Book Recommendation – At First Spark by Liwen Y. Ho

Book Description:

He’s a tender-hearted firefighter who’s been burned by love. She’s an optimistic bookstore owner determined to heal his heart. Little do they know how much sacrifice it will take for them to be together.

Firefighter Darren Spark doesn’t think twice about risking it all when it comes to his job, but he’s not about to put his heart on the line for love. He’s accepted the fact that no woman will want him when he can’t promise them a future …until he meets the one who challenges that belief.

Abandoned as a baby, Danica Reed longs to fill in the missing pieces of her past with a family of her own. She’s more than ready to get married and have kids, but she wonders why the perfect man—who’s just as into her and wants the same things—keeps taking one step forward in their relationship, then two steps back.

Darren won’t let himself hope for more; Danica won’t settle for less. But there’s one obstacle they can’t seem to overcome. Will the spark that drew them to each other be enough to keep their love burning or will their short-lived romance go down in flames?

*Please note this book deals sensitively with the topic of male infertility.

Narelle’s Thoughts:

I enjoyed reading At First Spark (The Spark Brothers, Book 4), a delightful romance set in the San Francisco Bay Area. Danica is a self-described bibliophile who loves books and reading. She owns an independent book store, Between the Lines, and enjoys sharing her love for books with her customers. Danica is adopted and she is taking steps to discover her heritage. Her best friend, Abby, is getting married to Aiden (who we meet in A Single Spark, Book 1), and Danica is paired with Aiden’s brother, Darren, in the bridal party.

Darren is a fire fighter and EMT who doesn’t believe he’s good marriage material. He was jilted by his ex-fiancee because she couldn’t accept the implications of his medical condition that can cause infertility. Darren is watching his four brothers moving toward the marriage and parenthood stage of life, knowing that it can’t be his future.

The story opens with Darren and Danica attending his brother, Brandon, and sister-in-law, Bria’s baby shower. A Sudden Spark (book 2) is Brandon and Bria’s romance story. The baby shower is confronting for Darren and complicated by his family’s matchmaking efforts. He’s paired with Bria for the toilet paper games and the sparks are flying. Darren and Danica are friends and, despite their mutual attraction, Darren keeps Danica firmly in the friend zone. He can’t offer what he perceives she wants from a romantic relationship.

A sweet and heartwarming romance unfolds as Danica struggles to understand why Darren pushes her away despite the feelings pulling them together. Circumstances force them to draw on their faith and confront their fears. I recommend At First Spark to readers who like fun contemporary romance stories that address sensitive issues including adoption and infertility.

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