First Line Friday | Love and Other Mistakes by Jessica Kate

Today I’m joining in the fun by sharing a book for First Line Friday. The deal is we pick up the nearest book (or in my case, the nearest device with an ebook in it) and quote the first line.

I’m sharing the first line from Love and Other Mistakes by debut Aussie author Jessica Kate. A fabulous and intriguing opening line! I enjoy reading rom-coms and this book is next on my tbr list. I’m an Aussie, and I’ve never seen or heard of gingerbread M&M’s. Are they good?

Natalie Groves eyed the bag of gingerbread M&M’s on the other side of the office meeting room and prayed for a divine intervention of Red Sea proportions.

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Love and Other Mistakes released this week on July 30, 2019. Here’s the book description:

Jessica Kate’s hilarious, romantic debut novel proves that love comes in God’s own time.

Natalie Groves once had big dreams. But soon after her fiancé, Jeremy Walters, inexplicably broke off their engagement and left town, her father was diagnosed with cancer. Now tasked with keeping her family afloat, Natalie’s grand plans have evaporated . . . and God feels very far away.

Fast-forward seven years, and Jeremy is back in Charlottesville with an infant son and years of regrets. When his niece, Lili, lands on his doorstep in need of a place to stay, Jeremy needs help—and fast.

An internship opening finally presents Natalie a chance at her dream job, but she needs a second income to work around it—and the only offer available is Jeremy’s. They could be the solutions to one another’s problems, provided they don’t kill each other in the process. When they join forces, sparks fly. But they both know there’s a thin line between love and hate . . . and that love will turn out to be the best decision—or the biggest mistake—of all.

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  1. It is always fun to visit other blogs and see which books people choose to feature for FLF! This week I’m sharing the first line (and a few bonus lines…I just couldn’t help myself) from The Yellow Lantern by Angie Dicken.
    Here I’ll share the first line from Chapter 8 of the same book.
    “Nearly all the apple trees along the main drive had bloomed, their pale petals washed by moonlight against the dark sky.”

  2. Would love to read this book!
    My first line is from The Killing Tide by Dani Pettrey

    Wrightsville, North Carolina
    “ Fire ripped through Finn’s right shoulder, ricocheting down his arm”

  3. Happy Friday! On my blog, I’m sharing Lord of Her Heart by Sherrinda Kerchersid, which I absolutely loved. Here I will share the first line from chapter 8 in my current read, A Promised Land by Kimberly Grist. “Meriwether’s mouth watered as she pulled the iron skillet from the woodburning stove.” Have a wonderful weekend!

  4. Happy Friday! My first line is from “Brett, Billionaire Bodyguard” by Autumn Macarthur & Alexa Verde:

    “Brett Jarvis grimaced, yawned, and snatched up his ringing cell phone. Two a.m. phone calls rarely meant good news, especially in his business.”

  5. I love the first line you shared! The cover is cute, too.

    I’m currently reading The Healing Jar by Wanda E. Brunstetter. I’m on chapter 19 so I’ll share the first line of that chapter. “Sara had just finished waiting on a customer when Brad came into the shop, wide-eyed and with deep furrows lining his forehead.”

    I hope you have a great weekend!

  6. On my blog today I’m sharing the first few lines from A Glitter of Gold by Liz Johnson but I’m currently reading Whose Waves These Are by Amanda Dykes so I’ll share the first line from chapter 24 here: “Bess’s words travel with Annie down to the landing.” This book is soo good so far! Hope you have a great weekend!

    1. Hi Sarah, I like freshly baked gingerbread, but I do prefer less rather than more sugar. One day they may be available in Australia? Thanks for stopping by and enjoy your weekend. 🙂

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