Christian Fiction New Releases: October 2023

Mama Dated Santa by Amy R. Anguish

Trudy McNamara doesn’t do Christmas anymore. But she will do anything for her nephew Mark, even take him to visit Santa. After Dad died and the holiday bucket lists stopped, December hasn’t been the same. But Trudy finds herself tangled up with the toy store Santa and Christmas when she discovers her mom … dated Santa.

Nick Russo, manager of Russos’ Toy Emporium, is at a loss as to how to save his family’s store. When Uncle Paul, the Santa and part-owner, hires Trudy to revamp their store, Nick’s life turns upside down. He’s been so focused on the numbers, the Christmas season has become nothing more than one last drive for sales. But Trudy makes him re-evaluate his attitude as well as want to help hers.

Can two holiday-haters renew their love for the season … and more?

More Than Enough: an Everyday Love companion novella by Jaycee Weaver

A control freak must discover her true worth in Christ if she hopes to be a blessing to her three kids—and find love —this holiday season.

Three years post-divorce, school librarian and mother of three Adaline Danvers still struggles with feelings of inadequacy and perfectionism. The words never enough badger her—never enough money, time, patience, joy—especially during the holidays. With lingering bitterness toward her unfaithful ex and keeping her world perfectly ordered, there’s just not enough left to give more than a passing thought to the handsome new school counselor who’s been stopping by her office.

From his first day in August, Kenton Clark has admired the frazzled but endearing librarian. Forging a new friendship that soon leads to more, he discovers behind Ada’s Type A tendencies is a loving, caring woman who tugs at him and helps him live at peace with his own pain and loss.

When an unexpected snowstorm-of-the-century traps Kent, Ada, and her three kids inside a movie theater for Christmas, conditions are prime for Ada to shine or crumble beneath the pressure. She’ll need to get out of her own way, though, to realize the gifts God has given her and truly understand that if Christ is enough, in Him, she is too.

This novella first appeared in the Crossroads Collection When Snowflakes Never Cease. While it can be read completely standalone, it takes place shortly after What Makes a Home with a cameo from the hero and heroine of Whatever Comes Our Way (Everyday Love Book 1)

Amid the Ashes: A Christian Romance (Seasons of Faith Book 4) by Milla Holt

He’s taking over her cat. She won’t let him invade her heart.

When her boss crosses a line, Johanna Strand quits her job to pursue her dream career as a social media chef.

But if she’s going to turn her hobby into a full-time income, she needs a business coach to steer her toward success. Too bad the only available candidate in her small town is the self-righteous neighbor who’s low key trying to steal her cat.

Gunnar Rikardson has grown fond of the cat from next door who often invites itself over to his house. Its owner, on the other hand, treats him as though he’s a kidnapper. Gunnar would rather steer clear, but a mutual friend begs him to take his neighbor on as a client.

Sparks fly as Gunnar reluctantly agrees to help Johanna, leading to a twist neither of them saw coming.

Gunnar’s last relationship blew up his life like a nuclear bomb, and he’s still dealing with the radioactive fallout. He fights Johanna’s influence on his heart as she gets past his defensive bunker.

And the last thing Johanna needs is to fall for yet another guy who’s not into her.

Both have been wounded in the past. Will fear keep them from a chance at true happiness?

Amid the Ashes is Book 4 in Milla Holt’s Seasons of Faith Christian romance series. Five friends were in the same wedding in a small Norwegian town over twenty years ago. Four bridesmaids, one bride. Now, two decades on, each woman learns that God’s timing is perfect as they find forever love later in life.

Once Upon a Starry Night: A Very Merry Christmas Romance Collection

Enjoy these 12 brand-new sweet and inspirational Christian love stories of second chances, friends to more, unrequited love, new beginnings, and much more from 12 beloved romance novelists. Merry Christmas, everyone!

A Country Christmas in the Show Me State
by USA Today Bestselling Author Jessie Gussman

Will the hope of Christmas bring these two a second chance?

Holly’s Hope
by New York Times and USA Today bestselling author Cynthia Hickey

Can Holly step out of her shell at Christmas or will she retreat and miss out on the joy of romance?

One Sweet Christmas
by USA Today bestselling author Laura Ashwood

Will a snowy Christmas at the hospital rekindle Sam’s holiday spirit and lead him to love?

The Cowboy’s Forever Crush
by USA Today bestselling author Valerie Comer

How can a teenage crush on his best friend’s sister, now a single mom, turn into a mature forever love?

A Fake Cowboy Husband for Christmas
by critically acclaimed author Tina Dee

How will they turn a fake relationship into a real marriage?

Christmas Moonlight Melodies
by critically acclaimed author Christine L. Henderson

Can two musicians rekindle their love or become a love song gone wrong?

Finding You Under the Mistletoe
by USA Today bestselling author Juliette Duncan

Will the small town’s beloved doctor confess his love for the charming diner owner this Christmas?

All the Way Home
by USA Today bestselling author Lesley Ann McDaniel

Trapped in a remote cabin in a snowstorm days before Christmas, Ainsley is determined to make more friends than enemies.

Christmas at Castle Carrick
by USA Today bestselling author Lisa M. Prysock

Confronting the past and a leap of faith could rekindle their marriage.

The Lone Rice Ball
by USA Today bestselling author Camy Tang

Mimi’s apology to an old crush embroils her in a drug investigation and might lead to a second chance at love in Hawaii.

Let Me Hold You
by USA Today bestselling author Jan Thompson

She wants to get out of his friend zone and into his heart.

Greetings from Next Door
by USA Today bestselling author Chautona Havig

Some people communicate better on paper… at least, that’s what Glynn tells herself.

Read this clean and wholesome collection of novellas today!

Sinclair Sisters Trilogy (Complete Series including This and Every Christmas, Now and Forever Christmas, and Not Another Christmas) by Jaycee Weaver

Past and present collide for three sisters whose Christmas-obsessed parents named them after characters in beloved Christmas movies. Follow each sister as she encounters romance, family chaos, holiday hi jinks, traditions old and new, and—eventually—love during the Christmas season. Get all three books in this omnibus edition from USA Today bestselling author Jaycee Weaver today!

