Introducing Innamorata: Sweetheart (A Tuscan Legacy Book 10) by Autumn Macarthur

Innamorata: Sweetheart by Autumn Macarthur

Happy Release Day! Book 10, the encore book in A Tuscan Legacy series, requested by readers who wanted to see Nonna have her own romance story, is now available!

—- Innamorata: Sweetheart by Autumn Macarthur —-

Available on Amazon Kindle and Kindle Unlimited (paperback available from Amazon)

Book Description for Innamorata:

Too old for love?

Widowed Isabella Rossi is content with her life at the villa. In the past year, all her grandchildren have discovered faith and love. But what about her? When a beau from her teens returns to Tuscany, can the flame of love be rekindled, or is eighty-something too old for romance?

A shorter novella follow-up to the wonderful A Tuscan Legacy multi-author series! Visit the A Tuscan Legacy page (click on the author name at Amazon) to see all the books in the series.

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