Book Recommendation – Olive by Heather Gray

Book Description:

Rainbow Falls…where life is lived in full color.

Olive Green’s world has turned upside down. The future she thought she was building is gone. Now she’s an unemployed CPA forced to move back home and sleep on an air mattress at her sister’s while picking up temp work to survive. Only, this latest temp job requires an NDA before she even goes to the interview. And the man who opens the door? Yeah, he’s not at all what she expected.

Damien Rhoades had it all – or so he thought. His voice was on every country music station, and he had the bank account to prove it. When reality crashed in on him, though, he ran from the bright lights of fame and from the God he’d once promised to serve. Isolation has become his self-inflicted punishment, his way of atoning for past sins too numerous to count and too dark to face. Then Olive bursts into his life driving her muscle car and lighting up his home with laughter.

Can a woman who feels adrift in her life be a guiding light? Will a man barricaded behind walls fortified with shame be strong enough to let the light in?

Each book in the Rainbow Falls series is a complete romance that can be enjoyed on its own. Due to the nature of this close-knit community, though, it may be best to read the books in order.

Narelle’s Thoughts:

I enjoyed reading Olive, the second book in Heather Gray’s Rainbow Falls series set in a small town in Montana. Olive is struggling to deal with disappointment. Her dream job has ended, and she’s back in her hometown looking for work. A personal assistant position that is accompanied by a comprehensive non-disclosure agreement seems like her best chance to start rebuilding her life.

Damien is a famous country music star who didn’t like the person he’d become before he was injured in an auto wreck. The car accident was a wake up call for Damien. All the guilt he’d buried from unwise choices swamped him, and ultimately led to Damien hiding away and living as a recluse in a rental property in the sleepy town of Rainbow Falls. Damien doesn’t talk or sing, and he communicates with as few people as possible via text messaging from his phone. He is haunted by nightmares from his former music star life.

The friends-to-more romance is sweet, and I loved seeing how the trust between Olive and Damien grew during the story. Olive challenged and inspired Damien to reconsider his life choices and his relationship with God. I recommend Olive to contemporary romance readers who like the beauty and the beast romance trope with a strong faith element.

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