Book Recommendation – It’s Your Love by Rachel D. Russell

Book Description:

When Grayson Fox is asked to return home to Deep Haven and run the wrangler activities for the local camp, the last thing he expects is to run into the one woman he never wanted to see again. Worse…she’s his boss. But Grayson has big hopes for a life back in Oregon, and he must keep the promise to the camp in order to keep his dreams alive.

Just because Beth Strauss has stuck around Deep Haven doesn’t mean she doesn’t want a bigger life. And becoming the camp assistant director is the first step to that bigger life. Of course, standing in her way happens to be the one man who has always managed to derail her dreams, way too arrogant Grayson Fox.

But if they want to keep the camp afloat and their dreams alive, these two must learn to work together. But will these enemies become sweethearts, and if they do, will they find something better than the dreams they’re striving for?

The next delightful installment of the Fox Family series!

Narelle’s Thoughts:

I enjoyed reading It’s Your Love, Book 2 in Fox Family series from Rachel D. Russell that’s set in Susan May Warren’s Deep Haven story world on Minnesota’s North Shore. Years ago, when Beth’s mom walked out on their family, Beth made a heartfelt promise to her dad that she’d never leave him. Beth has kept that promise and still lives at home with Dad. She’s excited when she has the opportunity to work as an assistant camp director at a location close to Deep Haven.

Grayson left Deep Haven many years ago to pursue his cowboy dreams in Oregon. The camp at Deep Haven was important to Grayson when he was younger, and Grayson can’t say no when he’s asked to return as the temporary camp wrangler.

Grayson was Beth’s older brother’s best friend during high school. Beth and Grayson have history from their teen years that makes it awkward when they’re forced to work together at the camp. A fun romance unfolds as they both deal with past emotional baggage and are challenged to reconsider their life priorities.

I appreciated how Beth’s co-dependent relationship with her father was handled in the story. I recommend It’s Your Love to contemporary romance readers who like small town cowboy romances combined with the brother’s best friend trope and a relevant faith element in the story.

Many thanks to Sunrise Publishing for the advanced reader copy.

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