Book Recommendation – Hill Country Redemption by Shannon Taylor Vannatter

Book Description:

This cowboy has one more chance to make it right…

He already lost her once…

Now he’s fighting for her—and their daughter. 

When Rance Shepherd takes a job stocking cattle for a local rodeo, he’s shocked that his new client is his ex-sweetheart, Larae Collins. Now he’s determined to prove to the single mother that he isn’t the restless cowboy she remembers. But when he discovers her little girl is his, they both must forgive past mistakes for a second shot at a future together.

Narelle’s Thoughts:

I enjoyed reading Hill Country Redemption and exploring the ranch setting in Texas. Rance worked as a ranch hand for Larae’s daddy when he was in high school. Larae and Rance also dated, and Larae was devastated when Rance unexpectedly broke up with her and started dated other girls. When Larae discovered she was pregnant, her daddy arranged for her to move to the city and hide her teen pregnancy. Larae eventually moved into a marketing role in the rodeo industry and Rance became a cowboy on the rodeo circuit.

Eight years later, Larae’s daddy has passed away and she inherits the ranch that’s now struggling financially. Larae returns to the ranch with her seven year old daughter, Jayda, and has big plans to build a year round rodeo on the ranch. Rance has retired from the rodeo circuit and is building his stock supply business. He agrees to work with Larae by supplying stock for her rodeo, and he soon discovers he’s also the daddy of Larae’s adorable daughter.

Rance and Larae are drawn to each other, but Rance doesn’t want Larae to learn why he broke up with her all those years ago. Larae has trust issues with Rance, and she worries that Jayda will become attached to him, and then he’ll let them down.

A fun romance develops with Jayda doing her best to reunite her parents. Larae and Rance are now Christians, and they have faith issues to untangle as they work together to make the rodeo launch a success and get used to a new family dynamic. I recommend Hill Country Redemption to contemporary romance readers who like secret baby and second chances cowboy romance stories.

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