Book Recommendation – The Bride’s Broken Bond by Lee Tobin McClain

Book Description:

A Christian Romance Novel, a Runaway Bride . . .

As the wedding music starts playing, poor little rich girl Hope DeMille learns that her husband-to-be loves someone else, but her domineering, high-society father won’t let her back out of the expensive wedding he’s funded. Enter Rock Anderson, a former inner-city kid mentored by Hope’s parents, who’s always wanted Hope.

After helping Hope escape, Rock gets her a job at his urban mission and helps her find meaning in her life. But when Hope’s powerful father seeks revenge and one of the inner-city kids goes missing, it’ll take the best efforts of the Sacred Bond brotherhood to help this opposite-sides-of-the-tracks couple overcome their differences and commit to love.

Set in Pittsburgh, this Christian romance novel shows the gritty side of life, but also the beauty that can come from faith and love. It is the second novel in the Sacred Bond series, introduced in the Christian romance novella A Christmas Bond.

Narelle’s Thoughts:

I enjoyed reading The Bride’s Broken Bond, the second book in Lee Tobin McClain’s Sacred Bond contemporary Christian romance series set in Pittsburgh. Hope is known for being the pampered rich girl who lives off her father’s wealth, but the truth about her so-called charmed family life is not so pretty. When Hope discovers that her fiance is in love with another girl and is only marrying Hope for her money, Hope is determined to escape from her expensive society wedding.

Rock worked for Hope’s father when he was younger, and he’s formed a close friendship with Hope since that time. Rock now runs an inner city Christian mission to help disadvantaged kids and teens, and a romantic relationship with Hope is a pipe dream because she’s way out of his league.

On Hope’s wedding day, her father is desperate and calls Rock to see if he can talk Hope into going through with the wedding. Instead, Rock ends up helping Hope run away from her wedding. Rock provides a safe place for Hope to stay at the mission and offers her a job for the summer.

A fun romance unfolds as Hope seeks to learn more about the faith of the workers at the mission and how she can be more independent and stand on her own two feet. Hope and Rock are drawn together and can’t deny their mutual attraction, but circumstances and other issues put obstacles in their path to happily-ever-after. I recommend The Bride’s Broken Bond to contemporary romance readers who like romance stories with a strong faith element that address inner city urban issues.

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