Book Recommendation – Falling for the Foe by Milla Holt

Book Recommendation:

She can’t stand him. He blames her for his company’s woes. Now, they have to work together.

Nia has devoted her career to fighting for life-saving medicines for Ugandans with HIV. But when first-line treatments begin to fail, she must find a new source of affordable drugs before patients start to die. Too bad she just publicly bashed the head of a pharma company that owns a powerful new anti-HIV drug.

Magnus is poised to market a game-changing HIV drug, but an avalanche of bad PR threatens to destroy his company’s reputation and kill his bottom line. When he travels to Uganda to boost his social justice credentials, he’s not expecting to feel such a deep attraction to the woman whose viral blog post led to all his troubles.

To get what they want they must work together. He’s out to rescue his company and she’s trying to save lives. Neither dreamed their hearts would be on the line.

Narelle’s Thoughts:

I enjoyed reading Falling for the Foe, book 1 in Milla Holt’s Color-Blind Love series set in Uganda. Nia is a public health activist who works in Kampala. She lives with her grandmother and, when she was younger, her parents contracted HIV and passed away. She gained a scholarship and completed her university studies in the UK, and she wants her people in Uganda to have access to affordable HIV medicine. Nia writes a disparaging blog post that goes viral about how a pharmaceutical company used her people in Uganda as guinea pigs for a clinical trial, but won’t provide affordable access to the medication now the drug is going to market.

Magnus is the multimillionaire owner of a pharmaceutical company in the UK who developed the new HIV treatment. His family is furious when Nia’s blog post threatens the share price and profit margin on the new HIV drug they’re about to list on the stock exchange. Magnus’ father is ruthless, and he has given Magnus a chip on his shoulder about not being good enough.

Nia picks up a new job with the Ugandan Ministry of Health to assist the HIV Outpatient Service gain access to the new HIV drug. Magnus hatches a plan to go to Uganda with his sister and spin the narrative. He wants to negate the bad publicity from the blog post and show how his company is helping an African nation to access affordable healthcare.

When Magnus meets Nia in Kampala, he doesn’t remember that he was briefly in her university study group class in London. Nia and Magnus work closely together while he’s visiting Uganda, and they fall in love despite many obstacles, including living on different continents.

I loved the African setting and the cultural aspects in the story, especially their trip to the country where Magnus discovers how the village people live. I recommend Falling for the Foe to contemporary romance readers who like fish out of water and enemies to love romance stories with an international setting and a strong faith element.

Book Recommendation – Ruby Radiance by Valerie Comer

Book Description:

A vision-impaired potter is stranded on a geocaching hunt with an injured widower reluctant to love a second time around.

Widower Dale Kennedy is pushed to join the Pot of Gold Treasure Hunt against his better judgment. He doesn’t do ‘church events,’ but hiking the western Montana mountains seeking geocaches does sound fun. If only his group didn’t include an old man with a limp, a woman who won’t stop flirting, and Trinity Grant, a pretty potter who shouldn’t be turned loose without a white cane.

When Dale is injured in a rockslide and stranded with Trinity, he’s forced to reassess his assumptions about her abilities and his bitterness toward God. But how can he embrace the one thing he least expected and least wanted: love a second time around?

RUBY RADIANCE is the second story in the Pot of Gold Geocaching Romance series, set in same story-world as the Cavanagh Cowboys Romances. It was previously found in Love’s Treasure multi-author box set in the summer of 2021.

Narelle’s Thoughts:

I enjoyed reading Ruby Radiance, the second book in Valerie Comer’s Pot of Gold Geocaching Romance series. Dale is Kirk’s brother who we first met in Topaz Treasure (Book 1). Dale is a widower who owns the gadget store in Jewel Lake that’s one of the sponsors of the Pot of Gold geocaching eight week summer church event. Kirk and Lyssa are in Jewel Lake, Montana, for the summer, and Kirk helps out with the store while Dale enters the geocaching competition.

Trinity grew up in Jewel Lake. When she was in high school, she moved to Seattle with her mother after her parents divorced. Trinity is a potter who was recently diagnosed with Best Disease, which means she has impaired vision. Her ex-boyfriend dumped her when her eyesight started failing, and she has returned to Jewel Lake to reconnect with her brother, Caleb, and alcoholic father. Trinity refuses to let her disability stop her from participating in activities, and when she joins the geocaching competition she is placed in Dale’s team.

Stranded together is one of my favorite romance tropes, and a rock landslide during a geocaching hike strands Dale and Trinity together in the Montana wilderness. Close proximity in a survival situation reveals a person’s true character, and a delightful romance unfolds with Dale and Trinity forced to work together and help each other in a dire situation.

Dale had resisted believing in his late wife’s faith, angry with God for allowing the cancer to steal her away. Trinity’s gentle and steady faith challenges Dale to review his preconceived ideas about Christianity. I recommend Ruby Radiance to contemporary romance readers who like fun second chances outdoor adventure romance novellas with a strong faith element.

Book Recommendation – One Perfect Spring by Irene Hannon

Book Description:

Who could guess that a little girl’s simple, heartfelt letter would touch so many lives—or reap so many blessings?

Eleven-year-old Haley Summers is determined to give her ailing neighbor the sixtieth birthday present she most wants—a reunion with the child she gave up for adoption more than two decades ago. And she figures a local business executive with philanthropic leanings is just the man to help her make that happen.

But Haley’s mother, Claire, isn’t eager to cooperate with her daughter’s scheme—nor with Keith Watson, the executive assistant who’s been handed the project. She’s too busy trying to make lemonade out of the lemons life has handed her.

Keith isn’t thrilled with the assignment, either. It stirs up too many demons from his own past and distracts him from his all-important job.

