Christian Fiction New Releases: May 2024

Blue Skies Dreaming by Amanda Deed

The first time Nick Gordon met Violet Reynolds, he knew she was the one.

But now, one year later, after traveling from Australia to Trinity Lakes, Washington State, she doesn’t want to have anything to do with him. And worse than that, she is already seeing someone else. Should he give up and go home, or see out the American summer as a skydiving instructor?

Violet is confused about who she is and what she wants in life, despite a wealthy legacy behind her. The trouble is, she doesn’t feel suited to her tycoon Daddy’s wishes for her. And the fact that the cute guy, who duped her in Australia a year ago, has landed in her town, is not helping.

When Violet’s friends push her to try skydiving to boost her confidence, little does she know Nick will be one of her instructors. But she’s already decided to train beyond a tandem dive to a full license and a big fundraiser sky show, so it’s too late to pull out.

For Nick, this is a godsend. But can he win her heart despite her doubts about him, despite the fact she is seeing someone, and most of all, despite her father’s opposition? Can he learn to leave the outcome in God’s hands?

A love-at-first-sight, small town contemporary Christian romance. Part of the Trinity Lakes Romance series (can be read as a standalone). Visit Trinity Lakes and meet the fun and quirky characters who value family, faith, and happily-ever-afters.

Romance in the land down under by Narelle Atkins

Three sweet and clean Christian contemporary romance novellas that will warm your heart and inspire you to explore the beauty of Australia. Perfect beach reads for lazy summer days.


Chelsea Somers is the girl he never called back.

Six years later, former bad boy Gus Donovan is intrigued by Chelsea, but his past mistakes continue to haunt him. Gus is determined to prove he’s a changed man—prove it to his friends, his family, his father. And prove it to Chelsea.

Chelsea has embraced the faith she once mocked, and she’s focused on furthering her career in health promotion and staying away from politics. She’s drawn to Gus, although his busy role as an advisor for an Australian senator doesn’t impress her. When she’s forced to confront her fears and deal with a past family tragedy, can Gus convince her to trust him and take a chance on him?

A heartwarming and inspirational Christmas romance novella set in Sydney, Australia.

Seaside Christmas is a standalone novella that was available in An Aussie Summer Christmas ebook box set.


Home means everything to Sienna Rossi.

Four years ago, Sienna defied her father by moving to Australia to obtain her teaching qualifications. Her grand plan is shaken by her father’s unexpected death and a trip back to Tuscany for her grandmother’s eightieth birthday where she renews her close bond with her sister, Alessa.

Teacher Dave Maxwell likes the freedom of his nomadic lifestyle. He works contract-to-contract, moving to different high schools around Australia. He’s in Sydney for a season, caring for his grandma while his aunt is on an extended overseas vacation.

Back in Sydney, Sienna moves in with her Aussie cousins and starts her first teaching job, torn between her dream for a future in Australia and her longing for home. Sienna and Dave work at the same school, attend the same church, and quickly become friends. They are drawn together by circumstances and an undeniable attraction.

But their idyllic time together is temporary. Can the girl from Tuscany and the boy from Australia risk everything for love?

Solo Tu is part of A Tuscan Legacy multi-author series and was available in the series ebook box set.


Sydney girl Mia Radcliffe borrows her cousin’s beach house in Sapphire Bay to escape the scandal surrounding her ex-fiancé. Her new neighbor is her secret crush from years ago… and she’s still captivated by the handsome builder who was a youth group leader at her church.

Living next door to Mia wasn’t part of Pete McCall’s plan when he started renovating his beach house. The blonde beauty inspires thoughts of settling down, despite her high maintenance ways and big-city dreams. Love kindles during their time together and Mia’s heart is set on returning to Sydney with Pete. When new opportunities arise, Pete and Mia must decide if their love is for keeps.

His Perfect Catch is a standalone novella that was included in SPLASH! and Love, Faith & Tender Kisses box sets.

Visit Sydney and the fictional town of Sapphire Bay in this fun and faith-filled romance novella collection of spin off stories connected to the Sydney Sweethearts series storyworld.

A Run at Love by Toni Shiloh


As a Black woman in a field with little diversity, Piper McKinney is determined to make her mark on the horse-racing world. Raised on a Thoroughbred farm in Kentucky, Piper’s dream is for her horse to win the prestigious Kentucky Derby. With the help of her best friend and trainer, Tucker Hale, she gains national attention but must grapple with the complications that arise when a journalist delves into her past as a transracial adoptee.


In an effort to win Piper’s heart, Tucker formulates a plan to train Piper’s horse to victory, hoping to prove himself to her, her parents, and his own self-doubts. Then a shocking scandal hits the media, implicating both Piper and her parents, and she and Tucker will have to survive the onslaught to find their way to the winner’s circle–and each other.


Loyally, Luke by Pepper Basham

Sometimes love means embracing the good, the bad . . . and even the impossible.

Dear Reader,

My name is Luke Edgewood, and there are few things in life that I require. Mainly black coffee. And flannel. And lots of solitude. And my dogs, Chewy and Indie. What I don’t need is romance, so I have no plans to change my thirty-year-old bachelor status anytime soon.

But my youngest sister thinks that by accepting a short-term construction job in the small European country of Skymar, I’m going to follow along in her footsteps and discover my own romantic adventure. Nope. Bah humbug. The End. This time, her rom-com-movie senses are totally wrong.

Or maybe not. Because I’ve met a Grace Kelly look-alike who is annoying . . . until she isn’t. But she is impossible. As in, nothing can happen between us because she is a literal princess. Even though that’s easy to forget when we’re working together to restore a castle-like orphanage in a secluded mountain town and “forced proximity” includes a small closet, a secret one-hundred-year-old journal, and the tactile memory of an off-limits royal in my arms.

Basically, the whole situation has turned into an ooey gooey magical snow globe of romantic tropes complete with cute kids and an actual ball. Now, even my sentences are starting to sound like mush. Ugh. Send high levels of testosterone my way—I’m going to need it.



Yours Temporarily by Rose Fresquez

I need a fake fiancée. She needs business funds. Can genuine feelings emerge from our pretend relationship?

Jeremy Kress

My brother’s wedding is around the corner, and my mother wants to fix me up with my ex-girlfriend. Diving back into those troubled waters is the last thing on my agenda. Romance? That ship sailed, hit an iceberg, and sank.

When you’re the COO of one of the country’s top financial firms, who has time for love games? Especially when my no-nonsense approach hasn’t exactly made me Mr. Popular at the office.

But I need a fake fiancée, not just to nip my mom’s antics in the bud, but to show my ex how happy I’ve been since she stomped all over me.

My plan rolls in motion when Zuri Blackwood brings an unexpected twist to my well-ordered life.