This and Every Christmas

As teens, their paths crossed every Christmas. This year, their paths intertwine.

Single father Noah Appel has suffered more loss than a man of twenty-five should. Between his grief and the mounting pressure of the approaching busy season, he’s overwhelmed. Until an incident at his daughter’s school reintroduces him to a girl whose wild hair and quirky family always stood out from other visitors to his family’s tree farm. Only now, she’s a beautiful woman with a kind and helpful heart who throws him and his young daughter a welcome lifeline.

Offering to alleviate some of Noah’s stress seemed like the natural thing for music teacher Clari Sinclair to do, considering his family’s tree farm was the site of so many wonderful memories with her Christmas-obsessed family. Especially since the charming boy she once knew has grown into a handsome man whose burdens call to the deepest parts of her romantic heart.


Now and Forever Christmas

Romance ruined their friendship. This could be the Christmas they repair it…only better.

CJ Sinclair never imagined trading her chef’s toque for the domestic life but her pregnant sister needs help over the holidays, and the timing couldn’t be better. A breakup and a bad case of burnout are just the top two on a list of things out of her control these days. Then there’s Tobin, her once best friend who she hasn’t spoken to in years. Now he’s everywhere all the time and sparking feelings she thought she got over ages ago.

The past eight years as a professional musician for the US Army prepared Tobin McGhee for his new job as high school band teacher. They didn’t prepare him for how he’d feel seeing CJ again. This time, though, he won’t make the same mistakes. He’s determined to rebuild the friendship they lost. Maybe even rediscover those feelings they had back in high school before everything went wrong.


Not Another Christmas

Childhood neighbors, rivals, enemies. This Christmas, will love have a fighting chance?

The palm trees and beaches of Florida are as far from her chaotic family as Cindy Sinclair can get. Bonus: her anticipated promotion is the perfect excuse not to come home for the holidays. Or it was, until she’s passed over and the job is given to none other than her childhood nemesis, the boy next door.

This far from New Mexico, Nick Hoover never imagined he’d beat Cindy out for a job. Again. He’s offended her, adored her, and messed up her plans since the day they met, but this time, Nick is determined to prove he never wanted to be her enemy. If only she’ll let him.

When their reignited adolescent rivalry gets out of hand, their boss insists they both go home, face the hurts of their pasts, and bury the hatchet once and for all. With help from her meddling family, this could be the Christmas they quit clashing and give love a fighting chance.


Julia Monroe Begins Again by Rebekah Millet

Samuel was back. It seemed unfair to be blindsided. And in church no less. Shouldn’t there be a commandment about that? Thou shalt not step foot inside thy ex’s place of worship.

Julia Monroe has just turned forty and has high hopes for a fresh start after the last decade of her life abruptly left her a young widow and a single mom. With both her boys off to college, she can finally focus on expanding her New Orleans-based cleaning business. Julia is ready for new beginnings–but God has other plans. Samuel Reed, the ruggedly handsome Green Beret who shattered her heart over twenty years ago, has returned to town and is the kind of distraction she never saw coming.

After their first interaction in years leaves her mind spinning and her emotions out of control, Julia knows she needs to avoid him if she wants any chance of preventing history from repeating itself, but her meddling best friend keeps throwing them together. And now it seems inevitable that the man who was hard to forget might just be impossible to resist.

Marrying the Rancher’s Daughter by Tara Grace Ericson

He’s completely wrong for her. But their marriage may be exactly what she needs.

Professional bullrider Jason Keen is chasing a national title–and running from his mistakes. When his last sponsor threatens to pull their support unless he becomes the poster boy of a charming, family friendly cowboy, there is no way he can pull it off. Unless he can find another way to soften his rough-edged image while he works at Redemption Ranch between events…

Despite her family’s status as Colorado ranching royalty, Cassie Reynolds’ heart has been tied to the rodeo since her first event at the tender age of five. If her possessive ex-boyfriend would get the hint and leave her alone, she’d never leave her rodeo marketing job. Unfortunately, with each passing day, he’s growing more desperate to claim her.

When a week at home on Redemption Ranch is interrupted by the appearance of Cassie’s ex, Jason can’t stand by and let him terrorize the owner’s daughter. Could her unorthodox proposal be the solution to get them both through the holidays and the rodeo national finals?

Remembering the Rancher by Liwen Y. Ho

Will her forgotten memories of the past be the key to healing their future?

Annabella Knight would be the first to admit that her marriage has been on the rocks for a while, but she never expected to be served divorce papers at work. Already feeling like a disappointment to God and to her family, there’s plenty that she would like to change about her past. But for now, she needs to find a way to salvage her relationship with her high school sweetheart for the sake of their son.

Since giving up his football dream to support his young family, Maverick Knight has tried his best to be the husband and father they deserve. Poor money decisions, however, have gotten him mixed up with dangerous men. When Annabella’s life is threatened, the only way he sees to protect his wife and son is to distance himself, even if it means breaking up their home.

When a car crash leaves Annabella in the hospital with amnesia, Maverick realizes his family needs him now more than ever. As they learn how to live together as husband and wife, will this loss of the past be an unexpected chance to start over? Or is it just the calm before the storm before old memories surface to tear them apart again?

Visit Redemption Ridge, Colorado and enjoy the faith, friendships, and forever-afters of the Christmas in Redemption Ridge series of Christian romance.

This series is a spin-off continuation of the best-selling Heroes of Freedom Ridge Series with all new characters and traditions, but the same magic of community and romance readers love.

A Deeper Love by Heidi Gray McGill

What was that movie line about relationships built on intense experiences? Oh, yeah. They never work.

I get paid to do my dream job, usually by wealthy men who thrive on adventure. But when their adrenaline rush is gone and vacation is over, I’m still here, on a tropical island, with people who mostly leave me alone. And I like it that way.

Except for this guy. Seriously, Dan is the last man I want to get involved with. If he got Decompression Illness, the doctors would likely call it Mercedes Bends. He’s privileged and entitled and would never leave his city life behind for the challenges of living on a remote island. Which is a total relief, I’m telling you.