Yet as he tackles the project, and as his life intertwines with Claire’s, Haley’s kindhearted request begins to have a ripple effect that brings hope and love to countless lives—including his own.

In this Booksellers’ Best Award finalist, Irene Hannon demonstrates how life is like lilacs—the biggest blooms come only after the harshest winters.

Narelle’s Thoughts:

I enjoyed reading One Perfect Spring, set in St. Louis, Missouri. Claire is a single mother who bought an older home in a good neighborhood that needs a lot of work. She teaches second grade at school, and has grown close to Maureen, her next door neighbor. Claire supported Maureen through her recent cancer treatment, and she is mortified when her eleven year old daughter, Haley, sends a letter to a charitable fund owned by a construction company business executive asking for help in finding the son Maureen adopted out as a newborn over twenty years ago.

Keith is in his early thirties, ambitious, and a workaholic like his boss. He’s given the job, as David’s executive assistant, to work through all the charitable fund donation applications. Keith is stunned when David sees Haley’s letter, and asks Keith to contact Haley’s parents to learn more about the story behind her letter.

I loved how the story has a main romance connected to a fun romantic subplot. Keith and Claire don’t make a great first impression on each other. A sweet friends-to-more romance develops as Keith helps Claire with her house repairs and gets to know Haley. Claire was burned by her now deceased ex-husband, and she’s slow to trust. Keith has feelings for Claire, but he has a mystery in his past that’s emotionally holding him back.

When David, a widower, meets Maureen at her office in the Christian college, he’s surprised to discover he’s drawn to the elegant art history professor who’s searching for her son. A lovely second chances romance unfolds as they get to know each other and overcome obstacles in the story.

I did feel emotional and a bit teary toward the end as events in the story pulled on my heartstrings. I empathised with the characters and loved the satisfying ending. The spring theme in the story was woven in as the characters left behind the darkness of winter and embraced the new opportunities in spring. I recommend One Perfect Spring to readers who like engaging contemporary romances that sensitively deal with the issue of adoption and reconciliation with grace and forgiveness themes in the story.

Book Recommendation – Once Upon an Irish Summer by Lisa T. Bergren

Book Description:

You Can’t Embrace Your Future Until You Deal With Your Past…

Fiona Burke has long been obsessed with Ireland’s famed, sixteenth-century pirate queen, Grace O’Malley. Now that she’s on the final stretch of earning her PhD in history, all she needs to do is finish her dissertation—with Grace O’Malley as her subject—then return home to Boston to defend it. Once that’s done she can compete for a highly coveted history professor position.

Fiona arrives in western Ireland aiming to interview the locals and find additional folklore to flesh out her work. But when she encounters Grace’s distant relative—the handsome, commanding Rory O’Malley—she gets seriously distracted. Rory shares her passion for history and Ireland, and cares for his grandfather and great-uncle in a winsome way. Unfortunately he also carries wounds beyond his injured leg…wounds that threaten to dismantle every little bit of a relationship that he and Fiona begin to build.

As a famed TV host becomes intrigued with Fiona—as well as convinced she should do guest appearances on his show—Rory starts to figure out that he might be as interested in his own personal romantic future as he is in Ireland’s epic past. But can he take the steps toward the healing he needs before it’s too late? It all remains to be seen…Once Upon an Irish Summer.

Narelle’s Thoughts:

I enjoyed reading Once Upon an Irish Summer and learning about Irish history while experiencing life in rural West Ireland. Fiona is an American history student who rents a cottage on an Irish farm for the summer. She needs to finish researching and writing her PhD thesis on Grace O’Malley, the famous pirate queen from the sixteenth century. Grace was a strong woman who was known for her face-to-face meeting with Queen Elizabeth 1, and walking away from the meeting without being tried and hung for her crimes.

Rory is a history teacher who was previously an aid worker in Afghanistan, and he is a descendent of the pirate queen. He’s spending his summer helping out on his grandfather’s farm. Rory’s heart was broken when he returned to Ireland with leg injuries and PTSD from his time in Afghanistan, only to find his girlfriend had left him for his best friend. Rory is wary of love, and wary of his attraction to Fiona who’s renting his grandfather’s cottage for the summer. He is self-conscious about his disability, and he uses a walking cane to improve his mobility.

A lovely friends-to-more romance unfolds as Fiona and Rory uncover secrets from the past and reveal hidden dangers. I recommend Once Upon an Irish Summer to contemporary romance readers who like learning about historical places and events while reading a fun vacation romance set in the stunning Irish countryside.

Book Recommendation – Hoping for Hawthorne by Tara Grace Ericson

Book Description:

His sister’s friend. 
Her childhood crush. 
All grown up. 

Hawthorne Bloom is living for the moment, until a beautiful stranger with intriguingly familiar eyes gives him a tongue lashing he’ll never forget. When she shows up again at a family event, Hawthorne finds himself trying to dig a way out of a hole he didn’t realize he was in. 

When Avery Chase returns to Indiana, the last thing she expects is to run into her childhood crush, let alone to realize in the years since she left, he’s turned into a complete jerk. Hoping for a man to change is a mistake she’s made once before and is determined not to make again.

Then again, it’s hard to resist when your childhood crush finally notices you. 

A sweet and clean, stand-alone Christian romance novella that will have you falling in love with the Bloom Family. Hoping for Hawthorne is Book 1 in the 7-book Bloom Sisters Series. 

Narelle’s Thoughts:

Hoping for Hawthorne is the first book in Tara Grace Ericson’s The Bloom Sisters series. Avery is back in town and disappointed to discover the older brother of her best friend from her school days, who she’d crushed on, is hanging out with a group of guys who think it’s okay to demean female staff in a hospitality venue. Avery makes her disgust apparent by speaking up. Hawthorne can’t place her, and he is perplexed that she knows his name.