When she agrees to pose as my fiancée in exchange for funds for her cafe, the truth hits me. She’s everything I never knew I needed—a breath of fresh air in my calculated existence. Suddenly, the thought of her being just a ruse doesn’t sit well with me.

Can our temporary charade morph into permanent reality?
Yours Temporarily is book 1 in the Office Hearthrobs Series. Each book can be read as a complete standalone.
Meet the most dashing executives of Stone Financial Corporate office in San Francisco in the inspirational ‘Office Heartthrobs’ series. These men are brilliant, and successful, but beneath their polished exteriors lie deep emotional scars. Set against the high stakes of the financial industry, each man finds himself unexpectedly disarmed by the most powerful force: love.

Love for a Lifetime by Mandi Blake

They’ll always be friends, but they can never be more.

Dawson Keller has held a torch for his best friend’s little sister for as long as he can remember. He might be a flirt, but his heart will always belong to Olivia.

Olivia Lawrence lives to serve others and work on the family farm. Helping people and tending animals keep her mind off the one thing she wants but can’t have—a family.

Her brother’s best friend might joke that they’re meant to be, but he doesn’t know how little she has to offer a husband. Especially a man like Dawson who loves kids and makes everyone laugh.

On top of that, Olivia’s best friend is head over heels for Dawson, and hurting her friend is out of the question.

Dawson keeps showing up to save her at all the wrong times. From a disastrous wedding date to an unfortunate camping incident, Dawson is always there when Olivia needs him.

When Dawson finds out her secret, and her friend feels betrayed, Olivia is at risk of losing them both.

Love Overboard by Shannon Sue Dunlap

A snort-laughing, cruise ship romance takes readers into topsy-turvy waters

When a group of four quirky friends retire on a neverending round of cruises, their attire consists of more than floral shirts and gaudy skirts. Armed with walkie-talkies and battle plans, these relationship experts–who’ve dubbed themselves the “Shippers”–target hostess Lacey Anderson and director Jonathan King in their romantic schemes. But the young couple refuses to cooperate. They’ve been on the “love boat” together before, and it went down in flames.

Boss matchmaker Emily Windsor has orchestrated multiple romantic successes, and these two upstarts certainly won’t get the best of her. The chemistry between Lacey and Jonathan is obvious, but the couple rebuffs every outlandish plot and “coincidental” meeting, forcing the matchmakers to chart a new course to true love–all while inadvertently thwarting drug smugglers threatening to ruin their floating home on the ocean.

This laugh-out-loud rom-com features loveable characters, over-the-top situations reminiscent of 1950s sitcoms, and a dash of mystery. The toe-curling romance will push the reader overboard and all in with Shannon Dunlap’s new series.

Muskoka Promise by Carolyn Miller

All Anna Morely has wanted since she was a child is to feel loved. All Tom Woodmore has wanted is to uphold the law without fear or favor. When a traffic incident brings these two opposites together, sparks fly. But Anna’s wealthy family has certain social expectations that a humble police officer doesn’t exactly meet. And after the death of his fiancée, Tom has his own challenges in learning to risk his heart again. And then there is the matter of whether Anna will ever reconcile with her too-persistent friends…
Join Anna and Tom as they discover the path to real love holds unexpected joys and trials, and that God’s promises can always be relied on – including in beautiful Muskoka.

Bright Lights by Lisa Phillips, Andrea Christenson, Rebecca Reed and Gina Conroy

Finally Home – Lisa Phillips
Ashlynn Monroe knows she has a reputation as the Ice Queen, but being the police commissioner’s assistant that rep serves her just fine thank you. When her Aunt Ruby comes to visit from Last Chance County on the anniversary of Ashlynn’s mom’s death, neither realizes it’s a week that will alter both their lives in ways they never imagined.
Fire Chief Greyson Frayer followed in his father’s footsteps. Saving lives is who he is, but the burn scars he earned along the way seem to have kept him from the life he wants…until he sees a familiar face as if for the first time. Is Ashlynn the future he’s been looking for?
With a romance brewing between Russ and Ruby in the background, Ashlynn and Greyson discover the future they’ve always wanted. And the chance to finally come home.

Summer at Trillium Lake – Andrea Christenson
Privileged Athena Vassos is banished to the family’s lake property near Sunset Falls, WI, to “think about” her place in the family’s multimillion dollar business. She isn’t sure what she wants with her life now that she has finished her graduate degree.
At the rustic Trillium Lake Bible Camp, Sean Campbell is overwhelmed. He was only supposed to be the deputy director, not much more than a glorified handyman, not running the whole show.
When a devastating tornado rips through the camp, Sean and Athena need to work together despite their differences.

Loving the Rodeo Queen – Rebecca Reed
Quinn Mulroney, former rodeo queen, lost it all. Now, she’s dreaming of becoming a veterinarian while caring for her daughter. She’s never forgotten the one man she called hero.
Tiago Vargas is seeking his passion, hoping to prove himself to his exacting father. When fate brings Quinn back into his life, he sees a second chance at his first love and offers her a job.
But she’s not the same woman he rescued. She carries a secret, and if Tiago discovers it, will he still be her hero, or will her hidden life destroy her last shot at happiness?

Anxious for Love – Gina Conroy
Event planner Charlee Lovelle, with a talent for creating perfect moments, except her own, is fed up with online dating games. Australian dating coach Maxwell Adams just wants to help people find love and take his business to the next level, not play the dodgy Love Doctor. Both frustrated with the superficiality of modern relationships, Charlee and Maxwell engage in an emotional game of tug-of-war as they embark on separate paths of self-discovery. In a whirlwind of humor, heart, and unexpected connection, they navigate the complexities of romance and relationships, but will they recognize the pull towards each other or will their own inner struggles keep them apart?

Bold of Heart by Susan K. Beatty

A reporter, a rich man, and a chaplain walk into a mystery…

Tamzin Murray has three goals: Follow Jesus. Control her no-filter mouth. And no romance. When her friend offers her a job as a reporter on the South Pacific Suamalie Islands, she jumps at the chance for a fresh start. But when she’s forced to meet the handsome, wealthy investor, she not only finds herself involved in a love triangle, but also a dangerous mystery.

When Wentworth “Sully” Sullivan’s yacht is sabotaged, he did not expect to fall for the reporter covering his story. Especially since his experience with women has mostly been with gold-diggers.

Émile Durand is too shy to date, but when he meets his sister’s new coworker, he can’t help his attraction to her. And the more he helps her out of scrapes, the further he falls in love with her.

As the mystery becomes more dangerous, and the more their hearts get entangled, how will Tamzin, Sully, and Émile get out of the messes they’ve put themselves into?

Take a trip to the Suamalie Islands where palm trees sway, the sand and sea pulse with life, and the people will steal your heart.

