Book Recommendation – Can’t Fight the Mistletoe by Jaycee Weaver

Book Description:

Thanks to a few meddling retirees and a little forced proximity, they’re finding it hard to fight the pull of the mistletoe.

I’ve taken a lot of flak for rolling my eyes the past twenty-nine years, but people can be so irritating. Take Danger Stevens, for example. His name alone triggers an eyeroll. He’s everything I hate in a man—flirtatious, ruggedly handsome, and adept at charming anyone with two X chromosomes—much like my philandering father. After years of his teasing, I finally caught a break when he moved away. Now he’s back and hanging out at the retirement community where I work.

Alessia Catano is a beautiful mystery, but as the only male raised in a household of females, I have more insight to the frightening inner workings of the feminine mind than most men could handle. Alley Cat only thinks she loathes me. If she bothered to get to know me instead of assuming, her tune would change. When my elderly friend, Silas, enlists our help pulling off a themed wedding the day after Christmas to the love of his life, I find my chance to prove I’m not the lothario Alessia thinks.

I have enough on my plate as Activity Director during the busy holiday season. I don’t need anyone’s help, certainly not his, but when an octogenarian couple insists, you don’t say no. Now my heart and resolve are in danger (ha!) after spending time in close quarters with a man who’s turning out to be so much sweeter and more complex than I knew.
How do I keep Dan at arm’s length when what I really want is to meet him under all the mistletoe somebody mysteriously hangs up faster than I can take down?

Can’t Fight the Mistletoe currently appears in the 2023 Christmas Lights Collection, Marry Christmas, also with books from Chautona Havig, Cathe Swanson, and Teresa Tysinger.

Narelle’s Thoughts:

I enjoyed reading Can’t Fight the Mistletoe, a Christmas romcom set in New Mexico. Alessia loves to think she hates Danger. They were childhood adversaries and she wasn’t unhappy when he moved away. Now Danger is back in town and she can’t avoid seeing him at the retirement community where she works as an Activity Director.

Danger loves teasing Alessia and he calls her Alley Cat, which she detests. They both can’t say no to the sweet octogenarians at the retirement community who ask them organize their Blue Hawaii themed wedding right after Christmas. The more time Alessia and Danger spend together, the more fun they have which makes them question if they really do loathe each other.

Mysterious mistletoe keeps appearing in different places at the retirement community, despite Alessia taking it down as soon as she spots it. I recommend Can’t Fight the Mistletoe to contemporary romance readers who like enemies to love Christmas romcoms with a relevant faith element in the story.

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