Book Recommendation – Sea Glass Castle by T. I. Lowe

Book Description:

Sophia Prescott is still mending from the embarrassment of a highly publicized divorce from a pro football player, and the now-single mother is back in Sunset Cove, surrounded by the supporting love of her family and the Sand Queens. Sophia doesn’t think there’s any hope for starting over until an unexpected trip to the pediatrician’s office gives her a second chance after all.

Dr. Weston Sawyer knows all about lives shattering into millions of pieces. His own all but ended when a truck driver fell asleep at the wheel and barreled head-on into his pregnant wife’s sedan, killing her instantly and leaving Wes with a soul so wounded that it has refused to heal. He packed up and left swampy southern Alabama for South Carolina with the hope of fading into the sleepy coastal town of Sunset Cove. Instead, feisty brunette Sophia Prescott will have him braving something different and entirely unexpected. If Sophia and Wes can take the leap to give love another try, they just might find that hope has a way of coming back around and weaving into one’s heart.

Narelle’s Thoughts:

I enjoyed reading Sea Glass Castle, set in a beach town in South Carolina. Sophia is a single parent with an adorable three year old son, Collin. Her former husband is a famous NFL football star who cheated on Sophia during their short marriage. Sophia also experienced domestic violence in her marriage. She has moved back to her home town where her parents, and her two best friends, Josie and Opal, can help her adjust to life as a single parent. Sophia wears straw hats and large lens dark sunglasses to hide her identity, and she’s very protective of Collin.

Wes is a paediatrician and a widower who lost his pregnant wife in a tragic accident. Grief is his constant companion, and Wes moves from Alabama to South Carolina for a fresh start at the clinic run by his friend who’s the retiring paediatrician. Sophia and Wes do not get along when they first meet, and Sophia, in particular, makes a terrible first impression on Wes. Sophia isn’t happy when she learns that Wes is Opal and Lincoln’s new neighbor in the beach house next door. Sophia needs a job, and Wes is reluctant to employ her. 

Sophia and Wes are carrying emotional scars and, for different reasons, are reluctant to seek out a new relationship. They start fake dating to stop the single women in town bothering Wes, and a lovely friendship turns into something more as Wes bonds with Collin. Sophia and Wes have to overcome past hurts and obstacles in the story, and open their hearts to take a risk on loving again.

The story has many humorous moments, including the senior ladies in town and Collin’s hilarious potty training journey. I recommend Sea Glass Castle to contemporary romance readers who like enemies-to-love single parent romances with emotional depth, a touch of humor, and a relevant faith element in the story.

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