hardest questions of all: Should she continue on the path she’s carved for herself or trust God to give her the future she never thought she wanted?

The Guardian Agreement by Lorraine Beatty

Can they forgive the past…

For the sake of a child?

Olivia Marshall will do anything to make her town’s bicentennial celebration a success—even work with her ex-fiancé. It’s only for a few weeks and then she’ll never see Ben Kincaid again. But when her four-year-old nephew is abandoned on her doorstep, Olivia finds herself asking Ben for help. Soon, their tentative truce starts to feel like something more. But will Ben’s past trauma destroy their second chance…before it even starts?

Saving the Single Dad’s Bookstore by Nicole Lam

A doubtful owner. A determined employee.

Together, can they build a future?

After inheriting his late grandfather’s bookstore, Dominic Tang must make a big decision: keep it or sell. But manager Gianna Marchesi insists she can prove he should keep Tang’s Terrific Tomes open if he’ll stay in town for two months. Falling for the charms of the store—and Gianna—comes easy. But when property damage threatens his already-tight budget, will Dominic risk everything to follow his heart?

Finding Their Way Back by Jenna Mindel

A second chance at love.

But will history repeat itself?

Twenty-eight years ago, Erica Laine and retired police officer Ben Fisher were engaged to be married…until Erica broke Ben’s heart. After decades apart, they’re thrown together to work on a tiny home Erica needs to fulfill her new role as a traveling nurse. With encouragement from Ben’s K-9, Atlas, soon old flames are rekindled. But can love truly blossom once more if Erica is set on leaving again?

For the Sake of Her Sons by Allie Pleiter

Fear has been holding them back

But love can open any door…

Healing from a tragedy has been challenging for Willa Scottson. And not even Camp True North Springs seems to ease the pain. But photographer and swim instructor Bruce Lawrence is determined to help the grieving widow and her twin boys, for their sake—and for his. Carrying his own sorrow and guilt, this is his chance to make amends, if Willa will let him once the truth comes out…

An Amish Mother for His Child by Patricia Johns

She’ll make the ideal mother…

But could she be his perfect match?

Marrying a virtual stranger gives Verna Kauffman almost everything she’s ever wanted—a husband, a daughter…and a list of childcare rules. Despite Adam Lantz’s strict standards and formal demeanor, Verna is determined to turn their convenient arrangement into a happy union. But when their growing relationship is challenged, can they overcome their opposite views of marriage to discover what they really need is each other?

Her Scandalous Amish Secret by Jocelyn McClay

She’s made mistakes.

Now she’s back to fix them.

After a life-changing event, Lydia Troyer returns to her Amish community to repair her damaged reputation. But the baby she brings with her raises more questions than she can answer. Proving she’s changed while keeping her secret becomes even harder when she finds carpenter Jonah Lapp working on her family home. Jonah is the only man she’s ever loved, but winning back his trust will be hardest of all…

Undercover Baby Rescue by Maggie K. Black

This officer will do anything

to save his stolen newborn nephew…

A dangerous organization is kidnapping and trafficking newborns—and Officer Justin Leacock’s nephew is their latest victim. To save the stolen baby, Justin will have to go undercover as a married couple with his former fiancée, Detective Violet Jones. Except finding the boy isn’t enough. Now they must outwit the kidnappers on their tail and survive the ruthless icy wilderness, too…

Montana Witness Chase by Sharon Dunn

A witness in danger.

Assassins on the hunt.

After testifying against her brother’s murderer, Hope Miller thought she’d be safe in witness protection—until she’s attacked by an assassin at her new safe house. Now her identity and location are in the hands of a vicious drug cartel, and only US marshal Andrew Lewis can protect her. But stopping the crime ring could prove lethal for them both.

The Marine’s Deadly Reunion by Loretta Eidson

To keep a child safe

They must outrun a killer…

When Sergeant Daria Gordon saves US Marine Jake Fisher and his baby niece from an attacker, she instantly puts a target on her own back. Someone murdered Jake’s sister and now they want Jake and Daria dead. To survive, Jake and Daria must discover this ruthless killer’s identity. But can they uncover the truth and keep the baby safe…before the killer finds them?