Hawthorne’s mother invites Avery to the Saturday morning family brunch at the Bloom farm. Hawthorne is shocked to discover the sassy lady he couldn’t place is an old school friend of his sisters. Avery is not impressed by Hawthorne, or his friends, and she challenges him to look at his life priorities. Hawthorne previously owned a company that went bankrupt and that experience rocked his confidence, but hanging around with his old college buddies isn’t a good idea. He does handyman work and fixes problems around the farm, and he knows he needs to find direction and purpose in his life.

I loved how Avery didn’t give Hawthorne a free pass and let him off the hook. She’s a chemical engineer who’s working at the university, and she refuses to accept some of Hawthorne’s attitudes and behavior as normal and reasonable. Hawthorne needs to get his act together to be worthy of Avery’s love. I recommend Hoping for Hawthorne to contemporary romance readers who like the enemies-to-love and best friend’s brother romance tropes with a strong heroine who won’t settle for second best, and a relevant faith element in the story.

Introducing Love, Faith & Tender Kisses Box set – #99cents on sale

Love, Faith & Tender Kisses is a limited time multi-author Ebook collection — on sale for 99 cents!

Book Description:

Boy meets girl. Man meets woman. Sparks fly. All good love stories start here and usually face a myriad of challenges before the young couple find that together they are better. This set of Contemporary Christian romance stories come from writers across both sides of the pond and Downunder, proving that romance is not only a sweet thing, it’s global. Here’s a set of stories to inspire, encourage faith, and meet all the warm-fuzzy expectations.

In this boxset, you’ll receive a total of seven novellas from these popular Christian Romance authors:

Fake Engagement Mistake © 2021 by Lisa Renee

Last Flight Home © 2021 Milla Holt

Falling for Maddie Grace © 2021 Meredith Resce

The Billionaire’s Impromptu Bet © 2021 Lorana Hoopes

His Perfect Catch © 2021 Narelle Atkins

Originally Yours © 2021 Carolyn Miller

Imperfectly Proverbs 31 © 2021 Autumn Macarthur

Available wide from all the major Ebook retailers.

Book Recommendation – Postcards by Elizabeth Maddrey

Book Description:

Turns out, my sister was serious about everything she said in that phone call.

The cancer.
The leaving.
The postcards.

So I was already struggling to figure out just what God thought He was doing. And then my boss introduced me to the guy who would be taking over the new project.

My project.

Sure, Owen’s hot. And so what if he has the world’s most impressive resume? He’s not getting my job without a fight.
And my job isn’t the only thing I’m not going to surrender.

I’m also not going to let Owen take over my heart.

Narelle’s Thoughts:

I enjoyed reading Postcards by Elizabeth Maddrey, and I read it very quickly, within seven hours, because I couldn’t put it down. The story opens with Cecily on the phone with her older sister. Their parents died in a car wreck a few years ago, and Cecily lives in their childhood home. Cecily discovers her sister has been diagnosed with terminal cancer, has packed up her life, and is about to cancel her phone service and embark on the trip of a lifetime for her final months.

Cecily is devastated, and I just wanted to give her a big hug. People handle grief in different ways, and Cecily’s sister promises to send her postcards from the places she visits. While all this family drama is happening, Cecily’s boss shows her how little he values her work by hiring Owen to take on the lead project management role. Cecily had earned the lead role because she did all the legwork with the client in setting up the project.

A sweet friends-to-more romance simmers along as Owen and Cecily have a number of issues to navigate during the story. Cecily is an introvert who withdraws to cope with difficult and stressful situations. I could relate to Cecily wanting to handle her grief in her own way, and I cheered for her when she stood up for herself and maintained her integrity in her professional work life.

This story could almost be categorised as women’s fiction with romantic elements. It’s written in first person single viewpoint, and it is primarily Cecily’s story. This is different to Elizabeth Maddrey’s usual writing style of third person, dual viewpoint. Elizabeth’s lovely writing voice shines through in the story.

Toward the end of the book, I understood why this romance story needed to be in Cecily’s viewpoint only, and I adored the ending. Deep seated issues, including complex family and faith issues, are addressed in the story. We reconnect with characters from Elizabeth’s Operation Romance series. I recommend Postcards to contemporary romance readers who looking for a challenging emotional story with women’s fiction story elements.

Book Recommendation – The Bride’s Broken Bond by Lee Tobin McClain

Book Description:

A Christian Romance Novel, a Runaway Bride . . .

As the wedding music starts playing, poor little rich girl Hope DeMille learns that her husband-to-be loves someone else, but her domineering, high-society father won’t let her back out of the expensive wedding he’s funded. Enter Rock Anderson, a former inner-city kid mentored by Hope’s parents, who’s always wanted Hope.

After helping Hope escape, Rock gets her a job at his urban mission and helps her find meaning in her life. But when Hope’s powerful father seeks revenge and one of the inner-city kids goes missing, it’ll take the best efforts of the Sacred Bond brotherhood to help this opposite-sides-of-the-tracks couple overcome their differences and commit to love.

Set in Pittsburgh, this Christian romance novel shows the gritty side of life, but also the beauty that can come from faith and love. It is the second novel in the Sacred Bond series, introduced in the Christian romance novella A Christmas Bond.

Narelle’s Thoughts:

I enjoyed reading The Bride’s Broken Bond, the second book in Lee Tobin McClain’s Sacred Bond contemporary Christian romance series set in Pittsburgh. Hope is known for being the pampered rich girl who lives off her father’s wealth, but the truth about her so-called charmed family life is not so pretty. When Hope discovers that her fiance is in love with another girl and is only marrying Hope for her money, Hope is determined to escape from her expensive society wedding.

