Book Recommendation – Upon A Midnight Snow by Tari Faris

Book Description:

Can a return home find the answers they are both searching for?

Interior Design student Ellie Matthews has escaped to New York City, leaving behind her small town of Heritage, and most importantly, the boy who almost derailed her dreams, Kade Paxton. Sure, she’s excited to return home for Christmas, but she’s fixed her gaze on her future. Even when her sister, Olivia begs her to plan the annual Heritage Christmas Ball. And then her partner in planning shows up…

Wanna-be painter, current mechanic Kade Paxton can’t believe the girl who walked out of his life is back…and that in order to keep his promise to his aunt, he’ll have to actually work with her. The last thing he’s going to do let Ellie in to break his heart all over again. But, with the opportunity to showcase his paintings, this might be his one chance to grab ahold of his dreams…But working together stirs up old dreams, and soon they find themselves caught up in the holiday magic…but what happens when the ball is over? Is there a future beyond the small town and snowflakes?

It’ll take some miracles under a Midnight Clear to find the answer. Return to Heritage one more time with this heartwarming Christmas novella.

Narelle’s Thoughts:

Tari Faris’ Restoring Heritage series is one the best contemporary Christian romance series I’ve read this year. I enjoyed reading Upon A Midnight Snow that chronologically follows on from Since You’ve Been Gone (Book 3).

Upon A Midnight Snow is a short Christmas novella that can be read as a standalone story. However, the delightful Christmas novella While It Was Snowing (Book 2.5) introduces Kade and Ellie and the early days of their romance. Upon A Midnight Snow opens a year later at Christmas time in Heritage, Michigan.

Ellie is a small town girl with big New York City dreams. Six months ago she left Heritage and left behind Kade for college at New York University (NYU). She relies on her parents to help pay her interior design tuition and she shares a NYC apartment with her college friend, Rylie. Ellie and Rylie plan to spend their Christmas break in Heritage with Ellie’s large family.

Kade is a mechanic who dreams of earning a living from his art and painting full-time. He’s heartbroken by Ellie’s decision six months earlier to break up with him because she doesn’t want to do a long distance relationship. Kade has applied to colleges in NYC and is collecting a pile of rejection letters. His mother left his father a few years ago to follow her artistic dreams, and Kade’s dad is opposed to Kade following in her footsteps. A small town job as a motor mechanic, or working on the floor at Heritage Fruits, is the future Kade’s father wants for him.

A fun and charming reunion romance unfolds as Ellie and Kade are thrown together to organise the annual Christmas Adam dance on December 23. Otis, the brass hippo who mysteriously moves around town, also makes an appearance in the story. I recommend Upon A Midnight Snow to contemporary romance readers who enjoy small town Christmas romance novellas with a light and relevant faith element.

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