Book Recommendation – Love at Second Sight by Liwen Y. Ho

Book Description:

Wooing an introvert requires patience, silence, and a comfy pair of sweatpants.


As a single mom and an introvert, I’m used to spending Friday nights on the couch in my sweats. Trust me, my alone time is necessary for everyone’s well-being. So the last thing I expect is for my late husband’s best friend to crash my Hugh Grant marathon. Especially when he shows up to give me a letter with some of Will’s last words for me.


I’d do anything for Cassie, but waiting three years to spill the beans about the letter nearly did me in. Keeping my mouth shut isn’t my strong suit, so I’m relieved to no longer have any secrets between us. But now Cassie’s avoiding me like I’ve got the cooties, which makes me wonder what Will asked of her. Because if it’s anything like the letter Will left me, things are about to change between us.


I can understand Will wanting me to date again, but why he asked me to practice with Brad is crazier than shoulder pads making a comeback! We work as well together as oil and water or peanut butter and mayo. There’s also the fact that Brad’s an actual movie star. He lives in a fish bowl, while I prefer to live under a rock—almost literally speaking. We’d be the oddest couple you’ve ever seen, more like Bill and Ted, not Ginger and Fred.


I may play an action hero on the big screen, but I have no guts when it comes to relationships with women, except where Cassie’s concerned—she’s the only one I can trust. So once she warms up to the idea of me taking her out, it’s easy to treat her like the queen she is. That is until we end up on the front page of the tabloids and the whole world thinks we’re in love. But would dating Cassie for real be all that scary? I’m going to attempt to find out …

The Fab Forties series was written by an over-40 author with readers of all ages in mind. This rom-com is guaranteed to tickle your funny bone and help you escape reality. So, sit back, relax, and be prepared to laugh!

Narelle’s Thoughts:

I enjoyed reading Love at Second Sight, book 4 in Liwen Y. Ho’s The Fab Forties romcom series set in the San Francisco Bay Area. The premise for this story is fun and a unique trope twist. Cassie is a widow of three years with a nine year old son. She’s an extremely shy introvert who’d rather stay home and watch romcom movies than take the plunge and go out on a date. Her late husband’s best friend is well known action movie star, Brad Bitt, who’s an extrovert and a confirmed bachelor for life. Brad is commitment phobic, and he avoids getting entangled in romantic relationships and the associated paparazzi issues. Cassie’s late husband served in the military and, if he passed away, he left letters with Brad for both Brad and Cassie to open exactly three years later. The letters reveal that Cassie’s late husband has effectively asked Brad to take Cassie out on dates and help her find love again.

The friends-to-more romance between Cassie and Brad, and their dates together, are hilarious. I liked the witty puns and the introvert versus extrovert tension generated as they navigated many crazy situations together. The faith element in the story, and the underlying themes of grief and starting over, provided a perfect balance of serious with lighthearted humor. Cassie’s son, Levi, is adorable, and Levi loves Brad aka his Uncle Toobb. The Fab Forties series has many great mom characters, and Cassie’s mom, the wannabe famous Judge Fran, added to the fun and chaos in the story.

I’m a fan of what I call ‘romcom foodie humor’, and this book delivered in spades many LOL moments relating to food. I was curious to know if movie star Brad, who is a wealthy man, really ate Spam on instant noodles? Liwen was a guest on our StoryChats @ InspyRomance podcast/YouTube Episode #83 that dropped on August 5, and she kindly answered my weird Spam question. I recommend Love at Second Sight to contemporary romance readers who like first person viewpoint romcoms with a relevant faith element in the story.

Many thanks to Liwen Y. Ho for providing an Advanced Reader Copy.

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