Book Recommendation – Choose Me for Always, Cowboy by Valerie Comer

Book Description:

A runaway bride and her would-be rescuer cowboy, stranded together in a remote cabin in a rogue snowstorm…

Itinerant farrier Noah Cavanagh has driven in some of the worst conditions in western Montana, yet this whiteout has him considering options for holing up until the storm passes. Then he spots a car that slid off the remote highway. A Good Samaritan like him can’t let the stranded woman freeze to death out here on her own.

Taryn Bellamy’s unwelcome discovery had billowed her previous niggles about her fiancé into full-blown doubt, so she’d driven right on by the wedding venue. Instead of Hawaii-bound on her honeymoon, she’s now stuck — literally — in a spring blizzard. When a cowboy in a solid-looking truck stops and suggests she join him at a nearby ranch to wait out the storm, her spidey-senses are on full alert, but what choice does she have?

Can Noah constrain himself before he tries to rescue Taryn from everything else in her life, too? Because some things are beyond the help of a knight in shining armor.

Narelle’s Thoughts:

I loved reading Choose Me for Always, Coyboy, the fifth book in Valerie Comer’s Cavanagh Cowboys Romance series set in Montana. Noah is a farrier who travels around the ranches in the region for work, including Saddle Springs. He’s on the road, not far from Kalispell, when an unexpected blizzard catches him, and everyone else, by surprise.

Noah decides his best plan is to stay at a nearby ranch and ride out the storm. He’s looking for the turn to the ranch when he spots a white BMW sports car stuck in a ditch by the side of the road. He stops to help, and offers the young woman in the car a ride to a safe place to shelter, and is stunned to discover her luggage includes a puffy wedding gown in a garment bag!

Taryn never thought she’d become a runaway bride. An overheard conversation between her father and former fiancé just before her wedding day in Kalispell puts doubts in her mind and a last minute determination to escape the controlling men in her life. The blizzard caught her unawares, and threw a major spanner in her impulsive escape plans.

Taryn and Noah are stuck together in a rustic cabin, with no electricity, for the duration of the blizzard. Noah can’t resist rescuing a damsel in distress and taking practical steps to fix some of her immediate problems, including a job and a place to stay. Taryn is grateful for Noah’s help, but shes rebounding out of a toxic relationship, and it’s too soon for thoughts of romance with the handsome cowboy who has his own trust and commitment issues.

A lovely and thought provoking friends to more romance develops between Noah and Taryn as they unpack their emotional baggage and address faith issues. I enjoyed catching up with characters from previous books in the series, and characters from connected series. I recommend Choose Me for Always, Cowboy to contemporary romance readers who like cowboy romances with the runaway bride trope and a strong faith element in the story.

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