Justice Delayed by Sarah Hamaker

Journalist Brogan Gilmore had been a rising star when an unethical shortcut on a story leads to his fall from grace. A chance encounter with convicted murderer Melender Harman a few months after her release from prison provides Brogan with a chance for career redemption—if he can land an interview with her.

After serving her 17-year sentence, Melender has one objective: To uncover the truth about what happened to her cousin the night the toddler disappeared. When Brogan pursues her for an exclusive story, she reluctantly agrees if he’ll help her reexamine the original investigation into Jesse’s presumed kidnapping and murder.

While re-investigating the case, Brogan struggles to keep his objectivity as he begins to believe Melender is innocent of the crime—and starts to envision a possible future together. Then a shocking discovery throws their relationship—and investigation—into turmoil.

As Brogan and Melender come closer to solving what happened to Jesse, will their budding relationship survive the truth?

The Road before Us by Janine Rosche

How far would you go to fix the mistakes you’ve made and regain the trust you lost? For Jade Jessup, the answer is 2,448 miles. Once one of Chicago’s significant financial advisors, Jade lost her credibility when her fiancé (and coworker) stole millions of dollars from their clients in a Ponzi scheme. Now she’s agreed to help one of them–an aging 1960s Hollywood starlet named Berenice “Benny” Alderidge–seek financial restoration.
Jade sets off along Route 66 with Benny and her handsome adult foster son, Bridger, who is filming a documentary retracing the 1956 trip that started the love story between Benny and her recently deceased husband, Paul. Listening to Benny recount her story draws Jade into memories of her own darker association with Route 66, when she was kidnapped as a child by a man the media labeled a monster–but she remembers only as daddy.
Together, all three of these pilgrims will learn about family, forgiveness, and what it means to live free of the past. But not before Jade faces a second staggering betrayal that changes everything.

Love on a Whim by Suzanne Woods Fisher

Brynn Haywood’s impulsive marriage to a man she’d known less than 24 hours leaves her with deep regret. She flees to Cape Cod, finding refuge with her loyal friend, Dawn Dixon. As Brynn grapples with her emotions, Dawn acts swiftly, eager to help secure a lawyer for her through her mother Marnie’s good friend, Lincoln Hayes. However, Lincoln’s preoccupation with his daughter’s lavish wedding brings unexpected challenges.
The arrival of Lincoln’s estranged son, Bear Hayes, stirs the waters further. Alarmed by his father’s extravagant generosity toward the Dixon family, Bear ignites friction between Marnie and Lincoln. As the wedding day arrives, Lincoln vanishes–and an unwelcome guest makes a surprise appearance.
Bestselling author Suzanne Woods Fisher delights with this sweet story of love, family, and the unpredictability of life.

Just another Home by Kimberly Banet

Sixteen-year-old Sam Keller has lived in foster homes and group homes most of his life and has long ago given up on the dream of a stable, forever family. Adults have always let him down, and so has God, and he has no use for either.

John and Abbie Grayson are a respected, successful couple in their fifties with two grown children. They live in their dream home in Franklin, TN, an idyllic suburb of Nashville, where John is a successful college basketball coach, and Abbie works part-time at their local church. But Abbie feels something is missing from her life and convinces John they should become foster parents.

Their worlds collide when Sam is placed in the Grayson home for a few days. Days turn into months, and Sam thrives with the Graysons and allows himself to dream of a forever family, while John and Abbie realize the teen has found his way into their hearts.

As the Graysons begin to investigate the possibility of adopting Sam, an evil agenda emerges, and a secret past is revealed. Nothing short of a miracle can save Sam from a harrowing ordeal and keep the Grayson family together.

Shades of Autumn by Caroline Johnston

Can the beauty and charm of the Scottish Highlands set her free from the lies of her past?

Lorna Campbell flees her abusive husband and her life in London for the refuge of Braid Hope, a Christian outdoor centre in the Scottish Highlands. When the owner’s family learns of her plight, her stay is extended, complete with a part-time job and a place to stay. But even surrounded by beauty, friendship and faith, memories of her marriage and fears of an unknown future plague her. Is her new life enough, or will her husband, with all his wealth and promises, lure her back?

Graeme McAlpine, outdoor enthusiast and owner of Braid Hope, has vowed never to fall for a guest again. But as soon as Lorna Campbell steps into the Centre, he knows he’s in trouble. He is increasingly drawn to his secretive new guest, and intent on getting to know her. When he finally discovers her story, he enters a heart-wrenching struggle that has repercussions for more than just himself.

Amidst shades of autumn, can there be a happily ever after? Or will winter’s chill descend on shattered dreams?

Her Son’s Faithful Companion by Jill Weatherholt

Her son needs love and friendship

Now she’s found the answer to their prayers…

Former barrel racer Caitlyn Calloway wants her son with epilepsy to have everything—even if it means selling her family home. Problem is, the place is in disrepair. Her former crush, service dog trainer Logan Beckett, offers to help. But letting Logan and his dogs into their lives makes the past almost impossible to leave behind…especially when it opens the door to love.

Her Summer Refuge by Gabrielle Meyer

She needs his help to start over…

But can she earn his trust?

Jobless and alone, mom-to-be Jessa Brooks returns to the resort she once called home—only to find the man she left a decade before. New owner Will Madden offers his pregnant ex a cabin, a job…and a silent vow to keep his distance. But working together makes it impossible to stay away. As old feelings resurface, could they find the refuge they both need in each other?

Falling for Her Best Friend by Lisa Carter

A friends-only pact…

Until they say “I do”

Ten months ago, Mollie Drake agreed to marry her best friend, but only to care for his infant son. Now Colton Atkinson is back from his army deployment to end their charade…until their hometown surprises the newlyweds with a calendar of romance. From date nights to family dinners, soon the couple’s marriage of convenience begins to feel real. But will they risk their friendship for a chance at love?

Sunflower Farms Redemption by Stacie Strong

His return is a threat to her future…

And her heart

After leaving home a decade ago, Jesse Cooper returns with one goal in mind: sell the family farm. But longtime manager Rose McFarland is not about to let the man who broke her heart risk her future. Working side by side for the Sunflower Festival, Rose sets out to prove Jesse can leave the property in her capable hands. But when forgiveness turns to love, will she convince him to stay

The Widow’s Unexpected Suitor by Lenora Worth

She thought she’d never find love again

Until he built a foundation for it…

Amish widow Lilah Mehl wants to make sure her daughter has the wedding she’s always dreamed of—even if it means building a new gazebo. Hiring widowed carpenter Noah Lantz to work on the project is easy, but ignoring their attraction proves more challenging than expected. As the gazebo takes shape, so do new feelings…but is love more than they bargained for?

