Friday Weekend Escape to Colorado, USA with Brandy Bruce

Today we’re escaping for the weekend to Colorado, USA, with my author friend Brandy Bruce. Brandy’s giving us a tour of her home state of Colorado and sharing her love of romance set in the Rocky Mountains. Enjoy!


Romance in the Mountains

After growing up in Texas and then going to college in Virginia, work brought my husband and me to Colorado, which is where I promptly fell in love with the mountains. There’s nothing quite like the majestic snow-capped peaks of the Rocky Mountains or the deep red rocks of Garden of the Gods. Below is a picture of my husband and me at the Garden of the Gods when I was pregnant with my son! It’s a tourist hot spot so we go there nearly every time we have friends or family come visit us.


Colorado is such a beautiful place that I decided to make it the setting for my three-book series with Heartsong Presents. Books one and two take place in Denver, the mile high city. My heroine rides the train from Union Station to her office in the tech center. Downtown Denver is such a fun and vibrant place. (By the way, this photo was taken downtown on my tenth wedding anniversary! I donned my wedding dress and we did an anniversary photo shoot. So much fun!)


Book three takes place in Estes Park, Colorado, a little town up in the mountains right by Rocky Mountain National Park. I absolutely love Estes Park. My hero in that novel is a chef who likes to fly-fish in his spare time. The rivers here in Colorado are wonderful for fly-fishing (or so my husband tells me! He loves to fly-fish). The picture below was taken of my sister and me near Estes Park at Rocky Mountain National Park. It’s a gorgeous place for hiking or camping.


In book two of my series (which releases this July!) one of the main characters purchases a café. I was inspired by the cafés in Manitou Springs, Colorado. From Manitou Springs, you can take a train ride up to Pikes Peak. There are gift shops and restaurants and an old outdoor arcade for kids in Manitou; it’s a super fun place right by Colorado Springs. Speaking of the springs, I love Colorado Springs because there’s so much to do! From the building where I work, you have an incredible view of the mountains, including Pikes Peak. Below is a picture I took on my way into the office. It was a dark, stormy day and I love the look of a storm brewing over the mountains.


There’s something soothing and peaceful to me about looking out and seeing the beauty of the mountains. I so enjoy living in Colorado with my family. And there’s plenty of inspiration for romance! A night out in downtown Denver—perhaps dinner on Sixteenth Street and then catching a play in the theater district. A hike up to a river and a picnic for two, with the sound of water rushing and wind blowing through the Aspen trees. The stars looks endless when you’re in a small mountain town. Ideal settings for a Heartsong Presents novel!


BRANDY BRUCE holds a Bachelor of Arts degree from Liberty University. She’s worked as a book editor for more than eight years. Looks Like Love is her first novel. Brandy makes her home in Colorado with her husband and two children. When she’s not editing manuscripts or writing, she’s usually reading–anything from books about vampires to quiet Amish life. She also loves watching movies, talking on the phone with her sisters, blogging, or baking any kind of cheesecake.

Visit her website at



Between her demanding work as a nurse and her father’s poor health, Isabella has no time for distractions. So when a handsome firefighter practically falls at her feet, she keeps him at arm’s length. But Ethan Carter is determined to win her over.

Orphaned at a young age, Ethan longs for a family of his own—and he’s sure Isabella is his match. But when he opens a café near his firehouse, Isabella is less than thrilled. She knows firsthand the strain of being a restaurant owner, and she wants no part of that life. Can Ethan convince the busy nurse they can overcome any obstacle and have their happily ever after together?

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