Rock worked for Hope’s father when he was younger, and he’s formed a close friendship with Hope since that time. Rock now runs an inner city Christian mission to help disadvantaged kids and teens, and a romantic relationship with Hope is a pipe dream because she’s way out of his league.

On Hope’s wedding day, her father is desperate and calls Rock to see if he can talk Hope into going through with the wedding. Instead, Rock ends up helping Hope run away from her wedding. Rock provides a safe place for Hope to stay at the mission and offers her a job for the summer.

A fun romance unfolds as Hope seeks to learn more about the faith of the workers at the mission and how she can be more independent and stand on her own two feet. Hope and Rock are drawn together and can’t deny their mutual attraction, but circumstances and other issues put obstacles in their path to happily-ever-after. I recommend The Bride’s Broken Bond to contemporary romance readers who like romance stories with a strong faith element that address inner city urban issues.

Book Recommendation – The Priority Unit by Susan Page Davis

Book Description:

A missing man. A mysterious computer program – Even the people constructing it don’t know what it will do.

On the worst night of Harvey Larson’s life, his partner is killed and his wife, Carrie, walks out on him. Ten years later, the Portland, Maine police detective has learned to cope with his grief and depression. When he and the Priority Unit investigate the disappearance of software designer Nick Dunham, he meets a young woman who will change his life.

Jennifer Wainthrop was the last person to admit seeing Dunham alive. Harvey and his partner, Eddie Thibodeau, stay a step ahead of a bomber and put together the clues that tell the truth: Dunham’s kidnapping and the bombings are one case, and Jennifer is caught in the middle.

News that Carrie has committed suicide may plunge Harvey back into despair. Harvey turns to God for help untangling his complicated life. He finds strength in his faith as he attempts to save Jennifer from the same grim fate that claimed Nick. But Jennifer must depend on her own wits and God alone when the killer gets too close.

Narelle’s Thoughts:

I enjoyed reading The Priority Unit, Book 1 in Susan Page Davis’ Maine Justice series. Jennifer is twenty-five and an accomplished IT software developer who’s working for a small tech company in Portland, Maine. Her colleague mysteriously disappears during his lunch break, and she meets Harvey during the initial investigation.

Harvey is a detective with The Priority Unit and he’s drawn to Jennifer despite being fifteen years older than her. His marriage break up a decade ago hit him hard, and he’s cautious when it comes to relationships. A beautiful friends-to-more romance evolves as Harvey and Jennifer face dangerous situations and big questions relating to God and faith. I loved seeing Jennifer and Harvey grow together in faith and belief in God during the story.

I recommend The Priority Unit to readers who like fast paced romantic suspense with a law enforcement hero, a sweet romance, cars blowing up, and characters exploring faith issues.

Christian Fiction New Releases: March 2022

Trust Me by Rose Fresquez

She’s in town to find herself, not lose her heart to a single dad.

All Kayla Jones is good at is work. So, when her friend talks her into taking a solo vacation in a beach town, work remains her foremost thought, and she rear-ends a stranger’s truck while on a business call. Having a nervous breakdown in front of the handsome driver wasn’t part of the plan—neither was getting her Airbnb reservations messed up.

After his wife walked away from their family, single father Tucker Boudreau’s priority is taking care of his son, even if it means running a daycare. When his neighbor asks him to host an overflow guest, Tucker isn’t prepared to fall in love with the beautiful tourist—yet from their first encounter, he feels an irresistible connection with Kayla.

But even though she seems to reciprocate his feelings, she’s never been around kids, and his puppy terrifies her. So what happens when they realize they can’t be apart, especially when her vacation ends and she gets a promising call that could heighten her career?
Tucker has fought for love before. Does he have it in him to fight for another chance at love?

Joined at the Hip by Liwen Y. Ho

After all is wed and done, can a fake marriage turn into true love? 


With the prized assistant editor position up for grabs, I’m ready to do whatever it takes to get a promotion. That includes writing the best article ever—a how-to piece on renewing wedding vows on a budget. My only problem? I’m missing the husband my boss wants me to bring along for research. 


I swore off all romantic relationships years ago, a fact that should have stopped me from volunteering to help September. There’s no rhyme or reason why I should care about her success—especially when we’re hardly friends—except that I can’t seem to get her off my mind. 


I’m shocked but relieved when my annoyingly handsome coworker offers to be my fake husband. Tristan’s attitude is as pleasant as the stomach flu, but at least I don’t have to guess where he stands, unlike my long distance boyfriend’s commitment level. This ruse might not be so hard to pull off, assuming we don’t drive each other crazy first.


Pretending to be married for a week should be a piece of cake, but nothing about this arrangement is as sweet or as simple, especially when it involves feeding each other cake. Between my fake wife’s annoyingly cheery personality and the intimate demands of this assignment, I’ve got a bad case of cold feet. But when the sparks between us become a little too real, it’s time for me to decide: do I bail or let her in? For better or worse, my heart may never be the same again.

The Fab Forties series was written by an over-40 author with readers of all ages in mind. This rom-com is guaranteed to tickle your funny bone and help you escape reality. So, sit back, relax, and be prepared to laugh!

A Love to Share by Kimberly Rae Jordan

Life is good for Eli McNamara.

After a turbulent time as a teen and young adult, he finally feels settled and content in his life. He has a wife he loves and a baby son they both adore. But then a phone call brings the past back into the present, and Eli is left with choices that will change their lives forever. As other challenges show the cracks in his life, Eli feels like he’s losing control of things and isn’t sure how to protect his family from the stresses that are threatening it.

The McNamara family pulls together, determined to weather the storms that have suddenly assailed them. They may not be able to see a clear path through, but they’re trusting that God’s plan will prevail in their lives.