Their Secret Amish Arrangement by Lucy Bayer

Their fake courtship…

Is beginning to feel all too real

When contractor Henry Barrett arrives in Hickory Hollow, his plans to renovate a house and mend the relationship with his estranged brother go awry. But a fake courtship with shy baker Clara Templeton might just solve both their problems. She’ll help clean up the house and he’ll teach her how to date. There’s no risk of heartbreak since an Amish girl and an Englischer could never share real love…could they?

Hidden Mountain Secrets by Kerry Johnson

A mysterious death. A secluded mansion.

This investigation could be fatal…

Antique dealer Brielle Holt uncovers more than just priceless relics when she overhears a secret that puts a target on her back. Caught in the crosshairs of a deadly family feud, Brielle has nowhere safe to hide…until CSI agent Lucas Scott steps in to protect her. With assailants following their every move, Lucas and Brielle must stay one step ahead of someone desperate to hide the truth…and bury them with it.

Kidnapped in Montana by Sharon Dunn

A case of mistaken identity…

leads to a lethal wilderness chase

Believing he’s tracked down his missing informant in a gem-smuggling investigation, FBI agent Ryan McCloud unwittingly leads deadly assassins to Catherine Reed’s mountain hideout. As the informant’s identical twin, and already hiding from her abusive ex-husband, Catherine now has two threats to her life. With danger at every turn, can Ryan protect Catherine and find her missing sister…before it’s too late?

Shielding the Innocent Target by Terri Reed

A child under his protection…

and a hit man in pursuit.

After witnessing her boss’s murder, Paige Walsh must trust Deputy US Marshal Lucas Cavendish to bring her to safety. But when a notorious assassin targets her and her son, Lucas’s short-term assignment turns into a dangerous cross-country mission. For Paige to identify her boss’s killer, Lucas must get the family into witness protection. Except the hit man knows their every move…and trusting the wrong person could get them killed.

Searching for Evidence by Carol J. Post

With his K-9 partner’s help,

can he save an innocent life?

K-9 officer Jared Miles stumbles upon a crime scene on his day off and believes Kassie Ashbaugh is the victim of a random attack. However, as threats on her life continue, he realizes that Kassie is in grave danger. Her father’s abandoned boat suggests foul play, and Jared suspects someone is after Kassie for something her missing father is hiding. Can Jared unravel the mystery before unknown enemies catch her?

Amish Witness to Murder by Dana R. Lynn

To identify her father’s killer…

she must stay alive

After finding her family’s barn in flames and witnessing her father’s murder, Beth Troyer becomes the killer’s next target. She narrowly escapes death when the murderer turns on her, but now she’s left temporarily blind. She’ll have to rely on former family friend Gideon Bender to keep her safe until her eyesight returns. But with a killer who’ll stop at nothing to find her, staying alive might just be impossible…

Chasing Justice by Valerie Hansen

A man falsely accused…

Can a K-9 unit dig up the truth?

While escorting a prison van transporting her ex-boyfriend who was wrongly convicted of murder, Deputy Selena Smith never expected the van to be violently forced off the road. But when she and Finn Donovan are attacked, Selena and her K-9 partner become his unlikely protectors. With gunmen closing in, they must hunt down the real killer. But will the truth free an innocent man…or make them the next victims?

Searching for Peace by Jessica Ashley

She’s running from her past. He’s haunted by his.

After the sudden death of her grandmother, Andie Montgomery finally returns home. It’s the last place she wants to be, especially when she discovers her grandmother has left her house not just to Andie–but to a handsome, yet grumpy former Army Ranger.

Dealing with him is the last thing she wants to do, but when someone tries to kill her, he risks his life to save hers.

After making a deathbed promise, former Army Ranger Elijah Breeth is pulled into danger alongside the cold, unfeeling woman he swore to protect.

And the only clue they have as to who is after Andie, is a box of letters left beneath her grandmother’s bed.

As Elijah digs deeper into Andie’s past, he begins to realize that the dark-haired beauty is more than what she seems…and her secrets might just be enough to bury them both.

If you are looking for a sizzling (but not spicy!), enemies to lovers romantic suspense, with a protective yet flawed Christian hero, a small town that protects their own, and a team of wounded veterans turned private security officers, then Searching for Peace is for you!

This Christian Romantic Suspense deals with:
-Coping with neglect
-Pushing through trauma
-Healing from predatory grooming
-Forgiving yourself
-Seeking God in everything

The Coastal Hope series can be enjoyed in any order.

The Secrets She Kept by Christy Barritt

In the Land of the Midnight Sun, secrets cast long shadows.

Former Army investigator Duke McAllister remains determined to uncover the truth behind his fiancée’s mysterious disappearance two years ago. Joined by his friend and podcast teammate, Andi Slade, Duke delves into Celeste Dawson’s past and soon uncovers a mind-bending conspiracy.

When a shocking news report names Celeste as a suspect in a series of murders, Duke must grapple with the mounting evidence that his fiancée may not be the person he thought she was. The stakes rise to terrifying new heights when bodies start piling up and the podcast team becomes a target.

Duke and Andi must navigate a labyrinth of secrets, betrayal, and murder to unravel the web of deceit that reaches far beyond anything they ever imagined. Will they find the answers before it’s too late? Or will the secrets Celeste kept destroy them all?

Secondary Target by Angela Carlisle

A ruthless murderer. A deadly secret. An unbreakable love.

After the brutal murder of her mother and brother twelve years ago, Corina Roberts built a new life in Kentucky. But when strange things begin to happen, she is thrust into a perilous game of life and death. With nowhere else to turn, her best hope of survival depends on her ex-boyfriend, army veteran Bryce Jessup.

Recently returned from service, Bryce has every intention of staying away from Corina, but when threats close in around her, he isn’t willing to leave her safety to chance. As their search for answers uncovers lethal secrets her detective father kept hidden, Bryce and Corina must untangle the mystery of the merciless killer intent on terrorizing and eliminating Corina’s family before it’s too late.

Hunting Justice: An Elite Guardians Novel by Lynette Eason and Sami A. Abrams

A dark secret puts them in the crosshairs of a relentless killer…

Ex-detective and current Elite Guardian Noelle Burton survived a horrifying attack by a serial killer as a child. Now, determined to put the scars of her past behind her, she’s intent on helping the Elite Guardians set up shop in her hometown of Savannah, Georgia. More, she’s wondering if her friendship with Dr. Jonah Harris, an ex-ER doctor turned medical examiner, might be more. But he has his own demons to fight—namely guilt over the death of his wife.

So, maybe not.

Meanwhile, Jonah can’t ignore the growing desire he feels for Noelle. If only he knew he wasn’t going to destroy their friendship…

And then, tragedy strikes—the sudden death of a colleague rocks his world, and Jonah knows that there’s more to the incident than meets the eye. In fact, he may have been the intended target. Now he needs Noelle…not just as a friend, but as a protector.