Hunted in the Mountains by Addie Ellis

With nowhere to turn…

the wilderness is the only escape route.

When a scared boy appears on her doorstep, Julia Fay has no time for questions before they’re chased into the woods by armed assailants. Former navy SEAL Troy Walker subdues their attackers, but young Jake insists the police can’t be trusted. Now three strangers are on the run together. Can Julia and Troy protect a child against the unknown…when the truth could get them killed?

Dangerous Ranch Threat by Karen Kirst

Peril on the ranch.

A serial killer on the loose.

An unknown enemy’s dead set on killing cattle rancher Cassie West—and she doesn’t know why. But when Cassie discovers several murder victims bear a striking resemblance to her, it’s clear that there’s a serial killer at large…and she’s the next target. She’ll have to rely on temporary ranch hand Luke McCoy to keep her safe. But can she and Luke expose the killer before they exact vengeance?

Tracking Stolen Treasures by Lisa Phillips

A criminal conspiracy. A kidnapped suspect.

Can a K-9 team uncover the truth?

To expose a vicious jewel-theft ring, undercover FBI agent Alena Sanchez pursues a prime suspect at a mountain resort. Only the woman vanishes—forcing Alena to team up with search and rescue officer Hank Miller and his K-9 to save her. But with the criminals setting lethal traps, Alena and Hank are running out of time to catch the culprits before they end up dead.

Vigilante Justice by Jacquelin Thomas

With a ruthless killer out for revenge

She’ll do anything to protect her child…

Everleigh Taylor has worked tirelessly to build a safe life for her young daughter. But someone is targeting them to avenge her serial killer father’s crimes. As she and Detective Declan Blanchet plunge back into a terrifying past, Declan’s unwavering protection gives Everleigh hope for the future. But a merciless adversary will force them into an endgame no one can win…

Buried Grace Secrets by Darlene L. Turner

Standing guard…

with threats on all sides.

When bones are found at an unmarked grave site—and then shots are fired—forensic anthropologist Jordyn Miller knows someone wants old secrets to remain buried. She’ll do anything to uncover the truth about these suspicious deaths, including accepting the protection of her ex-boyfriend, Constable Colt Peters, and his K-9. But with targets on their backs, can Jordyn stay alive long enough to bring a serial killer to justice?

The Holiday Puppy by Roxanne Rustand


With her daughter starting college far from home and her job ending, widow Emma Brookes wants one big adventure before starting over.

The stray puppy on Waikiki Beach looks so bedraggled that she can’t help but pick him to try to find his owner.
When she meets a kind, handsome man on the beach who offers to help her, sparks fly.
But after she witnesses a murder, her life turns upside down.


Shadow of Truth by Susan Sleeman

A killer is hunting, seeking her…
When a criminal threatened to kill Megan Cash if she testified against him, she didn’t back down and made sure her testimony put this killer behind bars. Years later, he’s out of prison and ready for revenge against Megan and her critically ill daughter. Megan does the only thing she can do with a child too ill to move. Stand her ground at the hospital to protect her daughter.

Will he succeed in making this a Christmas she won’t live long enough to enjoy?
Soon, Reid Maddox, former FBI agent and Shadow Lake Survival owner arrives to help, and Megan doesn’t have to go it alone. If she chooses the help of the man she once dated. Their relationship ended badly and she isn’t eager to get involved with him again even in a platonic way. But Reid isn’t the same man she once knew—he’s now a widowed father with a harrowing past and a heart more guarded than ever. Still, he’s the only one who believes Megan when she says she’s in danger, and he’ll do whatever it takes to keep her and her daughter out of this killer’s clutches. With her daughter’s life on the line, she has no choice but to turn to him for help.

Beneath the Surface by Melanie D. Snitker

He’s determined to catch a serial killer.