A LOVE TO SHARE is part of the New Hope Falls series, but it is not a standalone. This story revisits the McNamara family, and for you to fully enjoy this story, it is best if you have read A LOVE SO REAL (book 1), THE COLOR OF LOVE (book 3), THE HARMONY OF LOVE (book 7) and ALWAYS BY MY SIDE (book 9).

Trigger warning: This story deals with mental health issues, including grief, suicide, and depression. If you are sensitive to these topics, this might not be the story for you.

A Love to Share is book 9.5 of the Christian romance series, New Hope Falls.

The Billionaire’s Nanny by Elizabeth Maddrey

When I convinced my friends to join me in a scheme to play the stock market, it paid off beyond our expectations. Honestly, most days I don’t even remember that I’m a billionaire. But it was big news for my family. In fact, my cousin made me guardian of her son in the event something happened to her.

At face value, it sounds kind of nice.

But I never really knew my cousin.

And I only found out about her decision a week before the kid showed up on my doorstep.

Thankfully, the woman who brought the boy out to me on the plane is willing to stay and be his nanny.

Since all the local daycares have a waiting list, I don’t have the luxury of being picky. Maybe I have reservations about sharing my home with a beautiful woman, but it’s a completely professional relationship.

She’s going to look after the kid.

I’m going to look after my heart.

Hearts and Goals by Carolyn Miller

He’s a goalie with a big heart, while she’s afraid to trust again. Can he learn the language of love to win her heart?

After a series of tragedies, Maggie Joly’s dreams have been confined to her work at Montreal’s botanic gardens and caring for her little boy. Besides, wishing for more would simply be selfish, especially when she’s already loved well. But when a surprising workplace encounter sees her in the arms of a handsome sweet-talking stranger, she’s soon forced to reassess whether romance might still be in her future after all.

Working in this fairytale-like city is a dream come true for Beau Nash, Montreal’s new goalie. And while he’s excited to explore all his new city offers, he hadn’t counted on meeting a striking brunette with heart-melting eyes, or so quickly bonding with her and her son, even though Maggie’s faith is a little tenuous, and shadows from the past mean she might never really be ready to love again.

An incident at the Gardens forces Beau to choose between his dream job and the woman of his dreams, while an accident on the ice invites Maggie’s deepest fears. Perhaps a Pumpkin Ball might help convince them to believe in happily-ever-afters once again.

His Quiet Serenade by Jan Thompson

He is a novelist looking for a peaceful place to write his next blockbuster book. She is the trumpet teacher next door who just started a new brass ensemble in her home studio. They say opposites attract, but will Avery Chung’s loud business venture shatter Devon Hu’s quiet writing career in this Asian-American Christian beach romance?

His Quiet Serenade is the fourth novel in USA Today bestselling author Jan Thompson’s Seaside Chapel Christian beach romance series. Devon and Avery’s story takes us to the interior of St. Simon’s Island, where these two neighbors live among spreading live oak trees near the marshes.

Sweet Rivals by Kari Trumbo

Fay is about to lose her business…

…to the only guy she’s ever thought might be good for her.

Fay Ravven has spent years building a floral business on Mimosa Island. Too bad a chain florist has moved in right down the street. As her business wanes, she realizes her rival is none other than Corbin Lowel, the very man who swept her heart away at her friend’s wedding.

Corbin knows he’s not good enough for Fay. His friends remind him all the time that, as a florist, he’s not really man enough for anyone. That doesn’t stop him from stepping out of his comfort zone and going to Fay’s store to see if she remembers him. That’s when he discovers that his business is killing hers.

What are rivals to do when they can’t stop thinking about each other? Plan the flowers for someone else’s wedding, of course.

When Corbin and Fay must see each other and work together, will they dive through their pain and reach for the stars? Or will the roses be too prickly for two hurt hearts?

Read the next Sparrow Island novel in the Independence Islands Series featuring five islands, six authors, and a boatload of happily-ever-afters.

The Independence Islands Series: beach reads aren’t just for summer anymore.

Show Me A Family Saga by Alexa Verde

A busy matriarch and a risk-loving younger man with a secret… Can his granddaughter in need bring these opposites together?

Graziella Moore has been a family matriarch long enough. Or maybe too long, but who wants to risk her heart after being abandoned and deceived by a husband? So she doesn’t understand why her adult children are interfering when she starts dating again. Yes, her boyfriend, Hugo Ackerman, is much younger than she is and his two previous wives died suspiciously, but Graziella can take care of herself. Never mind that she’s suddenly become accident-prone.

Meanwhile, crises in the family demand her attention. Her niece Jenna is about to give birth, and if her pregnancy is any indication, it’s not going to be easy. Graziella’s only daughter gets an offer of a concert tour, so the family offers to babysit her stepson. Graziella’s newest daughter-in-law is receiving threats—again. One of Graziella’s adopted grandsons is accused of vandalism, and several horses are missing along with her inner peace.

She’s set in her ways and all about her large, rambunctious family, so this romance with a risk-taking and adventurous man won’t work. Yet when love—and the police—knock on her door, shouldn’t she answer? Especially when there’s a child in need.

If you enjoyed the two family sagas in this series, this book has an extra treat of updates for several couples as well as a complete romance with a well-deserved happily-ever-after!

Welcome to Cowboy Crossing, a small town in the Show Me State where swoon-worthy single dad cowboys fall for strong-willed forty-something women, though sometimes those rugged handsome men might need a nudge—or a push.

Looking for Leroy by Melody Carlson

It’s official: Brynna Phillips is done with men. They only break your heart. But just when she makes this declaration, her friend Jan convinces Brynna to join her on a camping vacation in Sonoma Wine Country. As they wind their way toward their destination, spanking-new mini camper in tow, Brynna recalls her teenage camp romance with a boy named Leroy. How can it have been nearly 30 years ago? All she remembers is that Leroy was a genuinely good guy and that his family owned a vineyard–in Sonoma. She doesn’t even remember his last name. Jan insists they look for him, and the search begins.