Noelle will have to protect Jonah, while not letting their friendship spark into something more, and Jonah will have to unravel the threat that stalks him. Clues lead them down a dark path, revealing unsettling connections to a series of unsolved crimes. And when they stumble upon the chilling possibility of a serial killer lurking in the shadows, all Noelle’s nightmares come back to life.

Then the unthinkable occurs—the killer strikes again, targeting someone close to them. Noelle and Jonah race against time to expose the truth and capture the killer…and when their friendship becomes something deeper, it’s clear they have everything to lose.Don’t miss this gripping story of resilience, trust, and the power of love in the exhilarating second book of the Elite Guardians: Savannah.

Silent Sins by Edie James

Rescuing his black-sheep younger brother from yet another mess is nothing new for former SEAL and current Redemption Creek operative Mason Ortiz. Being forced to team up with a brilliant––and seriously controlling––FBI agent absolutely is, though. Mason will do anything to get his brother out of danger, but Special Agent Avery Ellis is only going to compromise this mission, in every way possible.
Between his wayward younger brother and the headstrong agent, he’ll have his hands full just keeping them all alive, don’t even add taking down the smugglers pouring black market pharmaceuticals into the country.
Just when Mason thinks his brother and Avery are safe, the game changes. A new enemy emerge, an entity powerful enough to make them all disappear, Mason’s Redemption Creek team included.

Redemption Creek: Where ranches run forever, granite peaks touch the sky, and wounded hearts seek home. Betrayed by their superiors, the former soldiers of Black-out Squadron are determined to carve out new lives. Their plan? Seek justice for folks who can’t fight their own battles.

Start this clean, wholesome Christian Romantic Suspense today!

Finding You by Robin Patchen

Don’t miss this race-against-the-clock story of suspense and intrigue from a USA Today bestselling author.

One obscure Babylonian artifact in the hands of terrorists could bring down an entire city…

When antiquities professor Bryan Wright is tasked with discovering why a band of terrorists might target a museum in Munich, he teams up with the museum’s attractive exhibit designer to study their ancient artifacts. Something in this collection holds special value to the terrorists, and Bryan must figure out which item and why—before enemies get their hands on it.

An American living in Munich, Sophie Chapman wouldn’t have expected to be attracted to a musty old antiquities professor—but this guy is neither musty nor old. Even so, she’s not ready for a new boyfriend, considering she hasn’t figured out how to get rid of the old one. When her apartment is broken into, she has bigger worries than the ex who won’t leave her alone.

The seemingly random break-in is anything but. Terrorists are closing in, and their plot will destroy more than the romance growing between Bryan and Sophie.

It’ll destroy everything they hold dear.

Terrorism, romance, and a 20-year-old mystery with shades of Raiders of the Lost Arc thrown in. The stakes couldn’t be higher as evil men plot to take down their enemies–and any innocent civilians who get in their way. And that’s just one part of their plan.

Flashpoint by Susan May Warren and Lisa Phillips


An original series created by bestselling authors Susan May Warren and Lisa Phillips.

The Hollywood heartthrob and the firefighter with a secret…

Rookie firefighter Emily Micah is determined to prove herself as a new recruit to the elite Jude County Hotshots wildfire team. Assigned to the film set of The Drifters, Emily’s mission is to protect the cast and crew from the special effects that could ignite the tinder-dry Montana forest and start a wildfire.

If only her favorite actor—TV star Spenser Storm—wasn’t getting in her way.

What could go wrong?

Haunted by the memory of a rabid stalker, former child TV star Spenser Storm is hoping to revive his career, but he’s torn between the glitz and glamour of Hollywood and the life of a cowboy on his family’s ranch in Montana. It doesn’t help when he sees the movie that’s supposed to launch his future is going up in flames.

And then there’s beautiful and brave Emily Micah, who not only saves his life, but seems to understand him, maybe better than she should.

As an arsonist threatens the film production, seemingly with the goal of destroying the movie entirely, Spenser realizes he’ll stop at nothing to protect his future and the woman now stealing his heart.

But Emily harbors a secret…one that could destroy the flame between them. And when it comes out, it could cost them everything, and ignite an inferno that could destroy all of the northern Montana forest.

Chasing Fire: Montana Series, Book One—Flashpoint—delivers a thrilling and emotional rollercoaster ride that will leave you breathless, yearning for more, and eager to dive into the next chapter of the thrilling series.

The Last to Know by Mary Alford

An FBI agent with a dark secret.
A killer on a mission.

A murderous past that unearths an unexpected connection.

BAU Special Agent Hannah London’s troubled past reminds her that life is fragile. And hers has an expiration date that can’t be denied.

When the bottom drops out of Hannah’s world, and a killer ramps up his victim count, Hannah and fellow agent, Cooper Delaney are in a race against time to catch the killer. A bombshell revelation has Hannah and Cooper reeling after the killer’s cryptic messages seem to hint at a connection. . .to Hannah.

As Hannah’s feelings for Cooper deepen, her head tells her to end things before Cooper gets hurt. But her heart, the one that threatens to betray her, doesn’t want to walk away.

Unforgiven by Shelley Shepherd Gray

Ex-con Seth Zimmerman has spent the last three years making amends by helping the vulnerable in his former Amish community. Lately, this mission includes calling on Tabitha Yoder, whose divorce from her abusive husband has isolated her from the community. Even though she never comes out of her house to talk to him, Seth knows she watches him from the window while he chops wood, clears her driveway, and drops off food.  
An uneasy friendship is just starting to take hold between them when small gifts begin to appear at Tabitha’s home–gifts that can only be from her ex-husband. Seth might be Tabitha’s only hope at maintaining her hard-won freedom from the man whose violent outbursts had almost cost her life. But coming to her rescue might mean he ends up behind bars once again.  
Get swept up in this emotional story of two outcasts who may be each other’s only hope for happiness and redemption from New York Times bestselling author Shelley Shepard Gray.

Jailing James by Eric M. Hill

The Agency

The Three Sisters Detective Agency specializes in helping wrongfully convicted people get their convictions overturned.

The Convict

James Hunter’s fate was sealed. Tried. Convicted. Sentenced to death. A slam dunk case. He was guilty as sin. Or was he?

One day the Three Sisters Detective Agency received a desperate letter from a man convicted of murder—an innocent man, he insisted. Sure, like so many brothers who had grown up without a father in a dangerous environment, he had done some things he wasn’t proud of. Things that explained his long rap sheet. But he had never killed anyone.

Nicki, Terri, and Rosalyn had heard it all before. Hundreds of times. “I’m innocent. They got the wrong man.” This time, however, they were convinced that an innocent man had been condemned to die.