Don’t get me wrong—he’s prime shark bait, but I’m not ready to fall deeply in love with someone who won’t stay. There’s no such thing as going “too deep” where spiritual things are concerned. But when it comes to relationships, I’ll stay at the surface and snorkel rather than dive into the depths.

Take a trip to the Suamalie Islands where palm trees sway, the sand and sea pulse with life, and the people will steal your heart.

A Horseman’s Mission by Sandra Ardoin

She seeks healing for her son.
Macie Newman believes time and tranquility—not a psychologist—will heal her traumatized son, Alex. After she moves them to the small town of Hidden Veil, she discovers the noble but disturbing plans that her new boss, Lane Becker, has for his ranch. Fearing for her son’s safety as he becomes attached to the horseman, Macie chooses to leave before Lane’s interference endangers Alex’s physical and emotional health. But she hadn’t counted on how hard that would be on her son . . . or her heart.

He’s looking for atonement for his brother’s death.
As an equine therapy center, Lane’s property will aid veterans suffering from PTSD and honor his brother’s death in Afghanistan, hopefully, lessening Lane’s guilt. When he finds a feisty but troubled widow occupying the space he needs for the center, Lane wants to move her out. But after witnessing her son’s frightening anxiety attack, he’s convinced the Newmans are where they need to be, as long as he can control his pull toward Macie. He can’t allow himself to be distracted by a love he doesn’t deserve.

How can Lane help the boy and his mother conquer their fears without jeopardizing a second person’s life?

Get to know the couples who navigate the joys and pitfalls of life and love in their quaint and tight-knit southern hometown of Hidden Veil, North Carolina.

Fields of Glass by Alyssa Schwarz

Find Faith and Love in the Rocky Mountains

Micah Prescott will do whatever it takes to save his family’s sheep ranch, even if it kills him. With a city-based firm pressuring him to sell and the bank threatening to call in his loan, he has less than a month to figure out a solution to keep the property his father strove so hard to protect. But when a storm rolls in, washing out the only bridge to town and bringing with it an unwanted visitor, he finds his options quickly dwindling.

Sales associate Francis Grace Riley will do anything to prove that she belongs. Convinced she can secure a deal where others had only failed, she takes to the mountains in search of one stubborn rancher, only to realize there is much more riding on the outcome of this trip than her job.

From the moment Micah rescues Grace on the side of the road, sparks fly—that is until he learns who she really is. Stuck together until the bridge is repaired, the two of them must learn to work as a team if they have any hopes of achieving their goals. But when things start to go wrong on the ranch, and sheep begin to disappear, they’re left questioning who they can trust …

…and what they’re willing to sacrifice for those they care for.

Dial K for Kiss by Tanya Eavenson

When a simple kiss becomes a media frenzy.

Millionaire Julia Morgan isn’t a fan of the limelight, but when a neighboring city blocks her community garden expansion request, she’s left with few options for moving the project forward, all of them uncomfortable. Especially the one involving the man from her past who just walked back into her life with a proposition.

Radio personality Drew Larsen has spent years waiting for an opening in the top-spot morning show of the hottest radio station in town. When it happens, he throws his hat in the ring with a crazy idea. He didn’t expect it to catch like wildfire, or for the station manager to up the ante. If Drew can find his first kiss and convince her to date him for all the world to see, the job is his.

She wants to help others. He wants his dream job. Can they make their hearts’ desires come true before their untold story is revealed?

Dial K for Kiss is a heartwarming Christian contemporary romance, and part of the You Are on the Air series.

The Cowboy’s Christmas Compromise by Jill Kemerer

Getting back in the saddle…

Means opening his heart.

Recently divorced Dalton Cambridge can’t afford to turn down a ranch manager position—even if the boss is his ex-wife’s new husband’s ex-wife. After all, providing for his son is what’s important. And working for Erica Black is strictly business. But when the cowboy finds himself caring for the cattle and the single mother, will he risk everything for a holiday family he could never imagine?

Their Holiday Secret by Betsy St. Amant

Can their pretend relationship

Turn into a true Christmas gift?

Preston Green will do anything for a fake girlfriend—even bid on one at a charity auction. Sweet and quirky baker Lulu Boyd is the perfect choice to stop his mother’s constant matchmaking. And it’s just for one holiday family dinner—until his father’s failing health makes ending their ruse impossible. Soon it feels all too real…but another secret might make this their last Christmas together.

The Doctor’s Christmas Dilemma by Danielle Thorpe

Home for the holidays…

Or home for good?

Once upon a time, Ben Cooper left his hometown to follow his dreams of becoming a big-city doctor. Now he’s back to run his father’s clinic and spend Christmas with his daughter, not to fall for McKenzie Price, the woman who broke his heart. But when McKenzie steps in to help Ben reconnect with his little girl, and old sparks begin to ignite, will Ben give up city life for a second chance at love?

A Country Christmas by Lisa Carter

The rancher and the city girl have nothing in common…

except the wedding that brings them together

Eager to prove herself to her family, Kelsey Summerfield is on board to plan her grandfather’s upcoming wedding. But the bride’s grandson, rancher Clay McKendry, is equally determined to keep the city girl’s big ideas in check. When a series of disasters threaten to derail their grandparents’ big day, will these two opposites put aside their differences…and find their own happily-ever-after?

Abducted to Christmas by Rhonda Starnes

Surviving the holidays…

with a kidnapper closing in.

Hadley Logan’s Christmas break turns into a holiday nightmare when an intruder breaks into her home and then bullets start flying. Only the quick actions of security specialist Ryan Vincent save her. Now she must rely on him to guard her and her five-year-old daughter as they go on the run. And when attempted murder turns to kidnapping, can Ryan keep this family together for Christmas?

Deadly Yellowstone Secrets by Kari Trumbo

Yellowstone National Park hides a secret

and uncovering it could be fatal.

Someone’s hunting bears in Yellowstone National Park—and now Tamala Roth’s the next mark. With a killer at her heels, Tamala must trust Ranger Clint Jackson to safeguard her while searching for the poacher. But when a blizzard traps them in with a criminal who will stop at nothing to silence them, survival becomes a dangerous game.

