Book Recommendation – Christmas Ella by Angela Ruth Strong

Book Description:

Cinderella story meets reality TV when the star of All That Glitters sweeps location director Ella Goodwin off her feet. To avoid disapproval from the King family, she attends their masquerade ball in disguise, never expecting the other shoe to drop.

Narelle’s Thoughts:

I enjoyed reading Christmas Ella, a modern day Cinderella retelling novella set in Wyoming. Ella is a location director for a reality tv show. Her job is taking her away from her family at Christmas. The story is a fractured fairy tale with clever character and plot twists. The evil family in the story are the Kings, not Ella’s family.

Paxton King has a crazy and embarrassing family. His stepmother and stepsisters are famous from their over-the-top family reality tv show. His family are wealthy from Alaskan gold mines, and they’ve dragged Paxton into the middle of their hijinks as they film over Christmas. They’re also determined to find Paxton’s perfect match at their masquerade ball.

A fun and often hilarious romance develops as Paxton and Ella get to know each other while she’s working for the tv show. I recommend Christmas Ella to contemporary romance readers who like fairytale retelling Christmas romcom novellas with a light faith element in the story.

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