Book Recommendation: Identity Withheld by Sandra Orchard

Identity Withheld

Book Description:


After exposing an illegal adoption ring, newly named “Kara Grant” is promised safety in Witness Protection. But someone has found her—and wants her dead. If only she could trust the handsome firefighter who catches her fleeing from a suspicious fire. Jake Steele seems to think she’s guilty of burning her own home. But how can she tell him who she really is and what she’s been through without bringing danger to the widowed single father’s door? Yet with the criminals quickly closing in, taking such a risk might be her only chance at survival. Because the price she’ll pay for her silence could be her life.

Narelle: I really enjoyed reading Identity Withheld. Kara is a strong and fascinating character. She’s in Witness Protection because she has integrity and stood up for what was right. Kara is displaced from her family and can’t afford to trust anyone with her secret. Jake is intrigued by Kara and she draws out his protective instincts. Their lives become entangled as the story unfolds and Kara is worried her presence in Jake’s life is putting his family and adorable young son in danger.

The story is fast moving and the romance between Kara and Jake develops as the danger to her life escalates. I recommend Identity Withheld to those who enjoy high octane romantic suspense stories.

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