Crime Scene Conspiracy by Jessica R. Patch

Too many mysterious deaths.

Not enough clues.

A string of staged deaths forces Texas Ranger Emily O’Connell on a covert mission to investigate a governor’s connection to the deceased women. She doesn’t trust anyone—including crime scene cleaner Stone Spencer. But when Emily’s questioning makes her the serial killer’s next target, she must turn to ex-ranger Stone for help. With threats at every turn, outrunning a merciless villain could be the last thing they do.

Marked to Die by Kathleen Tailer

Can the truth be discovered…

before an assassin strikes?

When Eleni Townsend’s daughter is poisoned, the investigative reporter turns to FBI special homicide agent Chris Springfield for answers. But after another attack, it becomes clear that someone wants Eleni dead. The key to solving the case lies in Eleni’s past…and unraveling the mystery from her childhood is the only way to survive the diabolical plan against her.

Killer Christmas Evidence by Sami A. Abrams

The search for a criminal

becomes a fight for survival.

The moment detective Cassidy Bowman links a chain of suspicious deaths to a serial killer, she becomes the deadly assassin’s number one target. But a blow to the head robs her of her memory and she can’t put the pieces of the case back together alone. Can she convince detective Kyle Howard to help her catch the culprit by proving her theory…before the killer succeeds in taking Cassidy’s life?

Snowbound Escape by Dana Mentink

To rescue a witness…

this K-9 team must face a killer and a storm.

After months tracking a colleague falsely accused of a double homicide, officer Tanner Ford and his K-9 partner finally locate crime tech Mara Gilmore—but the real murderer is closing in. Now they must run into a frozen wilderness to survive. Evading the killer is the only way for Mara to clear her name. But will the harsh winter conditions cover their tracks…or bury them forever?

The Bungalow on Shadow Road by Christy Barritt

When Melinda Stark is invited back to the inn where she spent her childhood summers, she can’t say no. Freshly divorced after finding out her husband cheated on her, she craves a new start and a new sense of self. The mysterious invitation is the most exciting thing to happen to her since her life fell apart a year ago.

But five others have also been invited, and when the reason for the invitation is revealed, the stakes rise. They’ve been handpicked and only one of them will inherit the profitable inn. As mysterious incidents arise, she realizes that one of the contenders might be willing to kill for the chance to win.

Micah Jones is a sheriff in the town–and Melinda’s first love. The two never expected to see each other again, especially after the way things ended. Micah senses something sinister is happening at the old inn. When mysterious dolls begin washing ashore and with a nor’easter headed their way, he knows he needs to find answers–and he has no time to waste!

Small Town Secrets by Lillian Duncan

On the surface, Shady Valley looks like the ideal all-American place to live with beautiful flowering trees lining both sides of the street as you enter the picturesque town. Neighbors help neighbors. Doors are often left unlocked.

Serious crimes are practically nonexistent— almost but not quite!

But like all small towns, everyone knows everyone, which means everyone knows everyone’ s business, and not everyone in Shady Valley is what they appear to be. Some have secrets— deadly secrets— that they hide behind the masks they wear.

When Angie McVey disappears on her wedding day, rookie officer Cami Martine is determined to find her best friend, but there are no leads to follow. Angie seems to have disappeared into thin air.

If Cami is to bring her best friend home, she will need to discover the deadly secrets of her friends and neighbors to find the one who wears the biggest mask.

Christmas in the Crosshairs: An Elite Guardians Christmas Anthology by Lynette Eason, Kate Angelo, Kelly Underwood, Sami A. Abrams

It’s Christmastime and love is in the air. But when these three Elite Guardians walk into the crosshairs of trouble, they find themselves fighting not just for justice, but for the lives of the men they love in this riveting thriller collection!

Deadly Holiday Hijack by Kate Angelo

“Come out to Savannah, she says. It’ll be fun, she says. Boss can be in the nativity pageant, she says,” Yeah. Great idea.

Bodyguard Christina Sherman and her fiancé, former spec ops air commando Grey Parker just want to sneak away to beautiful Savannah, attend a Nativity Pageant, maybe set a wedding date. But when a group of terrorists take over the church and the whole thing is live streamed, they find themselves in a hometown version of a Die Hard Christmas movie. But will they make it to the happy ending?

Silent Night Siege by Kelly Underwood

Billionaire Preston Whittaker and bodyguard Laila Rabbinowitz just can’t get a break. Not only are their schedules so crazy they’ve put their relationship on simmer, but on their way to the mountains for much-needed togetherness…yep, their plane crashes. Suddenly they’re stranded on a remote mountainside in freezing temperatures, minimal food, wildlife, and no hope of rescue.

And then, the real danger starts. Someone deliberately caused the wreck, and that person is hunting them through the wilderness.

Now, it’ll take more than togetherness to survive…

Christmas Snowstorm Standoff by Sami A. Abrams

It’s finally time for bodyguard Lizzie Tremaine to tie the knot with the man she’s loved for years—fellow bodyguard Charlie Lee.

But maybe fate is still against them, because on the eve of their big day, a snowstorm hits. And, while it’s kept the guests away, it’s brought trouble in the form of a woman from Charlie’s past. More, she’s on the run from a killer…

A man who will stop at nothing to make sure Charlie and Lizzie never make it to the altar.

Now Lizzie and Charlie must battle the storm, stop the killer, and defeat the doubts that suddenly have them wondering if they are truly meant to be.

Three epic love stories. Three edge-of-your-seat thrillers. Three Christmases caught in the Crosshairs inspired by best-selling author Lynette Eason’s Elite Guardian series.

Shadows at Dusk by Elizabeth Goddard

Montana Detective Trevor West is desperate to learn what happened to his sister, who went missing in Alaska over a year ago, leaving nothing but a few photographs as clues to her whereabouts. At the advice of Police Chief Autumn Long, Trevor enlists the help of an experienced bush pilot. If Carrie James can’t help him find the places in the photographs, no one can.

