Book Recommendation ~ The Last Shot by Amy Matayo

Book Description:

It’s the same routine every night, and country music superstar Teddy Hayes wouldn’t have it any other way.

7:00 pm: Arena doors open and fans fill the stands.
7:45 pm: Lights go out and spotlights come on.
7:46 pm: Energy from concert-goers reaches an ear-spitting crescendo.
7:47 pm: Teddy takes the stage and begins to sing.

But tonight, something is off.

It starts when a stage light malfunctions and sends sparks into the air.

It continues when his drummer stops playing and stares slack-jawed in Teddy’s direction.

It dawns on him when a fan doubles-over and a red stain spreads across her shirt.

Something isn’t just off tonight.

Someone in the crowd is shooting a gun.

And it’s up to a female bodyguard he’s never met before to save his life.

Narelle’s Thoughts:

I enjoyed reading The Last Shot by Amy Matayo. The story opens with country music superstar Teddy backstage and preparing to perform in Seattle. The book description for this story is clever because it sets off the ticking clock. We know something bad is about to happen very soon.

Jane becomes Teddy’s personal bodyguard as the shooting situation unfolds. The story opening is intense and fast-paced and hooked me into the story with no turning back. I kept turning the page, wanting to know what happened next.

Amy Matayo is a talented author who can write short time frame stories that feel fast-paced. The physical attraction and developing romance between Teddy and Jane is fuelled by the close proximity of the frightening situation they’ve landed in together.

Unpacking the consequences of their intense first meeting is both complicated and fascinating. I loved journeying with Teddy and Jane and experiencing the highs and lows of their developing romance. The romance is sweet and clean and includes a couple of references to God and faith. I recommend The Last Shot to readers who love contemporary romance that includes romantic suspense and adventure elements in the story.

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