Book Recommendation: Vegas Vacation by Clare Revell

Vegas Vacation

Former protective services officer, Sgt. Martin Ames, is five weeks short of medical retirement from the Vegas PD when he lands one last case: spoiled English heiress, Lady Tamlyn Bradshaw, whose bodyguard is hospitalized with suspected food poisoning.

Tamlyn is on holiday, her first without her father and his ever present bodyguards. She wants to have fun, not spend the time stuck in a hotel room with a disabled cop, even if he is tall, dark and disturbingly handsome.

When food poisoning becomes murder, passions and tempers flare as Martin attempts to keep Tamlyn safe from the assailant who gains everything on her death.

Narelle: Vegas Vacation is part of the Passport to Romance novella series and I won an ebook copy from a blog giveaway. I enjoyed the story, set in Los Vegas, USA.

Tamlyn is like a bird in a gilded cage, surrounded by hired help in a world of privilege and misery. She desperately wants freedom from her overprotective father, who controls nearly every aspect of her life. She plans a trip to Vegas with her bodyguard in tow, and her itinerary is thrown into chaos when her bodyguard falls ill just after they land on US soil.

Martin, a Vegas cop who was injured in the line of duty, is tasked with the responsibility of looking after Tamlyn while her bodyguard is in hospital. Martin and Tamlyn are drawn to each other, despite coming from vastly different worlds. She thinks nothing of gambling a few hundred dollars in a roulette game, loose change in her eyes and a large amount of money to lose from his perspective. Conservative readers may not be comfortable with the casino setting and gambling in the story.

Martin challenges Tamlyn’s lukewarm faith and her sense of entitlement. Danger surrounds them and the stakes are raised when the distinction between their professional and personal relationship is blurred.

I like bodyguard romances and Vegas Vacation didn’t disappoint. The attraction between Tamlyn and Martin was tangible and realistically portrayed. The story has many of the fairy tale elements that appeal to romance readers. I wanted to see Tamlyn and Martin overcome obstacles, from the past and present, to achieve their happily-ever-after ending. I recommend Vegas Vacation to readers who are looking for a fun, short contemporary romance novella.

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