But Carrie has her own agenda. Grieving the death of her closest friend and the only person she could trust, Carrie will help Trevor find his sister on one condition–that he help her track down her friend’s killer.

As the two close in on the answers they crave, they’ll face dangers and connections they could not have imagined. They’ll have to learn to trust one another–and face the dark secrets of the past–if they are ever to discover the truth and bring a killer to justice.

Into the Fire by Irene Hannon

As a former smokejumper, arson investigator Bri Tucker knows her way around fires. But after a mysterious blaze takes the life of a former colleague, Bri inherits a curious puzzle from him that raises questions about several fiery deaths. Someone, however, doesn’t want her picking up where he left off in search of answers.

When she teams up with ATF Special Agent Marc Davis to solve the puzzle, the danger escalates. But will they manage to track down the person behind the mysterious deaths before their budding romance–and maybe even their lives–go up in flames?

The bestselling and award-winning queen of romantic suspense is back with a brand-new series that is sure to get your adrenaline pumping as you burn through the pages to discover the truth.

Havoc by Ronie Kendig

A soldier, a Malinois, and a stuntwoman walk onto a TV set . . .

Former Special Forces operator Sergeant Crew Gatlin takes everything in stride, even the career-ending incident that separated him from the Army, half a leg, and his beloved working dog, Havoc K027. Putting his life back together and lying low, he takes a job with A Breed Apart and is unexpectedly reunited with Havoc. It’s too good to be true—and the proof is in their first assignment: to work as a K-9 team for a television drama in Los Angeles. Miffed at being relegated to TV fodder, he’s willing to pay the price when he sees the stuntwoman.

Being a stunt double allows Vienna Foxcroft to fulfill her acting dream—with a side of MMA—and stay out of the limelight. The same one that plagued her childhood and put her through a nightmare scenario. Now, her tight-knit stunt team are the only ones she trusts. Then in walks Mr. Mountain-of-Muscle and his tough-as-nails dog, and Vienna has a bad feeling her life is about to turn upside down.

Ticked as they head overseas for a location shoot in Turkey, Crew guts it up—after all, he has Havoc again. Okay, and yeah—Vienna is going, too. When an attack sends the cast fleeing into the streets of Turkey, Vienna must face the demons of her past or be devoured by them. And Crew and Havoc are tested like never before.

Experience the high-octane thrill ride that is the first book in the A Breed Apart: Legacy series.

Running to You by Robin Patchen

Sam never understood why Eliza left him five years ago, ghosting him without explanation. He’s avoided romance ever since, focusing on building his business. Money might not keep him warm at night, but it can sure buy a lot of blankets.

Then Eliza shows up on his doorstep and throws herself into his arms. She can’t explain her bruises or the head injury that’s left her with no memories of the past five years, including their breakup. No matter how good it feels to hold her, though, there’s no way he’s getting sucked into romance again.

He’ll deliver Eliza to her mother, and that will be that. But instead of finding her mom, they’re met by two attackers and barely escape alive. Despite the danger to his life and his heart, he can’t leave Eliza to fend for herself.

Together, they embark on a journey to reconstruct her past while evading the men chasing her. As Sam and Eliza close in on the truth, their romance reignites, but her secret threatens to destroy them both.

Prepare to be enthralled by this gripping story of amnesia, a second chance at love, and a secret baby. Running to You is an edge-of-your-seat Christian romantic suspense set in Maine that will keep you reading all night long.

Knockout by Lisa Phillips

A woman on the run.
Roxie Helton crawled away bleeding from the wreck of her life. Now she’s finally found a new start, the ghost of that tragedy won’t leave her alone. She tried Search and Rescue, now she’s trying the Cold Case Department and Vanguard. When she’s assigned the case that killed a cop years ago, she gets more than she bargained for and it almost seems like her ex isn’t quite as dead as everyone thinks. Can she trust the man she thought she had to give up?

A cop fighting for family.
SWAT Sergeant Liam O’Connell came home from the Marines and followed his father’s footsteps into the Benson PD. As much as he might want to ignore it, the case that killed his father has never been left to rest. But if what he was told is true, solving it will ruin his father’s legacy. Then again it could also save lives, take down a dangerous Russian family, and give him back the woman he lost.

When their worlds collide, loved ones are caught up in the calamity. Everyone they care about is a target and Roxie and Liam must fight together to survive.

Deadly Noel by Roxanne Rustand


Texas DEA Special Agent Sara Hanrahan has returned to her small, northern Minnesota hometown on a dangerous assignment. She doesn’t expect to encounter a deputy who represents every reason she left home years ago.

Given her family’s dark past and the secrets she must keep, her assignment is fraught with danger…and also means she must deal with the deputy whose family tried to destroy her own. There couldn’t be a more unlikely relationship.

But perhaps some very special mistletoe and a little boy’s heart full of hope can help even the most impossible dreams come true.

Start reading now…and stay up all night!

Shadow of Night by Susan Sleeman

To protect her loved ones…
Rookie officer Sydney Tucker can handle threats to her life. After all, she’s a law enforcement officer. Even when a killer demands she turn over evidence from a drug bust or he will kill her, she refuses to comply. But things change when he threatens the life of her teenage sister, and Sydney might consider turning over the evidence. If she had what he was looking for.

Will she pay the ultimate price—her life?
But even when Sydney tells the killer that she doesn’t possess the evidence, he doesn’t believe her, and his threats continue. Emerson County Sheriff Russ Maddox steps in, putting Sydney and her sibling under his watchful eye. But will his protection be enough? The killer is closing in, picking off the people and places that mean the most to Sydney. A list that now not only includes her but Russ as well.

Creed by Susan May Warren

❤️ “I’m fine.”
“You’re breathtaking.”
Then he met her eyes. Silence dropped between them, his chest rising and falling. A swallow. Then, “I don’t care.”
She blinked at him. “You don’t care?”
He took a step toward her. “You’re worth every day in the tower.”
Then he closed the gap, slid his hand behind her neck and kissed her.
Not so desperate this time, but something sweet, but deliberate and sure and yes, Creed was back, and she’d follow him anywhere.❤️

. . . When a killer targets the woman he loves, a fugitive races across Europe to protect the princess who stole his heart . . .

