Book Recommendation – Plan B by Erin Stevenson

Book Description:

Kelsea Anderson is a jilted bride with nothing left but a battered heart and a plane ticket to the Caribbean. The only part of her doomed wedding that she had any say in was the honeymoon. She paid for it, and there’s no reason she can’t come to the romantic resort alone, so Kelsea jumps on a plane the day after New Year’s to escape the icy St. Louis winter and come up with a Plan B for the rest of her life.

Landon St. Clair was left at the altar on New Year’s Day at St. Louis’ social event of the season. He wants nothing more than to lick his wounds in solitude and figure out a Plan B, and intends to keep his reservation at the St. Jardin Honeymoon Resort, even without a bride. With the owners’ reluctant approval, Landon takes on an assumed identity and cuts all ties to home for the week.

Lottery winners Rose and Ike Goldman, married for 53 years, never looked back when they left Brooklyn, NY for the Caribbean where they bought a honeymoon resort three years ago. Rose was something of a matchmaker in Brooklyn, and once she meets Kelsea and “Brandon,” she knows she has her work cut out for her. She has only a week to convince them that sometimes, Plan B is the best plan of all.

Take a quick getaway to St. Jardin! Plan B is your ticket to a tropical paradise filled with beautiful gardens, merriment, and romance.

Narelle’s Thoughts:

I enjoyed reading Plan B, the first book in the St. Clair Family series. Kelsea is a pet sitter who lives in St. Louis and is devastated when she’s jilted only days before her wedding. She paid for the honeymoon on a Carribean island, and decides to go to the honeymoon resort on her own. Landon is a well known St. Louis law firm partner who was stood up at the altar. He changes his name to Brandon and makes the solo trip to the Carribean island honeymoon resort.

Kelsea and Landon don’t like each other when they first meet, but they’re paired together for the duration of their vacation due to being the only singles staying at the honeymoon resort. It doesn’t take long for the romantic island setting to move their mutual attraction into insta-love territory.

I like short time frame romances, and it was fun seeing Kelsea and Landon getting to know each other. The enforced proximity of the island resort challenged them to unpack what went wrong in their previous relationships, and work out how to manage their growing feelings for each other. I recommend Plan B to contemporary romance readers who like the jilted romance trope combined with enemies-to-love and hidden identity vacation romances with a light faith element in the story.

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