The Writ

The Three Sisters Detective Agency achieved one of their greatest legal victories when they helped James become a free man.

The Mistake

By Terri’s own admission, she’s not the best judge of character when it comes to dating men. This was confirmed when she sat with James near a lake one evening soon after his case was overturned.

James wanted more than conversation. To make sure he got what he wanted, he told her with a smile, “I killed Sugar Bun.” Terri had to fight for her life to make it out of this man’s truck alive.

The Fix

The three sisters can’t let this go. They’ve got to make it right. The only way to do this is by Jailing James.

Raging Shadow by Candle Sutton

A dead body and a priceless necklace upend Jade’s carefully constructed world.
Jade Chen pours herself into her work. As co-creator of an innovative water redistribution project, she’s passionate about the massive tunnel system snaking across the country. But everything changes when she finds a corpse in the tunnels and someone tries to kill her.

An unprecedented attack shakes Dalton’s controlled life.
Lincoln’s enemies are playing for keeps and their latest attack leaves Lincoln more vulnerable than ever. In spite of this, Lincoln orders Dalton to investigate the threat against Jade. Dalton grudgingly obeys orders, all the while vowing to solve Jade’s case quickly so he can protect Lincoln from any further harm.

Jade’s attacker watches from the shadows.
While Dalton and Jade work to figure out why someone is out to get her, her attacker plots her demise. Backed by The Shadows, he has the resources and power to evade capture. He’s already breached a highly secured facility once; can they stop history from repeating itself? Or will Jade’s body be the next one found in the flooded tunnels?

Raging Shadow, book five in The Shadows series, is a twisty tale of suspense, hidden agendas, and the power of standing firm in Jesus. Don’t miss this riveting tale of Christian suspense!

Hide and Seek by Beth Adams

When a gardener brings Harriet Bailey a beautiful purebred bloodhound he found wandering around—and trampling Miss Jane Birtwhistle’s roses—she discovers the dog belongs to Lord Beresford, White Church Bay’s own reclusive baron. But when Harriet goes to the manor to return the dog, the noble owner is nowhere to be found. Did he leave of his own free will, or is foul play involved? As Harriet searches for answers, she uncovers long-buried secrets about the baron and his family… secrets that might be better off staying hidden.

Meanwhile, at the encouragement of her Aunt Jinny, Harriet steps out of her comfort zone to meet new people. Gemma, a young and ambitious reporter, is clearly interested in getting to know Harriet. But when information Harriet told her new friend in confidence is published in the local paper, Harriet has to wonder: Is Gemma truly seeking her friendship, or is she merely using Harriet to get the latest scoop about the missing man?

The Song of Sourwood Mountain by Ann H. Gabhart

While the century began with such promise, it is 1910 when Mira Dean’s hopes of being a wife and mother are dashed to pieces. Her fiancé dead from tuberculosis, Mira resigns herself to being a spinster schoolteacher–until Gordon Covington shows up.
No longer the boy she knew from school, Gordon is now a preacher who is full of surprises. First, he asks Mira to come to Sourwood in eastern Kentucky to teach at his mission school. Second, he asks her to marry him. Just like that. And all at once the doors that had seemed firmly shut begin to open, just a crack.
With much trepidation, Mira steps out in faith into a life she never imagined, in a place filled with its own special challenges, to serve a people who will end up becoming the family she always dreamed of.
From the pen of bestselling author Ann H. Gabhart comes a heartwarming story of the unexpected blessings that can come when we dare to follow the Lord’s leading.

To Catch a Coronet by Grace Hitchcock

Sometimes the only way to outsmart a scandal is to find a crown big enough to silence it

Muriel Beau, country baker turned heiress, can’t stop instigating outrage. She discards two arranged engagements, then further antagonizes Kent society by publicly proposing to a baron at a ball. His rejection leaves her with no choice but to flee to the city and to secure a coronet so splendid that her peers will forget her debacles. The glitter of the London courts convinces Muriel that it’s possible to find the future she dreams of, until she finds herself entangled in yet another escapade–one that may cost her more than her crumbling reputation.

After years of serving as a privateer under an assumed name, Captain Erik Draycott, heir to Draycott Castle and soon to assume his uncle’s title of Earl, returns to his London home to find it in disrepair thanks to his longtime nemesis. A staunch bachelor intent on returning to his ship, the captain is shocked when his mentor encourages him to take a wife. But while his alleged pauper status causes the potential London brides to turn their noses up at him, the ladies of Kent have no such qualms and are eager to fill his coffers with their fathers’ wealth.

Caught in a whirlwind of high society and high seas, Muriel and Erik navigate a risky undertaking that threatens their futures and creating stakes that soar above the masts of Erik’s ship. Will Muriel’s bold charm and Erik’s daring bravery be enough to outsmart the scandal and secure a future as glittering as the crown Muriel seeks?

Heart of Integrity by Edwina Kiernan

Not all fault lines are hidden in the earth…

Ifor Morgan and his father have traveled far from their home in Wales to settle in the small mining town of Lone Pine, California—driven by a need to escape the shame and sorrow of his brother’s fatal scandal.

Susan Kelly is starting over, too. Miles from her home in Ireland, she’s determined to build a life for herself in Lone Pine that doesn’t involve any of the deception she was caught up in back home.

As Ifor and Susan forge a cautious connection, people from Susan’s past show up in town, entangling her in a fresh web of illegal activity.

And when a devastating earthquake throws the town into a state of upheaval, secrets soon shake those least expecting to uncover them…

Brimming with faith and intrigue, this Christian Western Romance from award-winning author Edwina Kiernan will encourage and delight you long after you turn the last page.

With Each Tomorrow by Tracie Peterson and Kimberley Woodhouse

Even in the midst of adversity, love and faith can flourish.

As the formation of Glacier National Park takes Eleanor Briggs and her conservationist father on a journey west to advocate for public lands, her heart carries the weight of a painful past. Since the death of her mother, she has spent her life traveling the country with her father and helping him with his work, but now he’s considering settling down and writing a book–and she’s not sure what that means for her future.

Carter Brunswick faces trials of his own when the Great Northern Railway’s departure threatens his family’s livelihood and the entire town of Kalispell. In the visiting conservationist’s daughter, Ellie, he finds a spirited woman who challenges his convictions in ways he never anticipated, and his own dreams for the future begin to change.

When tensions over the railroad’s departure boil over, Ellie and Carter are drawn together on a daring journey that tests the depths of their feelings and their faith in God.

Whispers on the Tide by Naomi Rawlings

He only offered her passage to Alaska. But they end up fighting for something bigger along the way…

Maggie McDougal is determined to save her family’s land after her parents’ sudden deaths. And if that means leaving the sandy shores of Lake Michigan and traveling across the country to Washington Territory in search of her brother so he can claim the land, then so be it. Anything is better than watching the land she loves fall into her uncle’s greedy, conniving hands.

