Book Recommendation – Destination Christmas (The Christmas Lights Collection)

Book Description:

♥ This Christmas, pack your bags for a holiday away from home. ♥

Join the Christmas Lights Collection authors as we travel to Colorado, New Mexico, Wisconsin, and New Cheltenham for warm and wonderful stories of love and Christmas cheer.

Kiss Me on Christmas by Sarah Monzon

Single mom Kaitlyn Stafford has never considered Christmas a balancing act, but when her sister calls with the news that she’s getting married in less than two weeks—on Christmas Day—that’s exactly what the holiday looks like becoming. Helping with the out-of-state wedding will be fun. The challenge will be doing so while accommodating her neurodivergent son’s need to keep every single one of their Christmas traditions while they’re away from home. It’ll be tricky, but she can do it.

At least, that’s what she thinks before her son’s favorite YouTuber, Beckett Walsh, shows up on the scene, knocking her world off-kilter with his speaking glances and knowing smiles. How on earth is she supposed to pull off her balancing act when her world’s just tilted on its axis?

Christmas Camp by Cathe Swanson

Julia is eager to prove herself in her first job as project manager for the family’s charitable foundation, but she expected it to be something more meaningful than creating a winter wonderland Christmas vacation for snow-deprived southerners. Why is this project so important to her grandmother?

Tom doesn’t understand why anyone would want to renovate his uncle’s broken-down Wisconsin deer camp, either, but if it will save the old man’s home and business, he’ll help the ambitious city girl put together the most cliché-filled Christmas ever.

Not Another Christmas by Jaycee Weaver

The palm trees and beaches of Florida are far from her chaotic family as Cindy Sinclair can get. Her anticipated promotion is the perfect excuse not to come home for the holidays… until she’s passed over and the job is given to none other than her childhood nemesis.

This far from New Mexico, Nick Hoover never imagined he’d beat Cindy out for a job. Again. He’s messed up her plans since the day they met, but this time, Nick is determined to prove he never wanted to be her enemy. If only she’ll let him.

When their reignited adolescent rivalry gets out of hand, their boss insists they both go home, face the hurts of their pasts, and bury the hatchet once and for all. With help from her meddling family, this could be the Christmas they quit clashing and give love a fighting chance.

The Hearts of New Cheltenham by Chautona Havig

The only way not to break her best friend’s heart is to get someone else to steal it.

Jarod doesn’t need a month off and certainly not halfway across the country. His best friend doesn’t agree. She’s been researching places for him to go and has found him a perfect match on a dating website who just happens to live in New Cheltenham. It’s a match made online until she begins to wonder if she’s made a mistake trying to offload him on someone else.

A novella of love and friendship that defies a love triangle to interfere.

Destination Christmas offers a stress-free travel experience without traffic, delayed flights, or forgotten toothpaste. Instead, you’ll enjoy wonderful destinations, delightful new friends, and a heartwarming experience!

Narelle’s Thoughts:

In Kiss Me on Christmas by Sarah Monzon, Kaitlyn is single parenting her beautiful ten year old son, Liam, who has special needs. They live in Southern California, and Kaitlyn’s life revolves around caring for her son. Liam’s routines are important to him, and Christmas has some very specific traditions that Liam insists must happen. When Kaitlyn’s sister announces she’s getting married on Christmas Day in Talbot Lake, Colorado, a white Christmas that includes a wedding is a massive change in routine for Liam.

I absolutely adored the story. Being a parent to a special needs young adult, I totally identified with Kaitlyn’s parenting situation and challenges in parenting Liam. If only I’d known the secret sauce to preventing anxiety meltdowns on planes was for my child’s favorite YouTube star to be spotted ahead in the line and boarding the same flight, lol. I loved how Beckett interacted with Liam, and I enjoyed seeing Beckett and Kaitlyn’s romance develop during the story. A fun and heartwarming contemporary Christian romance Christmas novella.

In Not Another Christmas by Jaycee Weaver, Cindy has escaped her crazy Christmas obsessed family in New Mexico. She’s now known as Dee, and she’s working as a Concierge in a family run hotel near the beach in Florida. Cindy grew up with her parents going overboard decorating their home and yard for Christmas in December and July. She prefers low key celebrations to over-the-top extravaganza created by her parents. Cindy is shocked to discover her boss’ nephew, who picked up the hotel manager role that she wanted for herself, is Nick, the boy next door who she grew up hating.

When Nick was almost thirteen, his work-a-holic dad left behind Florida, and his late mother’s large family, to move Nick to New Mexico. Nick met Cindy at the park, thought she was cute, walked toward home with her, and made the massive mistake of criticising the weirdos who decorated their house and yard for Christmas in July. He was stunned to discover they were Cindy’s parents, and forever after Cindy hated him. During high school they played pranks on each other, and Nick’s crush on Cindy never disappeared.

The present day story unfolds by switching back into the past at the start of each chapter and revealing the set up for the present day enemies-to-love romance. Cindy and Nick create a fake relationship to stop Nick’s aunt matchmaking Cindy with one of his cousins, and the sparks are real as they work together and discover they have feelings for each other. A fun and cute enemies-to-love and fake relationship Christian contemporary Christmas romance.

I’m looking forward to reading Cathe and Chautona’s novellas.

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