Beyond the slim chance they’d ever be able to find him are questions that have haunted Brynna for decades, including What is the point of digging up the past? and Can Leroy ever forgive me for losing touch?

Bestselling author Melody Carlson invites you on a trip to rediscover the carefree days of youth and, just maybe, to get a second chance at love.

An Alaskan Secret by Heidi McCahan

Coming home as a single dad…

with a seven-year secret

Back home in Hearts Bay, Alaska, Asher Hale’s past has caught up with him. His son Cameron’s new reading tutor, Tess Madden, is actually Cameron’s mother—but she doesn’t know it. Their teenage romance is one neither has forgotten, but Asher’s secret lies between them. Now he will have to risk it all. Because telling the truth is the only path to a family reunion.

Keeping Them Safe by Linda Goodnight

Hope is just over the horizon…in this novel by New York Times bestselling author Linda Goodnight.

Will giving them refuge…

Heal their damaged past?

Focused on his business and charity work, rancher Bowie Trudeau can’t afford a distraction. Then his childhood crush, Sage Walker, returns home after thirteen years with her niece and nephew in tow. Helping the troubled kids and their aunt might put his career—and heart—in jeopardy. But uncovering her secrets and convincing Sage to stay might give him the family he’s always wanted…

A Foster Mother’s Promise by Ruth Logan Herne

She’ll do anything to keep them together…in this novel by USA TODAY bestselling author Ruth Logan Herne.

To make them a family…

She’ll need his help.

Raising three children alone is tough, but single mom Carly Bradley makes it work—until she takes in one more. As she struggles to handle the new arrival, grumpy new neighbor Mike Morris seems to bond with little Hannah. But a past tragedy keeps Mike at arm’s length from Carly. Will they both learn to trust again before discovering happiness next door?

Her Easter Prayer by Lee Tobin McClain

Forgiving herself could be the answer she needs…in this novel by New York Times bestselling author Lee Tobin McClain.

While recovering from the past…

Can she hope for a new future?

After a tragic loss, reading teacher Emily Carver dedicates her life to educating troubled boys with the help of service dog Lady. Tutoring new school handyman Dev McCarthy’s struggling son reminds Emily of everything she’s missing. Time spent with them could heal her heart—only, Dev has a secret. Can she see past what he’s hiding to the family forming around her?

Witness in Peril by Jodie Bailey

A killer lies in wait…

A witness in their sights.

Being attacked after discovering her client’s dead body sends estate lawyer Ivy Bridges running to the one man she thinks she can trust—her college ex, Special Agent Jacob Garcia. After arriving at his ranch with the daughter he doesn’t know exists, Ivy finds facing Jacob just as hard as escaping the killers on her heels. Can Jacob keep them safe—even as enemies close in on all sides?

High-Risk Rescue by Elizabeth Goddard

In the shadow of Mt. Rainier

her life hangs in the balance.

Surviving a shoot-out is not how Hannah Kahn planned to start her new job. But when her boss is killed, the shooters think she knows something and make her their next mark. She’ll have to rely on Ayden Honor—her boss’s bodyguard and her ex—to outrun the mysterious mercenaries now intent on chasing her. And the secret she’s kept from him must finally come to light…

Something Good by Vanessa Miller (womens fic)

The Spark of Love by Amanda Cabot

When a spurned suitor threatens her, heiress Alexandra Tarkington flees New York for Mesquite Springs in the Texas Hill Country, where her father is building a hotel. But the happy reunion she envisions is not to be as her father insists she return to New York. Instead, Alexandra carves out a niche for herself in town, teaching schoolchildren to paint and enjoying the company of Gabe Seymour, a delightful man she met on the stagecoach.

But all is not as it seems. Two men, each with his own agenda, have followed her to Mesquite Springs. And Gabe is an investigator, searching for proof that her father is a swindler. When a series of apparent accidents threaten her life, Alexandra and Gabe will have to work together to discover the truth. And perhaps along the way they will discover that the sparks of attraction they’ve felt from the beginning are more than sparks–they’re love.

Bestselling author Amanda Cabot invites you back to 1850s Texas for this exciting and heartwarming tale of treachery, love, and learning to trust.

The Element of Love by Mary Connealy

She mixed danger, desperation, and deception together. Love was not the expected outcome.

With their sharp engineering minds, Laura Stiles and her two sisters have been able to deal with their mother’s unfortunate choice in husband until they discovered his plans to marry each of them off to his lecherous friends. Now they must run away–far and fast–to find better matches to legally claim their portion of their father’s lumber dynasty and seize control from their stepfather.

During their escape, Laura befriends a mission group heading to serve the poor in California. She quickly volunteers herself and her sisters to join their efforts. Despite the settlement being in miserable condition, the sisters are excited by the opportunity to put their skills to good use. Laura also sees potential in Caleb, the mission’s parson, to help with gaining her inheritance. But when secrets buried in Caleb’s past and in the land around them come to light, it’ll take all the smarts the sisters have to keep trouble at bay.

Where Wild Roses Bloom by Angela K. Couch

When Lenora Perry’s dream of becoming an acclaimed singer dies a painful death, she attempts to escape her mistakes by fleeing north—directly into the path of an all-too-dashing Mountie. Though the man in scarlet appears eager to be rid of her, his home provides security, and his sister offers friendship—two things Lenora is desperate for after discovering her pregnancy. With the past dogging her footsteps and her future uncertain, dare she consider new dreams?