The trouble is, when the ship that her brother works on arrives in Bellingham, her brother isn’t on it. But Captain Sacha Amos is. And when he offers to take Maggie north to Alaska where she can meet her brother on his new ship, she has little choice about saying yes.

Except Alaska doesn’t turn out quite like she thought, at least not after she meets the gruff captain’s large, sprawling, family. A family that happens to include one sister who’s a doctor, another who’s a lawyer, and two half siblings that the family loves against all odds.

Or after she discovers the secret study that a scientist is conducting aboard Sacha’s ship—one that just might put an end to seals being illegally killed for their pelts.

But seal pelts are worth a lot of money, and if word leaks about what Sacha’s trying to do, he’s going to find himself in the crosshairs of some very powerful men.

Caught between her mission to save her family’s land and the escalating tension in Alaska, Maggie soon finds herself fighting for something that’s bigger than just property or family ties. And she just might discover a new home along the way—one that offers more warmth and love than she ever imagined possible.

From a USA Today bestselling author comes a frontier family saga filled with a protector hero, forced-proximity, found family, and love that heals wounded hearts.

Texas Forsaken by Sherry Shindelar

The man who destroyed her life may be the only one who can save it.

Seven years ago, Maggie Logan (Eyes-Like-Sky) lost everything she knew when a raid on a wagon train tore her from her family. As the memories of her past faded to nothing more than vague shadows, Maggie adapted—marrying a Comanche warrior, having a baby, and rebuilding her life. But in one terrible battle, the U.S. Cavalry destroys that life, and she is taken captive again, this time by those who call themselves her people. Forced into a world she wants nothing to do with, Eyes-Like-Sky’s only hope of protecting her child may be an engagement to the man who killed her husband.

Enrolled in West Point to escape his overbearing father, Captain Garret Ramsey has graduated and finds himself assigned to the Texas frontier, witnessing the brutal Indian War in which both sides commit atrocities. Plagued by guilt for his own role, Garret seeks redemption by taking responsibility for the woman he widowed and her baby. Though he is determined to do whatever it takes to protect them, is he willing to risk everything for a woman whose heart is buried in a grave? Or is there hope she might heal to love once more?

Tangled Promises by Lynn U. Watson

Thunderous applause extinguishes her dream and ignites her worst nightmare.

Clara Reinhold’s father publicly pledges her hand to Georg Wolff. His character and arrogance match the stench of his odious cigars, but his lineage offers a suitable alliance for the station of a baron’s daughter.

A charades clue years earlier turned friendship into a promise of forbidden marriage between Clara and family carriage driver, Daniel Becker.

If she refuses Georg and follows her heart, her father disowns her and she loses everything—her loving family, dear friends, and the only home she’s known.

As a tangled web of scandal and deceit unwinds, hidden motives and illicit activities emerge among an unsuspecting ring of players changing everything but nobility’s rules.

How will justice be served?

How will Clara and Daniel overcome obstacles to claim a future beyond that of a charade?

When Hope Sank by Denise Weimer

Can Hope Resurface After Evil Tries to Drown It?
Introducing a series of 6 exciting novels featuring historic American disasters that transformed landscapes and multiple lives. Whether by nature or by man, these disasters changed history and were a day to be remembered.
The Civil War has taken everything from Lily Livingston—her parents, her twin brother, her home. Now she works at her uncle’s inn and keeps her head down. Speaking up for her beliefs proved too costly in a part of Arkansas split by conflicting loyalties and overrun by spies and bushwhackers.
Emaciated in body but resilient in spirit, Lieutenant Cade Palmer is crowded onto the Sultana with other paroled Andersonville and Cahaba POWs for the journey north. But a fiery explosion on April 27, 1865, rends the steamer and empties two thousand men into the frigid Mississippi River.
Recovering from wounds that might end his career as a surgeon but clinging to his faith, Cade threatens both Lily’s defenses and her heart. How can she tell him she might’ve prevented the tragedy if only she’d reported a suspected saboteur’s claims? And when the man returns to town and encoded messages pass through the hotel, will Lily follow her convictions to prevent another tragedy?

Treasure and Trouble by Betty Woods

Eugenia Hampton wants to be loved for who she is, not what she has. Her parents intend to see her married and cared for, but she’s determined not to be a mere parlor decoration to show off some man’s achievements. She wants a love match or no match.

Paul Stuart is tired of clashing with people over his abolitionist views. Especially with his father who is the overseer for Eugenia’s father. He’s saving money to move from Tennessee and buy a farm in Illinois where he can live in peace with people who accept him and his ideas.

Paul rescues Eugenia after her horse throws her. They form a secret, forbidden friendship based on their common family problems. Neither of them expects their relationship to grow into love. When Eugenia’s father selects a non-Christian man for her husband, she must choose between her known and comfortable life of luxury or a lifetime of love with Paul where little else will be certain.

Sheltered by the Doctor by Danielle Grandinetti

A fake relationship might keep her safe, but will it break their hearts?

Wisconsin, 1931—Mindy Zahn can’t understand why her parents deserted the family farm, leaving her mute younger sister in her care. Until her mother’s cryptic warning to keep her sister safe becomes a life-threatening task.

Searching for that elusive something to ease his weary heart, Dr. Nick Matrone is drawn to the cheery Mindy. He would never presume to bring such a sweet woman into his beleaguered past, so friendship is all he can offer. Except, he doesn’t expect needing to save her life.

As the danger grows, they both must battle through physical and emotional wounds to have a hope of their counterfeit relationship becoming true.

Welcome to Crow’s Nest, where danger and romance meet at the water’s edge.

Healing of the Heart by Heidi Gray McGill

He’s sworn to heal others, but at what cost to himself?

Step into the bustling streets of post-Civil War Philadelphia, where cultural injustice and class disparity run rampant. Amidst this chaos, Thomas, an aspiring doctor from the wilds of Missouri, struggles to find his place in a society to which he is unaccustomed. But when he meets debutante Emmaline Whitaker, she teaches him more than the social graces – she holds the key to his future. Only it is the independent, fun-loving Theodora Morse who holds his attention.

As Thomas navigates the complexities of high society, he must also confront his inner turmoil. When devastating news comes from home, Thomas is forced to use his waning faith to determine the desire of his heart. Will Thomas stand by his convictions and fight against the malaise of those around him, or will he choose the safety and comfort of his new life?

In this powerful Christian historical fiction, award-winning author Heidi Gray McGill weaves a poignant tale of love, sacrifice, and redemption in the City of Brotherly Love.