Detective John Paris investigates a murder, troubled by the possibility it was committed by a serial killer. The case takes a frightening turn when the murderer intentionally draws the beautiful medical examiner, Genevieve “Eve” Marks, right into the middle of it all.

She refuses to hide.

A routine callout to a crime scene leads Eve to work side-by-side with the detective she’s long admired. Resolved to uncovering the connection between the crimes and bringing the truth to light, she refuses to step away, even when danger comes to her door. As she and John work together to unravel a mystery buried in the past, a bond forms between them that gives her hope for the future.

A killer grows desperate.

John will protect Eve with his life, but time is running out. Is the serial killer a copycat, or is this murder related to a decade-old case that was never solved?

Calling on the Matchmaker by Jody Hedlund

Haunted by the death of her sister, Finola Shanahan has resolved that she’s not worthy of a family of her own and commits to spending her days caring for immigrants in the slums. When Finola sabotages yet another unwanted relationship her parents arranged for her, her father calls upon the local Irish matchmaker, who pairs her with successful wagonmaker Riley Rafferty. Finola quickly realizes her usual tricks won’t work on him, however, as she cannot outsmart or outwit the dashing, determined, and daring man.

A candidate in the St. Louis mayoral election, Riley is confident a union with the wealthy Shanahan family will help solidify his chances of winning–and even more assured he and Finola can make a difference together. When a cholera outbreak begins to take St. Louis by storm, they must navigate a burgeoning attraction and growing danger testing all they know about love and sacrifice.

A Winter by the Sea by Julie Klassen

Royalty comes to Sidmouth, bringing unexpected danger and the sweet possibility of romance. . . .

When the Duke and Duchess of Kent and their daughter–the future Queen Victoria–rent neighboring Woolbrook Cottage for the winter, the Summers sisters are called upon to host three of the royal family’s male staff in their seaside house. But they soon realize they’ve invited secrets and intrigue into their home.

Meanwhile, Emily Summers longs to become an author. A local publisher offers to consider her novel if she will first write a Sidmouth guidebook for him. Emily agrees and begins researching the area with help from the Duke of Kent’s handsome private secretary. But a surprise visitor from her past shows up at Sea View, leaving Emily torn between the desires she’s long held dear and her budding dreams for the future.

Return to the Devonshire coast with the Summers sisters, where loyalties are tested, secrets come to light, and new love emerges.

When Love Comes by Penny Zeller

Can love be found amidst broken hearts and unexpected loss?

Determined to heal her broken heart, Charlotte Eliason visits her aunts in Prune Creek, Wyoming. What should be a time of peace and calm becomes one of chaos and unwelcome surprises when she discovers her longtime foe, Tobias Hallman, is the new blacksmith. To make matters worse, her two meddlesome aunts are constantly inviting him to supper and encouraging friendship between the two sworn enemies.

Tobias Hallman has always wanted to be a blacksmith, so when an opportunity arises to own his own shop in Prune Creek, he seizes it. However, he doesn’t expect to cross paths with his childhood nemesis, the annoying Charlotte Eliason. But if she’s so annoying, why is she constantly on his mind?

When tragedy strikes, close proximity soon forces two reluctant hearts to become allies in a quest to rescue Tobias’s orphaned niece. Can Charlotte and Tobias put aside their preconceived disdain for each other and find love in the midst of challenging circumstances? Does God have a plan for them and for a young girl grieving the untimely loss of her parents?

A woman with a broken heart. A man struggling with the loss of his family and the subsequent care of his young niece. And two silly aunts who discover it’s never too late for true love.

The Paris Housekeeper by Renee Ryan

From the author of The Secret Society of Salzburg comes a powerful and moving story of bravery and resilience in World War II Paris and one woman who must face impossible choices to survive…

Paris, 1940

German tanks rumble through the streets of Paris, forcing frightened citizens to flee. But not everyone has the luxury to leave. Camille Lacroix, a chambermaid at the world-famous Hôtel Ritz, must stay to support her family back home in Brittany. Desperate to earn money, Camille also acts as a lady’s maid for longtime guest Vivian Miller, a glamorous American widow—and a Nazi sympathizer.