Upholding the law makes up the fabric of Constable Edmond Bryce’s existence. As his five years of service draw to an end, he must decide whether or not to continue in his father’s footsteps—an increasingly difficult decision now that Miss Perry has infiltrated his life. Though she’s the daughter of a parson and a close friend to his sister, Edmond can’t push aside the feeling that Lenora hides more than she tells. But duty calls, leaving little time for matters of the heart.

Enchanting the Heiress by Kristi Ann Hunter

Miss Harriet Hancock enjoys playing the role of eccentric heiress, using her wealth and influence to cleverly and anonymously better the lives of those in Newmarket. Though she keeps people at a distance to protect a years-old secret, when her friend pleads for help on a personal project, Harriet can’t resist.

Stable hand Jonas Fitzroy would do anything for his twin sister, even if it means seeking out the woman whose meddling ways have made him wary and suspicious. The last thing he expects is for Miss Hancock to request his help in writing a book. Intent on revealing her underlying plan, Jonas agrees.

As they work together, an unexpected friendship forms. But when things for once don’t go according to Harriet’s plan, she’s left wondering if good intentions might not be enough. Is there a way to mend the broken pieces of her life? And will Jonas give her another chance at his heart?

The Letter from Briarton Park by Sarah E. Ladd

In Regency England, one letter will alter a young woman’s fate when it summons her to Briarton Park—an ancient place that holds the secrets of her past and the keys to her future.

Cassandra Hale grew up knowing little about her parentage, and she had made peace with the fact that she never would. But Cassandra’s world shifts when a shocking deathbed confession reveals a two-year-old letter from Mr. Clark, the master of Briarton Park, with hints to her family’s identity. Stung by betrayal, she travels to the village of Anston only to learn Mr. Clark has since passed away.

James Warrington is a widower and the new master of Briarton Park, where he lives with his two young daughters, his sister, and his mother-in-law. When Cassandra appears at his doorstep with a letter from the previous owner and then proceeds to assist his family in an unexpected way, he is honor bound to help uncover the answers she seeks.

The more time Cassandra spends in Anston, the more she begins to suspect not everything—or everyone—is as they seem. As details emerge, the danger surrounding her intensifies. Using wit and intuition, she must navigate the treacherous landscapes between truth and rumor and between loyalty and deception if she is to uncover the realities of her past and find the place her heart can finally call home.

Along the Rio Grande by Tracie Peterson

Is her compassion doing more harm than good?

Recently widowed Susanna Jenkins has decided to follow her family to the booming town of San Marcial, New Mexico, for a fresh start and to aid in her family’s sudden change in fortune. They are tasked with managing her uncle’s new Grand Hotel, and it takes all her patience to try to help her parents see the good of their circumstances and relinquish their sense of entitlement.

She’s hopeful when her brother becomes determined to get a job and make his own way, and she feels drawn to his kind boss, Owen Turner, who works as a boilermaker for the Santa Fe’s train shops in town. But the hard work only seems to fuel her brother’s anger, and his rough new friends give her pause.

When misguided choices put Susanna’s family in an even more precarious situation, she worries her help has only made things worse. Leaving her family to fend for themselves seems like the best option, but how can she walk away from the true friendships–and love–that she’s found?

Love’s Fortress by Jennifer Uhlarik

An Epic Love Story From the Past Brings Closure to Dani’s Fractured Family Roots

​Walk through Doors to the Past via a series of historical stories of romance and adventure.

Upon receiving word that her long-estranged father has passed away, Dani Sango inherits the former art forger’s entire estate. Among his many pieces of artwork are a series of obviously Native American drawings and paintings, which lead her to research St. Augustine of 1875. White Elk is transported to Florida to join other Cheyenne braves already being held in Fort Marion. Sally Jo Harris is at the fort teaching the Indians. When a friendship develops between them and false accusations fly, it could cost them their lives. Can Dani discover how their story ends and how it shaped her own father’s life?

Count the Night by Stars by Michelle Shocklee

Count your nights by stars, not shadows. Count your life with smiles, not tears.

1961. After a longtime resident at Nashville’s historic Maxwell House Hotel suffers a debilitating stroke, Audrey Whitfield is tasked with cleaning out the reclusive woman’s room. There, she discovers an elaborate scrapbook filled with memorabilia from the Tennessee Centennial Exposition. Love notes on the backs of unmailed postcards inside capture Audrey’s imagination with hints of a forbidden romance . . . and troubling revelations about the disappearance of young women at the exposition. Audrey enlists the help of a handsome hotel guest as she tracks down clues and information about the mysterious “Peaches” and her regrets over one fateful day, nearly sixty-five years earlier.

1897. Outspoken and forward-thinking Priscilla Nichols isn’t willing to settle for just any man. She’s still holding out hope for love when she meets Luca Moretti on the eve of the Tennessee Centennial Exposition. Charmed by the Italian immigrant’s boldness, Priscilla spends time exploring the wonderous sights of the expo with Luca—until a darkness overshadows the monthslong event. Haunted by a terrible truth, Priscilla and Luca are sent down separate paths as the night’s stars fade into dawn.

Counterfeit Love by Crystal Caudill

Can this undercover agent save the woman he loves–or is her heart as counterfeit as the money he’s been sent to track down?

After all that Grandfather has sacrificed to raise her, Theresa Plane owes it to him to save the family name–and that means clearing their debt with creditors before she marries Edward Greystone. But when one of the creditors’ threats leads her to stumble across a midnight meeting, she discovers that the money he owes isn’t all Grandfather was hiding. And the secrets he kept have now trapped Theresa in a life-threatening fight for her home–and the truth.

