Book Recommendation – Under a Blue Moon by Phillip Cook

A terrifying insight into the dangers lurking in the unseen spiritual world.

Book Description:

Sometimes a circle of like-minded people can cause grave concerns…

Ruby Fisher has a world full of possibilities but no sense of direction. The twenty-something hopes an island festival will give her life new purpose. But she never expected it to end with her buried alive …

When Ruby miraculously survives her ordeal, she becomes the target of an obsessed woman and her partner—their motives unclear but influenced by dark forces and driven to complete what they had not finished. With the help of two detectives and a demon seer, Ruby learns she can no longer deny the existence of an invisible world.

And to uphold the balance between worlds, she may just need the help of a supernatural deity…

Under a Blue Moon is the third book in an electrifying series of faith based supernatural mysteries. If you like explorations of things unseen, breakneck pacing, and crime dramas with a dash of spirituality, then you’ll love Phillip Cook’s entrancing series.

Narelle’s Thoughts:

Can you imagine being buried alive and left for dead? This is the nightmare that confronts Ruby Fisher when she unknowingly enters a world of darkness during a weekend away at a remote island near Brisbane in Queensland, Australia.

Under a Blue Moon provides a terrifying insight into the dangers lurking in the unseen spiritual world. Recommended for readers who enjoy Christian supernatural mysteries.

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