Despite her distrust of the woman, Camille turns to Vivian when her friend and fellow hotel maid Rachel Berman needs help getting out of Paris. It’s then that Camille discovers that Vivian is not what she seems… The American has been using her wealth and connections to secretly obtain travel papers for Jewish refugees.

While they’re hiding Rachel in an underground bunker under a Nazi’s nose, a daring escape plan is hatched. But as the net grows tighter, and the Germans more ruthless, Camille’s courage will be tested to the extreme…

The Juliet Code by Pepper Basham

Newlyweds Lord and Lady Astley Finally Reach Their Honeymoon Destination Only to Encounter a New Mystery in Need of Solving
Frederick and Grace Percy finally make it to Italy to enjoy a delayed honeymoon and explore the beauties of the historic city of Venice. To their surprise, their friend, Detective Jack Miracle, is also in the city, investigating a series of art heists starting at the house of eccentric millionaire, Laraby Covington. Drawn into a world of boat races, mysterious houses, and parties of the rich and unusual in Venice, Frederick and Grace learn of the existence of the Juliet paintings, (Renaissance paintings feature Shakespeare’s tragic heroine) rumored to hold a secret code to an underground vault of similarly treasured artwork assumed lost over the centuries. As Freddie and Grace are pulled deeper into the mystery and their beloved Detective Jack disappears, can they use their wits and work as a team to find the thieves and Jack before it’s too late. 
The Juliet Code is a Freddie and Grace Mystery, sequel to The Mistletoe Countess and The Cairo Curse.

Home from the Storm by Laurel Blount

In this stirring Amish romance about love and second chances, a shunned man returns to protect the wife he left behind—and falls in love with the family he never knew he had.

After a senseless loss, hotheaded Caleb Hochstedler left his Amish faith and his young wife to seek justice. Two years later, he tracks his parents’ killer back home to Johns Mill, where he’s astonished to learn he’s the father of twins. Now he’s determined to protect his children and the woman he still loves—if she’ll let him.

Her new husband’s abandonment broke Rhoda Lambright’s heart and proved her father, the bishop, right. Such a stubborn man could never be happy among the peaceful Amish. When Caleb unexpectedly returns, Rhoda is caught between her rock of a husband and a very hard place.

Her church forbids divorce and requires forgiveness, so Rhoda lets Caleb back into their home. But can she ever let him back into her heart? One thing’s for certain sure. This second chance will take all the faith they can find.

The Year of Goodbyes and Hellos by Kelly Irvin

Two sisters seek a new balance in work, family, and love when one receives a diagnosis that sets the clock ticking.

Determined to save Sherri’s life, Kristen drops everything to guide her sister on the harrowing cancer treatment journey. When she’s unable to balance the strain of caring for her patients, being a wife and mother, and her frantic efforts to save her sister, Kristen’s carefully balanced life crumbles, starting with her marriage. Desperate to regain her footing, she vows to rebuild her broken relationships . . . as soon as she’s sure Sherri will beat the odds stacked against her.

Unlike her sister, Sherri Reynolds has worked to cultivate balance in her life. Her children, her job as a teacher, and her strong faith keep her grounded—until her diagnosis sends her spiraling into the scary world of what-ifs and unknown outcomes. Sherri faces the agonizing realization that family history may be about to repeat itself. With the clock ticking, she’s determined to use whatever time she has left to heal old wounds and restore relationships.

Broken Spirit by Sheridan Lee

The dream of motherhood eludes her. Can she find her way back to hope?

Belinda Briggs is familiar with heartache and life’s heavy burdens. Multiple miscarriages, unfulfilled expectations, and family challenges have strained her marriage. After an epiphany, Belinda rekindles the flame with her husband, renewing her future hopes.