For a Lifetime by Gabrielle Meyer

Grace and Hope are identical twin sisters born with the ability to time-cross together between 1692 Salem, Massachusetts, and 1912 New York City. As their twenty-fifth birthday approaches, they will have to choose one life to keep and one to leave behind forever–no matter the cost.

In 1692, they live and work in their father’s tavern, where they must watch helplessly as the witch trials unfold in their village, threatening everyone. With the help of a handsome childhood friend, they search for the truth behind their mother’s mysterious death, risking everything to expose a secret that could save their lives–or be their undoing.

In 1912, Hope dreams of becoming one of the first female pilots in America, and Grace works as an investigative journalist, uncovering corruption and injustice. After their parents’ orphanage is threatened by an adversary, they enter a contest to complete a perilous cross-country flight under the guidance of a daring French aviator.

The sisters have already decided which timeline they will choose, but an unthinkable tragedy complicates the future they planned for themselves. As their birthday looms, how will they determine the lives–and loves–that are best for both of them?

Darkness Calls the Tiger by Janyre Tromp

After the attack on Pearl Harbor, Imperial Japan devours the southern portion of Burma, intent on taking over mainland Asia. Unaware of the coming darkness, Kailyn Moran drifts in her role as the only daughter of a widowed missionary.

As whispers of war snake through the Kachin mountains, Kai’s father is convinced God will protect the mission. He entrusts the village to her and the kind yet inexperienced new missionary, Ryan McDonough, while he makes routine visits to neighboring villages.

War descends like a tempest upon the mountain peaks, and an unbreakable bond forms between Kailyn and Ryan as they unite to provide solace to both villagers and the flood of refugees. Despite their tireless efforts, a brutal enemy shatters almost everything they love, pushing Kailyn to embark on a path of unrestrained vengeance.

Afraid he’s losing the woman he loves, Ryan fights to protect Kai from the deadly consequences of her choices. But in the face of destruction, can he convince her of the power and freedom of forgiveness?

Show Me Deceit by Ellen E. Withers

Present Day: Liesl Schrader is once again involved in death investigations. A body is discovered inside a charitable museum where Liesl serves on the board of directors. She and her best friend Nicole are drawn into a police theft investigation stemming from the death at the museum.

When Liesl and Nicole uncover a set of historic bones, questions arise. Are they related to the Civil War-era encampment in their town? The unit, commanded by General Pope, guarded one of the biggest supply chains of the Union Army—the railroad lines located in Mexico, Missouri, throughout the war. Was this a battlefield death, or was it murder? Surrounded on all sides by Southern sympathizers, did the Rebels kill this Union soldier?

1862: United States Army Lieutenant Cormac O’Malley has a problem. He knows there is a Rebel spy in his camp, and he needs proof of the spy to save the lives of Union soldiers. He has no choice but to work with his sweetheart from town, Enid Connelly, and her local friends to uncover the proof. Are they trustworthy and loyal to the Union in a state divided between North and South? Can he reveal the identity of the spy before the spy can silence him—possibly forever?

Take a walk through time with Show Me Deceit, book two of the Show Me Mystery Series. The mysteries are set in Mexico, Missouri, where death encompasses two eras—Civil War and contemporary times. Liesl, Nicole, and Detective Kurt Hunter, have previously put a killer behind bars. Now they must combine their skills again to stop the plunder of local charities and solve the mystery of a Union soldier’s death. Can Liesl and Kurt work together again as friends, putting aside their former romance, to solve these mysteries?

The Sisters of Corinth by Angela Hunt

When the new provincial governor arrives in Corinth, the esteemed Chief Magistrate Narkis Ligus, father to Mariana and Prima, is delighted. He sees a golden opportunity to propel himself to greater power and fortune by uniting his and the governor’s households through the marriage of one of his beautiful unwed daughters to the governor’s firstborn son.

Yet complications quickly arise in Narkis’s own family. Mariana, his stepdaughter, holds steadfast faith in Yeshua, rendering her hesitant to marry a man devoted to the Roman gods, despite Narkis’s urging. On the other hand, Prima, his daughter by birth, yearns for a life of wealth and status and is willing to go to great lengths to secure a marriage that fulfills her desires–even if it means betraying Mariana to do so.

Ahoti: A Story of Tamar by Miriam Feinberg Vamosh and Eva Marie Everson

A masterful retelling of Tamar’s story of redemption, faith, healing, and justice

“As an author of biblical fiction, I know the amount of research and work that goes into crafting a story like this. Miriam Feinberg Vamosh and Eva Marie Everson comprise the perfect team.” —Jerry B. Jenkins, The Chosen series

Ravaged by one brother, silenced and betrayed by another, and abandoned by her father, Tamar—once beloved daughter of the king of Israel, and healer of the court—suddenly finds herself in exile, fleeing for her life. But the story continues where the scriptures end: a dangerous journey and tenacious pursuit of her true identity and calling brings her full circle, to her rightful place in the kingdom.Connoisseurs of Biblical fiction will love Ahoti.

  • Ahoti brings to life the Old Testament story of the biblical princess Tamar, the daughter of David, King of Israel.
  • The familiar Bible story ends with Tamar living “desolate” (2 Samuel 13:20), but master storytellers Miriam Feinberg Vamosh and Eva Marie Everson take readers beyond this sorrowful ending to a horizon of hope, thanks to their brilliant adaptation of an ancient anonymous manuscript, purportedly written by Gad the Seer (1 Chronicles 29:29), which was discovered in India in the early 18th century. Beyond the biblical text, this manuscript provides a surprising conclusion, which has powerful modern-day significance.
  • Rich with cultural, biblical, and historic detail, and spiritually compelling, Ahoti will inspire readers to overcome humiliation, pain, betrayal, and bitterness, to embrace a life of purpose.

Lady of Basilikas by Ronie Kendig

She’s determined to prove this errant king unworthy. He’s determined to prove her wrong.

Under attack from without and within, Jherako teeters on the brink. Vaanvorn Thundred, suddenly in possession of a throne he never expected to inherit, will do anything to pull his kingdom from the edge, even if it means striking a marriage bargain with the formidable Faa’Cris. But a skycrawler opens Vorn’s eyes to realities outside his world, and his limits are tested.

Lady Valiriana has one goal when she is sent out from Deversoria: prove this Jherakan king, the one his people call the Errant, unworthy of an alliance with any Faa’Cris. When she exchanges her freedom for that of another, Valiriana finds herself under house arrest—in the king’s house. Determined to take advantage of her proximity, she delves into the depths of the king’s character. What she finds turns her mission on its head.

Vorn must decide: break a planet-wide Accord, risking his throne and life, or leave his country—his planet—vulnerable to threats far bigger than he ever imagined. And Valiriana grapples with unpalatable truths as she discovers the king is anything but errant, while her heart, on the other hand, is a different story.

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