🔥 Star-crossed lovers
🔥 Forbidden love
🔥 Road trip romance
🔥 Damsel in distress
🔥 Undercover protector
🔥 Falsely accused
🔥 Danger and Intrigue

Wrongfully accused of kidnapping Princess Imani, champion runner Creed Marshall returns home to Minnesota after being banished from Lauchtenland. Despite their undeniable chemistry and whirlwind romance while on the run across Europe, duty requires Imani to keep her relationship with the commoner under wraps. But when Creed learns that Imani’s bodyguard has been shot and the princess is missing, he risks everything to find the headstrong woman he’s fallen for, even if it means infiltrating the country that wants him arrested.

Read the thrilling finale of the Minnesota Marshalls series, where the fate of a family and destiny of a kingdom hang in the balance.

The Lost Boys of Barlowe Theatre by Jaime Jo Wright

It promises beauty but steals life instead. Will the ghosts of Barlowe Theater entomb them all?

Barlowe Theater stole the life of Greta Mercy’s eldest brother during its construction. Now in 1915, the completed theater appears every bit as deadly. When Greta’s younger brother goes missing after breaking into the building, Greta engages the assistance of a local police officer to help her unveil the already ghostly secrets of the theater. But when help comes from an unlikely source, Greta decides that to save her family she must uncover the evil that haunts the theater and put its threat to rest.

Decades later, Kit Boyd’s best friend vanishes during a ghost walk at the Barlowe Theater, and old stories of mysterious disappearances and ghoulish happenings are revived. Then television ghost-hunting host and skeptic Evan Fisher joins Kit in the quest to identify the truth behind the theater’s history. Kit reluctantly agrees to work with him in hopes of finding her missing friend. As the theater’s curse unravels Kit’s life, she is determined to put an end to the evil that has marked the theater and their hometown for the last century.

New Leash on Life by Kathleen Y’Barbo

How Is a Missing Military Working Dog Related to Two Local Fires?
Snuggle with your trusty hound and settle into a small-town mystery in book 6 of the Gone to the Dogs series.
Air Force veteran Dr. Lane Bishop and Nora Hernandez’s romance has cooled. He is busy working as a researcher at the vet school, and she’s busy with her restaurant and opening an antique shop. What Lane hasn’t told her is his PTSD, which manifests mostly with nightmares, makes him believe he’s damaged goods. But that is about to change when he meets a stray pup that acts a lot like a military working dog.
When a tornado hits Brenham, there is damage in the downtown area and a fire is ignited in Nora’s new store. A Belgian Malinois dog is seen at the fire and later Lane sees him at a wedding venue where an explosion occurs. Not long after, a second explosion rocks Brenham and sends Nora and Lane on a hunt for the person responsible. Will the pair find the guilty party before more damage is done to the city’s landmarks? And will Lane find the words to tell Nora how much he loves her before it’s too late? 

Appalachian Song by Michelle Shocklee

Forever within the memories of my heart.
Always remember, you are perfectly loved.

Bertie Jenkins has spent forty years serving as a midwife for her community in the Great Smoky Mountains of East Tennessee. Out of all the mothers she’s tended, none affects her more than the young teenager who shows up on her doorstep, injured, afraid, and expecting, one warm June day in 1943. As Bertie and her four sisters tenderly nurture Songbird back to health, the bond between the childless midwife and the motherless teen grows strong. But soon Songbird is forced to make a heartbreaking decision that will tear this little family apart.

Thirty years later, the day after his father’s funeral, Walker Wylie is stunned to learn he was adopted as an infant. The famous country singer enlists the help of adoption advocate Reese Chandler in the hopes of learning why he was abandoned by his birth parents. With the only clue he has in hand, Walker and Reese head deep into the Appalachian Mountains to track down Bertie Jenkins, the midwife who holds the secrets to Walker’s past.

For fans of historical and Southern fiction comes a poignant story of love and sacrifice set in the heart of Appalachia, from award-winning author Michelle Shocklee.

Against the Wind by Amanda Cabot

Doctor-in-training Louisa Vaughn has no intention of remaining in Sweetwater Crossing. She’s just there for a few days to help a friend. But she can’t abandon the injured man she finds at the side of the road. Until his broken leg heals, she’ll serve as the town’s doctor and midwife. She may not be fully qualified yet, but surely she’s better than nothing.

Josh Porter’s plans to win his grandfather’s challenge and fulfill his father’s final wish to gain full control of the family business hit a roadblock when he breaks his leg. But his enforced stay in Sweetwater Crossing gives him new ideas about the expansion of the company into new territory–ideas Louisa could help turn into reality.

If only the town were more accepting of Louisa’s talents! Someone is determined to convince her to abandon her dream of healing others. Can Josh help her uncover the person behind the threats before it’s too late? And is there any future for them together when neither of them plans to stay?

Marshaling Her Heart by Mary Connealy

Will their lives and romance survive the trouble coming their way?

Becky Pruitt has always prided herself on knowing everything that’s happening on her successful ranch, so an unexpected admission from her foreman, Nate Paxton, comes as quite a surprise. With the notorious Deadeye Gang on the loose, Nate–a former U.S. Marshal–believes Becky’s ranch is the best spot for a group of Marshals to use as a base to hunt them down.

The timing couldn’t be more crucial for the town of Pine Valley, and Becky feels obligated to help. But after escaping the grasp of her harsh father, she’s never liked giving up control, of her life or her ranch. If there’s anyone she can trust with her ranch, and her heart, it might be Nate. But the outlaws won’t go away quietly, and as danger draws ever nearer, Becky and Nate are faced with impossible choices that will test their growing bond.

A River Between Us by Jocelyn Green

Cora Mae Stewart’s world collapses when Sherman destroys the Georgia cotton mill where she works and has her arrested for treason and sent North. Faced with impossible choices, she does what she must to keep a little girl safe in an unhospitable land.