When catastrophe strikes, Belinda faces relentless trials demanding more than she’s willing to give. Angry and overwhelmed, her faith crumbles along with the rest of her life. Will she piece together her fragmented identity and find the elusive peace she craves while rejecting the love of a once-cherished Saviour?

Broken Spirit conveys a harrowing tale of family, faith, and the depths one woman must dig to survive. In the last instalment of The Tellarine Series, hope and forgiveness remain central in the enthralling world of Tellarine.

This series is a must-read for fans of contemporary Christian women’s fiction with heart and grit. Great for readers of Julie Lessman’s Isle of Hope series, Kimberly Rae Jordan’s New Hope Falls and Callaghans & McFaddens sagas, and Marybeth Whalen’s Sunset Beach novels.

Content Disclaimer: This book covers sensitive topics like pregnancy loss, bereavement and other mature themes. We suggest readers exercise discretion.

Shade Grown by Heather Day Gilbert

BOOK EIGHT in the Award-winning BARKS & BEANS CAFE cozy mystery series!!

Welcome to the Barks & Beans Cafe, a quaint place where folks pet shelter dogs while enjoying a cup of java…and where murder sometimes pays a visit.

During Lewisburg’s popular summer home and garden tour, Macy and her brother Bo discover new aspects of their hometown’s history. One of the last homes they visit features a lush commemorative shade garden marking where a Civil War soldier’s bones were buried. As Macy pauses to admire a bed of blue hostas, she glimpses a shadowy shape lying beneath the dinner-plate leaves. It turns out to be the body of famed movie star Cody Franklin, who’d purchased the garden house as a quiet country retreat.

Back at the cafe, Macy speaks with Cody’s distraught sister, who lets slip that she’s afraid her brother’s killer will target her next. Macy’s heart goes out to the bereaved sibling, and she agrees to speak with Cody’s local acquaintances in hopes she’ll uncover some helpful backstory.

But someone powerful is lurking behind the scenes, and Macy has to zoom in on the killer before everything fades to black.

Join siblings Macy and Bo Hatfield as they sniff out crimes in their hometown…with plenty of dogs along for the ride! The Barks & Beans Cafe cozy mystery series features a small town, an amateur sleuth, and no swearing or graphic scenes.

Deadly Burden by Janet Sketchley

Obey the police and stay safe, or follow her heart and help unmask a killer?

Landon Smith solved the last murder by accident—and nearly became the next victim. When a shocking death strikes her close-knit circle, can this amateur sleuth discover who wanted the town busybody dead?

The dead woman knew too much about too many people. Was she silenced to protect a secret? Or because of one she wouldn’t tell? And how can a dyslexic trauma survivor find clues the professionals miss?

Landon can’t afford to be sidetracked by a vindictive guest at the inn or by unexpected family drama. Or by falling for the geeky writer next door—now that he’s over her. With a storm closing in and no leads in sight, Landon’s first Christmas at the Green Dory Inn is shaping up to be anything but merry and bright.

Mystery/suspense meets Christian women’s fiction with a chance of Christmas romance in Deadly Burden, book four in the Green Dory Inn Mystery series. If you like characters who don’t quit, faith-filled fiction, and small-town mysteries, then you’ll love Janet Sketchley’s engaging novel. Buy Deadly Burden and check in to the Green Dory Inn today!

Resurgence of Dawn by Brett Armstrong

Haunted by tragedies and failures, Anargen and Jason each struggle to find their way. Night has fallen in the Lowlands and neither teen has an easy road ahead. In Anargen’s Era, Monarch Ilyron’s powers and influence grow, forcing Anargen and his dwindling list of allies to travel the length of the Lowlands in a desperate attempt to keep the Quest and all they hold dear from falling into ruin.

Jason meanwhile must find Aria and her grandfather to help unite the Knights of Light from across the Lowlands against his brother, Dorian. But agents of darkness and painful vestiges of his past mix with vindictive new enemies to make the hope of seeing the dawn of the longed-for King’s Day ever so faint. If either teen gives in and surrenders, doom will come swiftly on their world.

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