Friday Weekend Escape to Pukerua Bay, New Zealand with Andrea Grigg

I’m delighted to welcome my Aussie author friend, Andrea Grigg, to my blog today. We’re going to escape for the weekend with Andrea to a beautiful bay in New Zealand. Enjoy!


Hi everyone! It’s Andrea Grigg here, ready to whisk you away to the gorgeous little seaside suburb of Pukerua Bay, about 40 mins north of New Zealand’s capital city, Wellington. (Just so you know, I was born in New Zealand, but have lived in Australia for over thirty years.)


Whenever my husband and I visit my parents in Paraparaumu, (Maori names are a bit of a challenge, aren’t they?) we zip off to this beautiful cove and soak up the atmosphere. That’s Kapiti Island out there, a nature reserve, home to a number of native New Zealand birds.


This next photo is a personal favourite of mine – not just because it shows my dad and husband being very cheeky behind my mum’s back, but also because of the lovely New Zealand bush in the background. It has a beautiful sweet fragrance, quite different to the herbal tones of the Australian bush.


There are a number of cottages across the road from the beach. Some old and run down, others more modern. All part of the charm of Pukerua Bay. In fact, this little place would be a perfect setting for one of my stories …


As you can see, Pukerua Bay isn’t your typical beach. In fact there is barely any sand at all, just rock pools, shells and piles and piles of driftwood …


… and some enterprising soul has put pieces of that driftwood to good use. Cute little tree, isn’t it? I especially love the heart-shaped piece of pumice at the top. Sigh. It really is a great place for a romance writer.

Thank you for visiting with me – I hope some of you actually get to go there one day. If you do, you’ll have to let me know.


ANDREA GRIGG grew up in Auckland, New Zealand, but has lived more than half her life in Australia.

Andrea loves words, finding out what makes people tick, and romance. Her debut novel, A Simple Mistake, is a contemporary romance, and was a finalist in the Caleb Awards 2012. Her second novel, Too Pretty, was released August 2014.

Andrea lives with her husband on Queensland’s Gold Coast, where they have raised their three adult children – two daughters and a son. Recently retired from teaching ten-year-olds, if she isn’t being a domestic executive or socialising, Andrea can be found in her cave, writing stories.

Twitter: @andreagrigg

Too Pretty Front Cover140x205mm WEB

Being beautiful isn’t easy – just ask Ellie Paxton.

Frustrated by a long string of empty relationships, Ellie makes a promise to God not to date for six months, a promise she’s determined to keep.

Tired of being continually misjudged because of her looks Ellie moves to Sydney for a fresh start. But when her path keeps crossing with the darkly handsome Nathaniel, that promise becomes much harder to fulfil.

As they battle with their attraction for each other, Ellie is not the only one to discover it takes more than simply looking in a mirror to find out who you truly are …

Could it be that God has a bigger plan? Could this really be one of those matches made in heaven …?


I’m interviewing Andrea Grigg on Inspy Romance tomorrow (the post will be live on Saturday at 7pm, AEST) and we’re giving away an ebook copy of Too Pretty. You can check out our interview at the following link.

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    1. Haha, Dotti. I’m a bit like Ellie in the nose department! The first thing I do when I get to Mum and Dad’s is stick my nose out the back door and inhale. Strange but true 😉

    1. They say you can visit the world in NZ and it’s true! They have mountains, fjords, geysers, desert … you name it, it’s there. A must for your bucket list, Elaine 🙂

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