After months of undercover work, Secret Service operative Broderick Cosgrove is finally about to uncover the identity of the leader of a notorious counterfeiting ring. That moment of triumph turns to horror, however, when he finds undeniable proof that his former fiancée is connected. Can he really believe the woman he loved is a willing participant? Protecting Theresa and proving her innocence may destroy his career–but that’s better than failing her twice in one lifetime.

They must form a partnership, tentative though it is. But there’s no question they’re both still keeping secrets–and that lack of trust, along with the dangerous criminals out for their blood, threatens their hearts, their faith, and their very survival.

Combining rich history, danger, suspense, and romance, Crystal Caudill’s debut novel launches this new historical series with a bang. Fans of Elizabeth Camden, Michelle Griep, and Joanna Davidson Politano will be thrilled to find another author to follow!

Every Star in the Sky by Sara Davison

She is willing to testify against her trafficker.

If she can stay alive that long.

“You’re safe here, Starr.”

How many times has Detective Cole Blacksky said that to her since helping her escape the life she’d been forced into eight years earlier?

Starr desperately wants to believe him, but she knows Brady Erickson, her former captor, too well. Although Cole has promised her protective custody on his family’s remote ranch, no place on earth is safe enough. Brady will stop at nothing to permanently silence her before she ever reaches the witness stand.

And he is powerful enough to do it.

If Starr wants to help the other women, she has no choice but to put herself in God’s hands. And Cole’s. But the longer she and Cole stay hidden, the more her life is at risk.
And her heart.

Trigger Warning: human trafficking, some violence, sexual intimacy inferred (clean and closed door)

Brandon by Christy Barritt

Physically he’s protecting her. But emotionally she’s never felt more exposed.

The last person tech heiress Finley Cooper ever wanted to see again was Brandon Hale. Two years ago, Brandon shattered her heart. Now Finley needs protection, and, against her wishes, Brandon is assigned the job. Even worse, they must pretend to be a couple in order to find answers.

Brandon, a former Navy SEAL, met Finley while on an undercover assignment in Ecuador. But he broke her trust, and now he doesn’t blame Finley for hating him. As a new Blackout operative, Brandon’s first assignment throws him into Finley’s life 24/7. Someone wants her dead, and it’s clear this person won’t stop until that mission is accomplished.

To keep her safe, Brandon must regain Finley’s trust. Can he convince her she’s more than a job to him? Or will peril permanently silence them?

Malicious Intent by Lynn H. Blackburn

Dr. Ivy Collins, founder and CEO of Hedera, Inc., is ready to begin clinical trials of her company’s cutting-edge prosthetic. Her work has been heralded by government, medical, and advocacy groups and everyone hopes the device will be a success. Well, almost everyone. Someone is trying to sabotage Hedera and the launch, but to what purpose–and how far will they go to get what they want? 

Meanwhile, U.S. Secret Service Agent Gil Dixon can’t believe he’s finally been reunited with Ivy, his childhood best friend. Now that he’s found her again, Gil intends to spend the rest of his life with her. But it will take all his skill to uncover the truth in time to save Ivy’s life’s work, her own life, and the innocent lives caught in the crossfire.

Perfectly balancing chilling suspense and uplifting romance, award-winning author Lynn H. Blackburn delivers a story of revenge, greed, and overcoming that you won’t want to put down no matter how late it gets.

Driving Force by Lynette Eason and Kate Angelo

He’s the last client she wants to protect…

Elite Guardians bodyguard/former sniper CHRISTINA SHERMAN has protected uncooperative clients before—but this time, well her client is bossy, headstrong and occasionally eats off the floor. Yes, he’s a highly trained military working dog, but certainly her skills could be put to better use, right?

Not according to former Special Forces Air Commando GREY PARKER. He needs her help to protect his dog while he undergoes an experimental surgery that could restore his ability to walk. He just needs someone to keep his canine partner safe. Most of all, Grey wants back on his feet so he can track down a deranged scientist known as The Scavenger who unleashed a nerve agent that left Grey sidelined in a wheelchair.

When an attempt is made on Grey’s life, and dead bodies begin piling up—with evidence the same toxin is responsible—suddenly Christina is tasked with keeping both dog and soldier alive…and with them, the secrets that could stop a terrorist attack.

But this time, even Christina might be in over her head.

Dive into the exciting ignition to the Elite Guardians Collection.

Madness in Wonderland by Tabitha Bouldin

Wonderland is in trouble.

Under the rule of the Red Queen, Wonderland is under constant threat. In fear for her throne, children are taken into the queen’s army and only the strongest survive.

Alice is nothing but a pirate, but with the help of Hatter, they hatch a plan to sneak into the Red Queen’s palace to free Hatter’s sister. After all, Alice has always wanted to fly an airship.

Dr. Frank N. Stein has created an army of automatons to serve their queen. Of particular note: a prototype soldier. Part man. Part machine. The best of both worlds.

Doc’s monster is a threat to everything they know, but Alice sees something in the man that begs she look beyond what he’s done and search out the heart of the beast for the better of the realm.

He’s their only hope of survival, but how can a monster learn to love when all he’s known is hate?

Maxine Justice: Galactic Attorney by Daniel Schwabauer

Can Justice Save the Earth from Extinction?

Maxine Justice is an ambulance-chasing lawyer desperate for relevance and cash when aliens hire her to represent them before the United Nations. An off-planet consortium wants to heal humanity of every natural disease in exchange for 30% of Earth’s gold reserves.

The deal launches Max to legal stardom and makes her an international target for assassins. MediCorp, Star Cross, PharFuture—the big medical companies all have good reasons to want Max out of the way. Worse, she discovers her alien clients may be planning something more sinister than anyone has imagined.

Can a lawyer who failed the bar exam three times find some way to save the world from global and interstellar conspiracies? Or will humankind’s future end in a galactic courtroom?