Book Recommendation ~ Hope for Tomorrow by Elizabeth Maddrey

Book Description:

She’s out of options. He doesn’t want to get involved.

Skye Hewitt thought coming to Jesus would fix all her problems. Boy was she wrong. But He has given her the strength to make some big decisions. Like the choice to leave the East Coast where she was comfortable, and head to the Southwest and the grandparents she’s never met. Maybe the change of scene will provide the solution she desperately needs.

Morgan Young came to Hope Ranch to work with horses and put his years as a police officer behind him. The influx of Hewitt grandchildren isn’t even a blip on his radar. At least until Skye shows up. Now he’s torn between seeking out and steering clear of the woman who stirs more than his curiosity.

The longer she stays, the more they’re thrown together, and both of them will have to decide if falling in love is something they’re willing to risk.

Narelle’s Thoughts

I really enjoyed reading Hope For Tomorrow and it’s my favorite book so far in Elizabeth Maddrey’s Hope Ranch series set in New Mexico. We meet Skye Hewitt when she turns up unannounced at Hope Ranch and, for the first time, sees her paternal grandparents. She’s only twenty-three and was forced to leave her job because her unknown health condition and the associated anxiety has became too much. I’ve struggled with health issues in recent years, and I could relate and empathize with Skye’s frustration in firstly not knowing what’s wrong with her, and secondly not being able to do what she wants to do because she’s not feeling well.

Life isn’t easy, and Skye’s looking for a safe place to heal and find answers. Her older brother, Cyan, is living on Hope Ranch with their grandparents. You can read more about Cyan’s romance with Maria in Book 1, Hope for Christmas (see my recommendation here).

Morgan Young is a lovable hero for a bunch of reasons. He has a maturity beyond his years from his former life as a cop where he witnessed the best and worst of human nature. His faith is strong and, prior to meeting Skye, he’d accepted his lot as a single man who loves his job working with horses. Morgan is drawn to Skye. She inspires him to leave his comfort zone and explore the possibility of a romantic relationship. I appreciated his patience and understanding of Skye and her complex family situation.

Skye’s grandparents have a strong faith, and they haven’t stopped praying for their estranged son, daughter-in-law, and their grandchildren to become believers. Skye’s father has never attempted to hide his hostility toward Christianity and his parent’s religious life choices. Skye’s father’s attitude, combined with her unconventional upbringing and family situation, has complicated Skye’s faith journey. Despite feeling distant from her parents, Skye shares a close relationship with her siblings and her twin brother, Royal.

Both Morgan and Skye have a ton of emotional baggage to overcome plus the reveal of a long held secret threatens their path to happily-ever-after. I read the second half of the book in one sitting because I had to turn the page and find out what happens next! I loved the ending and I recommend reading the books in order to fully appreciate the unfolding events in the series.

Skye’s grandparents are adorable and the other residents at Hope Ranch reminded me of why I love reading contemporary Christian romance (CCR) set in small town communities. I enjoyed rereading Hope for Christmas (Book 1) to get my head back into the series, and I’m currently reading Hope For Love (Book 3) that released a few weeks ago.

I highly recommend Hope For Tomorrow to readers who like sweet and realistic romance stories that aren’t afraid to address contemporary issues.

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