Book Recommendation – The Priority Unit by Susan Page Davis

Book Description:

A missing man. A mysterious computer program – Even the people constructing it don’t know what it will do.

On the worst night of Harvey Larson’s life, his partner is killed and his wife, Carrie, walks out on him. Ten years later, the Portland, Maine police detective has learned to cope with his grief and depression. When he and the Priority Unit investigate the disappearance of software designer Nick Dunham, he meets a young woman who will change his life.

Jennifer Wainthrop was the last person to admit seeing Dunham alive. Harvey and his partner, Eddie Thibodeau, stay a step ahead of a bomber and put together the clues that tell the truth: Dunham’s kidnapping and the bombings are one case, and Jennifer is caught in the middle.

News that Carrie has committed suicide may plunge Harvey back into despair. Harvey turns to God for help untangling his complicated life. He finds strength in his faith as he attempts to save Jennifer from the same grim fate that claimed Nick. But Jennifer must depend on her own wits and God alone when the killer gets too close.

Narelle’s Thoughts:

I enjoyed reading The Priority Unit, Book 1 in Susan Page Davis’ Maine Justice series. Jennifer is twenty-five and an accomplished IT software developer who’s working for a small tech company in Portland, Maine. Her colleague mysteriously disappears during his lunch break, and she meets Harvey during the initial investigation.

Harvey is a detective with The Priority Unit and he’s drawn to Jennifer despite being fifteen years older than her. His marriage break up a decade ago hit him hard, and he’s cautious when it comes to relationships. A beautiful friends-to-more romance evolves as Harvey and Jennifer face dangerous situations and big questions relating to God and faith. I loved seeing Jennifer and Harvey grow together in faith and belief in God during the story.

I recommend The Priority Unit to readers who like fast paced romantic suspense with a law enforcement hero, a sweet romance, cars blowing up, and characters exploring faith issues.

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  1. I really enjoyed this book and the series (still have a couple to read). Susan is really good at this type of story.

    1. Hi Jenny, yes, it’s a great series. I like how the series follows Harvey and Jennifer’s relationship, and we’ll get to see more of Eddie, too. He was my favourite minor character in this book. Thanks for stopping by. 😊

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