Book Recommendation – Learning to Love on Nantucket by Taryn Daniels

Book Description:

Tim Jones is known by his cousins as the bad twin, until an accident has Tim relying on others to rebuild his life.

Physiotherapist, Kayla Jackson, sees through Tim’s grumpy fa├žade and not only teaches him how to walk again but how to love.

This is the sixth book to the Cousins of Nantucket series. See the Jones family restored as the twins, Tim and Nathan, work through their childhood misunderstandings, and find out if Tim allows Kayla to be his sunshine through his grumpy cloud.

Narelle’s Thoughts:

I enjoyed reading Learning to Love on Nantucket, Book 6 in Taryn Daniel’s Cousins of Nantucket series. I jumped into the series with this book, which means I didn’t know the hero’s relationship history from earlier books in the series. Sometimes reading a series out of order (or being hazy on remembering the story details in previous books) can be an advantage.

The story opens with Tim and Kayla dancing together at a Nantucket wedding. Kayla’s best friend is the bride, and the groom is Tim’s twin brother. Tim’s a handsome lawyer with a bad boy reputation and Kayla is a physio (physical therapist) who’s paired with him at the wedding.

Kayla is drawn to Tim, but he’s her best friend’s brother-in-law and off-limits. Tim leaves Kayla on the dance floor, telling her he needs to apologise to his ex-wife for ‘something’. Kayla’s initially unaware that the ‘something’ is marital infidelity.

I was impressed and intrigued by a lawyer who not only apologised and took responsibility for past behaviour, but was also working with a therapist before and during the story to heal and improve family relationships.

When Tim accidentally breaks both of his legs, he moves from the mainland to his parents’ Nantucket resort to recuperate. Kayla agrees to be Tim’s physical therapist and visit him on the island. She’s the sunshine who’s dealing with the grumpy patient. Tim’s struggling with physical and emotional pain, and is frustrated by his lack of mobility.

A fun romance develops as Tim and Kayla spend time together during their physical therapy sessions. I recommend Learning to Love on Nantucket to contemporary romance readers who like sweet and clean grumpy sunshine romances that address difficult issues and have forgiveness themes in the story.

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