Book Recommendation – Finding Love in San Antonio by Miralee Ferrell & Kimberly Rose Johnson

Book Description:

For TV chef Adela Romero, the lights of LA have lost their luster. The grief of her husband’s death three years ago still hangs heavy over her and her daughter, Fabi.

When Adela returns to San Antonio for a summer break with her daughter, she learns her mother-in-law’s Mexican diner is struggling. Adela wants to help, but her career is tugging her in another direction.

Local food critic David Agraponte has a history with Adela. A history he’d like to rekindle. When he interviews Adela, sparks fly—both good and bad. In Adela’s struggle to put her past behind her, she’s tentative about a new relationship, but David hopes she’ll stay at Romero’s long enough to give him a chance.

Sandra always dreamed of managing Romero’s one day, but her chances of proving herself to her aunt are slim with her famous TV-chef cousin taking all the attention. Can’t her aunt see that Adela’s just passing through on her way to her next big gig? Still, as much as she resents it, Sandra may need Adela’s help if there is going to be a Romero’s left for her to manage.

When Adela gets a TV offer that’s sure to shoot her career to the stars, her choice may hold more than just her future in the balance. Can David and Adela find a way to save Romero’s and hold onto their own dreams, or will Adela’s opportunity push them apart?

Narelle’s Thoughts:

I enjoyed reading Finding Love in San Antonio and exploring the city in the story, including the River Walk. Adela is a TV celebrity chef in L.A. who was widowed a few years earlier. Her thirteen year old daughter loves playing soccer, and hates that her mom keeps missing her soccer matches due to work commitments. They plan to return to San Antonio for the summer and stay with Adela’s mother-in-law who runs their family’s Mexican restaurant, Romero’s.

Adela’s first impressions of the San Antonio food critic, David, are not great, and their romance has a rocky start. David had a crush on Adela years ago, but she doesn’t remember him. Sandra is Adela’s late husband’s cousin who’s the Assistant Manager of Romero’s. She has aspirations to run the restaurant, and a fun romantic subplot develops between Sandra and Victor, who owns the Mexican food truck near Romero’s.

I recommend Finding Love in San Antonio to contemporary romance readers who like foodie romances with a romantic subplot and a light faith element in the story. I’m looking forward to watching the movie version of the book.

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