Convinced he won’t survive the war, Union Sergeant Ethan Howard determines to make his death count for something. But Cora Mae gives him a reason to live. Trouble is, he’s just arrested her on Sherman’s orders, and torn her from home and family.

Sergeant Howard is the last person Cora Mae wants to forgive, and the only man who can bring her all the way home.

Royal and Ancient by Amanda Lauer

Bronwyn Campbell’s end-of-summer plans were simple: wrap up her job at Saint Andrews Country Club, meet her friends one last time at the virtual reality arcade, and move across the country—again—with her father. But when lightning strikes while she’s working the club’s Saint Andrews Heritage Day, she’s transported from an American fairway to the home of golf, The Links at St. Andrews, in Scotland—and in the year 1691, no less.

When Iain MacDonald discovers Bronwyn knocked out cold on the seventeenth green, little does he know their meeting would change not only the course of their lives but the course of history. The son of the chieftain of Clan MacDonald, Iain bears the weight of responsibility for his family and his clan’s survival on his shoulders. Family drama and the growing discord over religion in Scotland add to the heavy load he carries daily while stepping further into his role as future chieftain.

As political events between England and Scotland heighten the conflict surrounding the MacDonald lands, Bronwyn and Iain rely upon their shared faith and growing feelings toward each other for survival. Amid the questions that plague both of them, though, one stands out: How can you be with the one you love if your choice ultimately influences history?

Notorious: A Medieval Romance by Tamara Leigh


The late middle ages. England’s king seeks to recover the French lands of his ancestor William the Conqueror and claim the continental throne. France’s king aspires to seize the remainder of his royal vassal’s lands and retain his throne. So begins the Hundred Years’ War, the backdrop against which the formidable Wulfriths of the AGE OF CONQUEST and AGE OF FAITH series continue their tale.

For years, Lady Vianne Wardieu has navigated the intrigues of the French court, supplying the English king with intelligence and preserving her cover at the ruin of her reputation. Entangled with the King of France’s advisor, danger and sacrifice shadow her every step. When her bid to return to England is thwarted and ensnares an innocent in her schemes, she vows to escape again. But her plans falter when a man from her past appears seeking revenge. Or so she believes. Discovering he was sent by their king to extract vital information, she forces an alliance, offering secrets for aid in securing her freedom. As their paths merge and they become bound by more than necessity, Vianne strives to shield her heart from her reluctant savior, certain just as her notorious past cannot be rewritten, neither can it be forgiven.

Commanded by King Edward to retrieve intelligence from his spy at the French court, Sir Warin Wulfrith’s disdain for the lady’s notoriety and anger over her endangerment of his sister tests his honor—and further when she sets terms for her cooperation. As they navigate treacherous terrain to outmaneuver her pursuers, his perception of her alters when he discovers great depth and vulnerability beneath her wild beauty. With the line between duty and the need to safeguard her blurring, he questions whether his fiercely-guarded emotions are at risk of falling under her spell. And if true salvation lies not only in escaping external threats but finding solace and redemption in each other.

A Dare and a Prayer by Julie Lessman


He’s a hotshot who takes up a dare.
She’s an aspiring missionary who wants to beware.
But will love become a gamble with a dare and a prayer?

Lieutenant Henry Dennehy is a cocky and carefree fighter pilot in the Pacific Theatre of WW2, known for scoring big, both in the sky and on land. But when his buddies offer a bet he can’t refuse to turn the head of the “untouchable” nurse at 369th Station Hospital—a woman who’s shot down more flyboys than the enemy—he’s bound and determined to win. Problem is, if he wins the dare, will he lose at love?

Lieutenant Amy Leigh MacArthur was on her way to the mission field when she detoured to fight for her country instead, an Army nurse whose interest lies only in healing the wounded and teaching orphans to read. Certainly not in men, and definitely not in Henry Dennehy, the boy who ridiculed her years ago as a shy and homely teen. But when Henry pursues her and won’t take no for an answer, Amy finds a way that gives him no choice.

Until, that is, love does the same for them both …

Garden of the Midnights by Hannah Linder

She begged him once more to meet in the garden at midnight.
“If you love me,” said the letter.
But if he loved her, he would not come at all. 
Enjoy another Gothic Style Regency from Hannah Linder.

The accidents are not a matter of chance. They are deliberate. As English gentleman William Kensley becomes aware of the danger at Rosenleigh Manor, he pleads for the truth of his past from the only man he can trust—until that man is murdered. 
As the secrets unfold into scandal, William’s world is tipped into destitution, leaving him penniless and alone. His only comfort is in the constant friendship and love of Isabella Gresham. If he does not have their nonsense at the seashore, their laughter, their reckless adventures, has he anything at all?
He should have known that would be ripped from him too. When a hidden foe arises from their acquaintances and imperils Isabella’s life, William may be the only one willing to risk his life to rescue her. But even if he frees Isabella from her captors, will he still have to forsake her heart? 

Some sacrifice everything for love. Others sacrifice love for everything else. In this haunting tale of rigid social prejudices and heart-aching regrets, the greatest decision of their life will be determined in the garden of the midnights. 

The River Queen by Stephenia H. McGee

River pirates, a stolen steamboat, and a deadly chase down the Mississippi—but falling in love might be the real adventure.

When river pirates attack and steal his steamboat, Emmett Carter barely escapes. Rescued and transported to a magnificent world of glitz and showbiz aboard a flashy showboat, Emmett is immediately captivated by something more than recovering his lost inheritance—The River Queen’s beautiful, but quirky, songbird.

Anola Flynn, the star singer on The River Queen, is struggling to keep the business running as attendance dwindles during the 1923 season. With her dreams of saving the family legacy—and the only life she’s ever known—slipping away, she forges an alliance with Emmett to keep her family afloat.

Now, to outsmart the gangsters chasing them, Anola and Emmett must wade through a dark current of deception and betrayal to save not only their dreams, but everyone they care about, from sinking deeper into the Mississippi River.

For historical fiction fans who enjoy immersive narrative, loveable characters, gripping plots, and a dash of mystery in a clean read romance. Dive into the world of the 1920s showboat era with a bestselling Christian romance author and get swept away on a River Romances adventure!

