Book Recommendation – Retying the Knot by Liwen Y. Ho

Book Description:

If your marriage didn’t work out once, marry the same person again … said no couple ever.


Here’s the scoop—I married my former study partner for money’s sake. I promise you it’s not as bad as it sounds. Peter needed a wife in order to receive his dad’s inheritance … so I did what any friend would do, I said yes. 


A marriage on paper—that’s all the guts I had to ask for. Of course, if Piper had wanted more, I would’ve gladly given her myself and all the puppies and chocolate in the world. Instead, I surprised her by paying off her med school bills, then took my broken heart and moved to another country.


So, here’s the part that does sound bad. I got pregnant (the details of our wedding night are a bit fuzzy). His mom hated me (still does). And we left our baby to be raised by her over-the-top grandmother when we parted ways. I told you it was bad. But now Peter’s reaching out to me and it’s making me wonder …


Do I have regrets? Absolutely! Turning forty made me realize I can’t waste a chance to make things right with the two most important women in my life. I’ve reunited with our daughter and now it’s time to win over Piper. If only she wasn’t already engaged to another man …

The Fab Forties series was written by an over-40 author with readers of all ages in mind. This rom-com is guaranteed to tickle your funny bone and help you escape reality. So, sit back, relax, and be prepared to laugh! 

Narelle’s Thoughts:

I loved the story premise for Retying The Knot (The Fab Forties, Book 1) and enjoyed reading this fun rom-com set in San Jose in the San Francisco Bay Area. Peter and Piper were best friends during college when they were studying medicine. Piper offered to marry Peter to help his family secure an inheritance. The fake marriage produced a daughter and a breakup that resulted in Peter’s mother raising their daughter. Piper became a paediatrician in NYC and Peter worked as an ophthalmologist in China for many years.

The story opens fourteen years later with Piper travelling from NYC to the Bay Area to reconnect with her daughter, Mimi, while Peter’s mother is overseas in China. A delightful and hilarious romance unfolds as Piper and Peter are forced to deal with their messy past and their more-than-friends feelings. Mimi is in therapy which means Peter and Piper can’t avoid thinking about their faith, their future, and their complicated co-parenting situation.

I recommend Retying The Knot to readers who like contemporary romances with a relevant faith element and main characters in their forties who have complex family relationships to untangle. I’m looking forward to reading more books in The Fab Forties Series.

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