Book Recommendation – Fake Engagement Mistake by Lisa Renee

Book Description:

Paul agrees to a fake proposal with his friend’s younger sister, Becca to appease her parents instead of sending her to college. As as teen, he often annoyed her, but now the five year age gap between them doesn’t seem so big. How they see each other changes when they’re forced to spend more time together.

When Becca suggests they kiss to convince the locals that the relationship is real, she gets way more than she bargains for.

Prequel Novella to the Christian Romcom series set in Clear Creek County, but a complete story in itself.

Sweet and Clean plus lots of kissing!

Next novel in the series is Fake Identity Mistake.

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Narelle’s Thoughts:

I enjoyed reading Fake Engagement Mistake, Lisa Renee’s short rom com novella set in a small mountain town in Colorado. Becca works outdoors in the ski fields and loves her job. Her parents are pressuring her to go to college in Denver, and she’s looking for a reason to avoid going to college. Paul is an accountant who’s single, five years older than Becca, and a lifelong friend of her older brother.

Becca gets the bright idea to fake an engagement with Paul to justify her staying in town. Her parents have known Paul for years and consider him suitable husband material. A fun story unfolds as secret crushes from the past are reawakened and Becca and Paul consider if their engagement could be for real. I recommend Fake Engagement Mistake to contemporary romance readers who like short rom com novellas with the fake relationship trope and a light faith element in the story.

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