The Song of Hearts Set Free by Darlene Panzera

In 1850, Jersey City residents could be jailed for helping runaway slaves escape north…

Yet when a southern fugitive saves the life of Annie Morrison’s brother, Will, they feel they should return the favor and hide the man on their family’s rural homestead. Annie’s abolitionist friend, Louisa, encourages her to continue to help those traveling the ‘Underground Railroad,’ but Annie is fearful of the danger…until she meets Isaiah Hawkins.

Isaiah is a ‘watcher’ who works on the ferry boats looking for those who might steal the captain’s cargo. Little does the captain know, Isaiah is secretly transporting ‘cargo’ of his own. Except Annie derails his plans when she takes in the fugitive he was meant to escort, and Isaiah must convince her to work with him to get the Underground Railroad back on track.

As Annie helps Isaiah ship fugitives across the Hudson River to New York, her attraction toward the handsome young man grows. But when she sees him aid notorious slave catcher, Simon Cole, the horrid man threatening her family, past fears of betrayal rise to haunt her and she must question—is Isaiah really friend or foe?

Written on the Mist by Naomi Rawlings

He gave up his badge and his gun after his last case went horribly wrong. But there’s one thing that can make him pick them both up again…

Jonas Redding never wants to be a lawman again. He’s spent a decade as a US Marshal, wearing a tin star on his chest and chasing dangerous criminals across the great state of Texas. But when a case goes wrong, Jonas finds himself standing over two tombstones—his mother’s and his fiancée’s.

Resolved to protect his sister from meeting the same fate, Jonas cuts off all communication with her, changes his name, and heads north to the vast, untamed Alaskan wilderness.

Jonas isn’t even in Alaska for a day before meeting Ilya Amos, a boy with wide eyes, an endless smile, and a heart of pure gold. Before he realizes what’s happening, Jonas finds himself sucked into the everyday life of the Amoses—a sprawling family of eight siblings who are more Alaskan than American and unapologetic about their heritage.

Yet Jonas is resolved not to get too close to the Amoses, especially Ilya’s older sister Evelina, a woman with long chestnut hair and kind eyes and a desire to help everyone she meets. The last thing he wants to do is put another woman in jeopardy.

But when the unthinkable happens and dangerous men seek revenge against the Amos family, Jonas must decide between hiding from his past or putting his badge back on and risking everything to save the family he doesn’t want to admit he loves.

Set against the sprawling backdrop of Alaska, this sweeping book brings to life the rich history of taming a land that was never meant to be tamed and one family’s fight for justice amid the adversity of changing times.

Children of the Shadows by Erica Vetsch

Detective Daniel Swann and debutante Juliette Thorndike once again team up to solve a dangerous mystery–while trying to keep their growing romance secret.

Someone is preying upon the street children of Regency London. They seem to think no one will notice when urchins go missing–and even if they are noticed, who will care?

Daniel needs to do something about the missing children. But with recent revelations about his past and an unexpected, somewhat unwelcome inheritance to deal with, this is a terrible time to dive back into the seedy underbelly of the crime world. Nevertheless, he’s still a Bow Street runner, and his partner Lady Juliette is sensitive to the plight of these wayward youngsters. They’re on the case, searching shadowed alleys and coal-drenched streets to find the missing.

But the tangle of expectation and the dynamics of power cannot be easily ignored, even if there are children in danger. When Daniel’s past threatens to overwhelm his future, he will need a miracle and the help of his friends to both apprehend the villain and unravel his tangled family web. And it may be that his new responsibilities demand that he leave the children of the shadows to their terrible fate–or lose everything.

Erica Vetsch’s popular Regency mystery series concludes with a bang, sure to satisfy readers who have hung on every page since book one.

Crossroads by C.C. Warrens



Those were the last words Holly whispered to her six year old foster sister before the little girl fled into the trees and disappeared from existence.

Fifteen years later, Cassandra Ward is still missing.

Holly is haunted by the possibility that she sent her foster sister running from one monster and into the clutches of another. How else could a child vanish without a trace?

Determined to find her, Holly sifts through her own dark memories for clues, revisits her past, and chases a lead across the country with Jordan by her side. But the search for Cassie takes a dangerous turn when an altercation in the mountains leaves them stranded, cut off from the outside world, and running for their lives.

The Last Exchange by Charles Martin

“Here’s the catch—even if I make it out of here alive, I need a reason to breathe again.”

When MacThomas Pockets finished his last tour as part of the Scottish Special Forces, he was hired to consult for a film director to finesse some scenes that weren’t working. In a twist he never saw coming, he ended up moving to L.A. to work as the bodyguard for movie star Maybe Joe Sue.

It didn’t take long for Pockets to realize there were two Joe Sues: The Joe Sue the public saw with her perfect life and her Hollywood husband. And the private Joe Sue: the one with the traumatic youth that no amount of pills could cover up, who desperately wanted a child of her own.

Even after their paths diverged, he continued to track Joe Sue’s life. Only a few would notice when the bottom fell out. But he did. And that’s when he stepped in.

One man seeks to answer the question: How far would you go—really— to save someone you love? And in the masterful hands of New York Times bestselling author Charles Martin, finding the answer will take readers on an intense and heart-wrenching journey to the very end.

The Mermaid’s Tale by L. E. Richmond

A Tail Could Tell a Tale

Locklyn Adair has never fit in. The legs she inherited as a result of her great-great-grandmother’s curse make it impossible for her to belong under the sea. When her niece is also born without a tail, Locklyn is determined to save her from similar rejection by sending her to the only place in the Undersea Realm where legs are acceptable—the Lost Island of Atlantis.

Darin Aalto would do anything to protect his family, even spearheading an impossible quest to find treasure that has been lost for over a hundred years. But when his best friend, Locklyn, joins his crew, his ability to keep her safe—and his shot at winning her heart—comes perilously close to being swept away.

A family curse, lost treasure, unrequited love, and a race against time intertwine as Locklyn and Darin seek to save their family, their kingdom, and eventually the entire Undersea Realm without losing each other.

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